Rosie Pierri Ex-Girlfriend Ellen Minkin Claims She Was Used For A Storyline For RHONJ


Rosie Pierri recently introduced her new girlfriend to her family on an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but Ellen Minkin is revealing that Bravo had a big hand in her “relationship” with Pierri.

“When I met her she was getting more involved and I think she needed a storyline and Bravo pushed it,” Minkin told RadarOnline. Although she admits they did date for a brief period, the relationship wasn’t as serious as it seemed on the show.

“I would hear it from Rosie that she needed a story, that she needed more exposure, like a girlfriend, so she would look like she’s successful,” Minkin said.

“Bravo even said, ‘If Ellen can’t do it, can you get another girl to do it?’ Like [I was] a piece of meat,” she claimed. “They don’t really care. Whatever sells and if ratings go up. It was really upsetting to me. It was staged.”

“[Rosie] told me if I don’t do it, then I don’t really care about her,” Minkin also claimed.

Ellen reveals that she had only known Rosie for a couple of months before she started filming.

“I invited her over to my house for a lunch and introduced her to other gay women in the city so she would feel comfortable,” she explained. “I feel like [Bravo] targeted me. Like, ‘Let’s get Rosie someone who she can hang out with.’ In a way, I felt like everything she did and said was coming from someone else, Bravo, her sister, her brother-in-law. Like ‘Rosie, you got to get her to get on the show to have a storyline. It was a manipulation.”

“She was told what to say to me either by Bravo or someone else. I could feel it,” Minkin claimed. “It was all about how they were going to do this. It was all to make her look good.”

Minkin alleges that she had had a few drinks when she signed the papers to film, specifically the scene where Pierri kissed her on camera.

“I remember maybe signing something, but it was so fast. You don’t really know what they’re going to say or do on the show,” she said. “I wasn’t drunk. We kind of had drinks before we even got there [to meet Rosie’s family].”

“They all drink. They push it on you,” she continued. “Rosie definitely likes to drink. They want whoever is around them to drink. I was drinking during filming and I think that affected me.”

“Then they were talking about getting married?! I was like, ‘What are you talking about?!’ I think Rosie took it too far,” she said, but alleges that her main purpose was for Rosie’s storyline. “We did go out with each other. We became friends and after a while I feel like she liked me more than I liked her. I really just wanted to be her friend. I just feel like they made me look like I broke her heart and I’m like are you kidding me?!”

Minkin also claims that she contacted Bravo and pleaded with them to not air her scenes.

“I contacted Bravo and told them take me off anything to do with that show,” she claimed. “But they said, ‘It’s already done and we’re in a meeting about it right now, we’ll see.’”

And although Rosie recently tweeted, “No hard feelings,” regarding their relationship… Ellen has a different story.

“Afterward, she said I couldn’t be her friend anymore because I didn’t want to do the show or have any part in it,” said Minkin. “She did everything in her power to use me to get on the show. I was trying to be a good friend to her. She’s not a bad person, but she’s starving for attention.”

A rep for Bravo declined to comment. A rep for Pierri did not immediately respond to Radar’s request for comment.

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7 Replies to “Rosie Pierri Ex-Girlfriend Ellen Minkin Claims She Was Used For A Storyline For RHONJ”

  1. Things like that are what makes me tired of watching Bravo. I just had a feeling she wasn’t Rosie’s girlfriend . You know Rosie was on the millionaires club. Patty Stanger tried to get her started with the dating. I think bravo is getting desperate as the ratings drop on these shows.

  2. I am gla I read that about Rosie and Ellen. RHNJ. It is sick how Bravo is doing. Plus the drinking. Plus trying so hard to stay on the show. I remember how Rosie acted at the reunion that season. I feel that was to get a spot on New Jersey housewives then. They can’t say one has a drinking problem when they all do it.

  3. I believe every word that Ellen said. It is disgusting what these people do for their moments of
    fame. But their fame consists of vulgar language, drinking until they make fools of themselves,
    stabbing one another in the back and once again the beat goes on.
    Don’t they realize that they are being taped. Are does the greed outweigh the self respect?
    Well, you are being judged. By your childrens teachers, by their friends parents, by your behavior.
    When stars of Broadway and the film industry in later years look back on their lives, most will be
    proud of their accomplishments as will their families. That is what they should think of.
    If I knew that I was being filmed, I would want to make my Mom and Dad proud and my children not
    Bravo and their film crew are just doing their job. But how easy these fame seekers make it.
    Just saying.

  4. I’m totally not surprised. Since Season 3, this show has gotten so ridiculous with the staging and editing and lies. From Melissa’s lies and past, Joe Gorga’s “successful” businessman charade, Kathy Rich and Rosie’s ulterior motives and bringing down their cousin to Caroline and Jacqueline’s jealous and cover-up for Albert’s cheating and the Laurita’s financial problems, I AM DONE.

  5. I think everyone needs 2 realize that this show is a produced reality show I never watch them anymore I couldn’t stand teresa anymore and her I’m better than u attitude oh well Rosie was a fresh bit of air but like I said I don’t watch anymore I do read about them

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