Robyn Dixon Understands Why Karen Was Upset


Robyn Dixon is dishing on this week’s episode of RHOP in a new interview with Bravo. Robyn takes a trip down memory lane with her husband Juan and shares her thoughts about Karen and Ashley’s argument. Robyn says she understands why Karen was so upset. What did you think of Ashley and Karen’s clash at Gizelle’s event?
Robyn Dixon:
There is supposedly a 25 year age gap between Karen and Ashley but it really feels more like a 25 second age gap! Sheesh, can these ladies let this dumb crap go? I really can’t believe that Karen took the opportunity at Gizelle’s focus group to continue to beat Ashley over the head about Michael showing up to his own beach house. It seriously is not that big of a deal. I really think some people in this world just really like to hear themselves talk! Would you have Juan step in to confront another husband like Ray and Michael did on the golf course – or is that, in Ashley’s words, too old fashioned?
I consider myself grown enough to fight my own battles, especially dumb ones, so I would never have asked Juan to step in to confront Michael about a non-issue. I would only get Juan involved in something very serious and important where I felt threatened. Michael did not disrespect Karen at all, so there was nothing necessary for Ray to do or say to Michael. The Huger’s are acting way beyond old-fashioned – it’s more like childish and over dramatic! What was it like to hear Juan say he remembers so much about your first date because you’re the love of his life?
Awwwww! I love reminiscing about my lovebird days with Juan. We truly were so young and in love. We were inseparable for so long and had such a beautiful relationship early on so it is always great to go back in time and relive those memories. Juan and I have a bond that a lot of people just don’t understand. I will always love him and to hear him say that I am the love of his life melts my heart! I know that no matter what happens between us, we will always genuinely love each other and have each other’s back! Did you think your question to Karen about Rayvin would cause her to be so upset? Tell us about the moment between Karen and Ashley at the party.
I don’t know what it is between Karen and Ashley but they just can’t seem to get on the right page. There is definitely a love-hate relationship there! I was ready to confront Karen when Ashley said that Karen doesn’t want her daughter to hang around us. I was actually very offended that Karen felt that I was not good enough for her baby. But when Karen literally flipped it and pointed the finger at Ashley alone, I knew that night wasn’t going to end well. The big mama bear in Karen came out and almost drew Ashley’s blood! Karen definitely has a pattern of overreacting, and this incident absolutely falls into that pattern, but as a mother, I can slightly understand why Karen got so upset hearing Ashley talk about her daughter. At this point, I think Ashley just enjoys getting under Karen’s skin and loves to see her flip her wig!

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3 Replies to “Robyn Dixon Understands Why Karen Was Upset”

  1. Karen can be ridiculous but I think Ashley really is tacky, besides being too young to fit in and shouldn’t be on the show. I really do have a hard time believing Ashley’s marriage to that creepy old man has anything to do with love. It is really kind of gross and looks more like prostitution than a marriage. I don’t enjoy watching it.

    1. If one does not support wide age gaps in a a marriage, I hear them, but I don’t see anything in the Darbys’ interactions as a couple indicating anything less than two people who are compatible and and have each other’s backs as any loving couple should. I don’t deny that (IMO) as a pageant girl, Ashley likely falls into that archetype of being one to hone in on marrying up and marrying well to suit very specific end goals in her life. Still, I don’t believe that rules out that shared values, goals, and interests and love balance out that equation.

      We have a couple in our lives that have a similar age difference, and that is a rock solid union with 2 well adjusted individuals that’s stood for 10 years, 2 small children, and a doting husband who is at his wife’s bedside everyday in devotion AND tears as she battles cancer. I don’t think the issue of a vast age difference is always as nefarious as many try color it as. I will say, however, that yes, I do think Ashley is tacky, bless her heart, and Karen Deville CAN be ridiculous (!), though entertaining, as her bark is clearly worse than her bite. You know, in other franchises if you tick someone off they try to wreck your businesses, disparage your marriages, have 2bit mobsters blow up your mailboxes, or drop secrets that have legal ramifications that have the potential to literally destroy families, lives, even drive people to suicide. If the best Ole Mother Maleficent can do in Potomac is ice someone out or disinvite them to a few soireés, I’d much rather see something as superficial as that than most of what we’ve seen for the last seasons of other franchises. I want my Bravo drama light without any suicides, Feds, police involvement, Child Protective Services, or glass throwing/ bitchslapping involved, lol.

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