Rosie Pierri And Kathy Wakile On The Giudice Legal Drama


Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night after an intense episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey where their cousins Teresa and Joe Giudice plead guilty to multiple counts of fraud.

A caller asked Kathy and Rosie how their relationship with Teresa is.

“Listen, we’ve reached out,” Rosie says. “And she’s being a little private and I don’t blame her. She knows we’re here.”

“She has her hands full right now,” Kathy adds. “Right now is the time for her to spend it with her children and her husband.”

Andy asks Rosie how her relationship with Juicy Joe is.

“I love the guy,” Rosie says. “I got nothing negative to say about him because we don’t go in that direction. We kind of hang, goof, laugh. Fun stuff and I miss that and it’s hard for him.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • Dalimili

    Rosie sure looks like a lesbian version of Andy Cohen…

    • Lia

      sorry but Andy Cohen is better looking much prettier, I do like Rosie though.

      • Dalimili

        well… as a gay guy I find him obnoxious and blah…

        • Lia

          Dalimili so tell me who is the hottest husband in the franchise for you? I would pick Ken Vanderpump but that’s because he is just sooo cute.

  • Andrew

    Yeah and an article stated that Kathy was complaining how Teresa wasn’t answering her when Kathy tried to congratulate her or whatever. Shows how much Kathy is two faced.

    • Lia

      I agree can’t cope with Kathy and her pervy husband both gross haha

  • Patty

    I like Rosie. I like when they show her and Joe hanging out on the show. It’s a good thing as it seems Joe smiles more. Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    get rid of the two bimbo twins on Houswives of NJ., or they will have no fan. Nobody can sit through

  • Karen

    I think Rosie and Kathy are good people and are supportive of Joe and Tre- as much as they can be anyway. Especially Rosie. I think that Teresa has issues with Kathy but Joe and Rosie have a true friendship. But I don’t think Kathy wishes ill on Tre and hope the best ford their family, especially because of the girls.

  • these two snakes (kathie & rosie) PRETEND to care, but we’ve watched them try to bring Teresa down in the past 2 seasons, even going so far as threats of physical violence (rosie), and calling her dad a coward on national T.V. (kathie)—-they along with messy & her dwarf came onto RHONJ to bring Teresa down (after riding her coat-tails) to get on the show, and they also want to make the money like Teresa does. The problem is that they fall flat, no-one really wants to watch to watch them (they are boring and lame), it’s Teresa that makes the show entertaining……

    • Teresa

      This is true, Cant deny the facts. They were part of the problem, and Kathy’s husband said some pretty horrible stuff about Teresa. They would be the last people I would want to confide any of my problems too. Rosie isn’t aging well, she looks kinda rough. Kathy has those Billy Joel eyes, like a sad puppy dog.

    • Deanna

      In reference to Amber crying over on the phone… did you notice Kathy used that as a opportunity to get a dig in on Teresa and Gia saying that it speaks volumes that they were surprised. I see right through her little sweet, supportive cousin act. If she were my cousin, I wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Anyway, she had no story line without being ugly to Teresa so sucks to be her.

  • Wren

    I love these two. I would much rather see them than those screeching twins and the dramatics of Amber. I don’t think Kathy has a evil bone in her body & I miss seeing her family. Rosie is just cool, & a good voice of reason. It is a hard family time regardless of right or wrong & it’s nice to see them have each others back at this hard time no matter what happened before. I think the only fake is Melissa. She is a real piece of work, or that’s just how they are portraying her.

  • Justso

    Gee, what a short memory people have. Really dumb Koma Kathy and dreadful, scary animalistic Rosie are just pure low-class trash drama queens. Who cares what they think? The Giudice’s simply attempt to ignore them although apparently Andy just can’t get enough of the mentally unstable Rosie.
    Pure NJ rough talking bullies. Yuk…yeah, that’s how I really feel. Geesh.

  • Happy Katy

    Actually I like them both Tre stole from Kathy on recipes and Rosie is a bit on the dumb scale side. But what is it with all these people. Theresa and Joe did major criminal scams to get in this position. This didn’t just happen to them. They did this to themselves. Remember way back when while purchasing furniture for her new house she pulled out these wads of bills and paid thousands in cash?? Even then I thought that was strange since they were not in a cash business. Too many tears over these two convicted felons. Do get rid of the new 3. They are too strange. Get Victoria Gotti. Get rid of the felons. And by the way I think Melissa is fabs Tre has always been super Jealous of her. Oh and get rid of bitter Dina. What is with all these housewives who fall apart when their children grow up and leave home. All if them act like immature babies yuk.

  • Mary fawcett

    Did anyone notice how much make-up Rosie had on. She looked liked she was prepped for her funeral. I’m not trying to be mean but Wow. Way too much. It was scary