Rosie Pierri Says RHONJ Is NOT Fake


Rosie Pierri is speaking out about The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and despite reports the show is staged/forced, Rosie wants everyone to know that the show is NOT fake. “I get asked ‘Was that set up?’ And I’m like, ‘No, that was not set up!’ That’s reality TV,” Rosie told Gossip Cop at the AMA nominations ceremony. “And what you see on there for me is what you get. I’m not any different on that screen than I am in real life, and I think that’s true to all the cast members there.”

Rosie has risen to fame from her appearances on RHONJ because she is Kathy Wakile’s sister, and she’s loving it. “I’m getting to meet really great people out there that I probably wouldn’t have gotten to meet otherwise,” Rosie says. “If I’m out on a date or something, it gets a little bit intrusive.”

Photo Credit: Bravo