Did Robyn and Juan Dixon Get Back Together?


The Real Housewives of Potomac made their reality TV debut just a few weeks ago and already fans can tell that the show has some unique cast members. One being Robyn Dixon, ex wife of former NBA star Juan Dixon. The couple shares two children together and have been divorced for several years now-a commodity during this time period. Yet what is unique about the relationship is that they are divorced but live together and sleep in the same bed together! So what exactly is the deal with them? Robyn spoke to OK! about their relationship.

“We got divorced because we weren’t in a good place in our relationship and there was kind of some infidelity and we weren’t really in tune and connected. Something had to change, and unfortunately it was drastic.”

Robyn also clarified on the whole living together situation. “We weren’t living together when we got divorced,” she explained. “He kind of moved in about two years after we got divorced.”

Though they filed the papers, the two came to an agreement that they still have feelings.

Juan and I have a very long history and we will always be family and connected and always have a genuine love for one “another,” she said. “Around that time, it was almost like maybe light bulbs go off and you kind of realize that certain things you need to change. It kind of happened, we realized there was a much bigger picture out there for our family and us.”

Dixon continued, “The best way at that time to live life was to congregate together and be supportive of each other,” Dixon added. “We are each other’s best friend and supporter — and the best way to get through some the things we were going through was together.”

So do they really sleep in the same bed together? “We sleep in the same bed. If you didn’t know, if I didn’t tell you, you would assume we are married just because we function as a couple kind of as we have always known each other.”

As they sleep in the same bed, live together AND still have feelings-What is their current relationship status?

“The romantic part we’re trying to figure out,” she explained. “We’re going to have to make a decision at one point if we are going to stick together, really focus on the romantic part or is it we continue to be each other’s best supporter, but move on and go separate ways romantically. We’re kind of still in that grey area. Ideally, it would be great, but it’s not that simple.”

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  1. They are broke…they need each other, and while at it they can satisfy each other’s sexual needs, what’s wrong with that?

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