Robyn Dixon Says Ashley Darby Seemed Thirsty


Robyn Dixon is taking to her blog this week to share her thoughts on meeting Ashley Darby. Dixon says Darby seemed pressed to become part of their group of friends, and even says she came off thirsty! Robyn also talks about Katie’s ceremony and the drama at the crab boil.

“Wow! What a confusing night at the crab boil! The last thing I was expecting at Charrisse’s house was an argument, so when I heard the commotion going on, of course I had to go check it out! To my surprise, my dear friends Gizelle and Charrisse were going at it! I really couldn’t understand what was going on at that time, but it was clear that these ladies were truly at odds. Why was Gizelle all of a sudden leaving the party and why were Charrisse and Karen so upset with her? Nothing that I was seeing or hearing made sense to me. I really hated to see that things got so badly between them. I’ve known these ladies for years, and we have never had any confrontations, so to see what went down was pretty disappointing for me. I know one thing for sure though — I’m glad I wasn’t caught up in the middle of that mess!

Somebody, please get this girl a glass of water! For some reason, Ashley seemed very pressed to be our friend, but instead of making us like her, she just looked thirsty! If first impressions are really lasting impressions, then Ashley will NEVER be taken seriously by me! I mean, really, what grown woman humps another grown woman at a charity event, especially upon meeting for the first time? I thought a horny poodle had attacked me and wouldn’t let go. She really took me back to my college days at parties when some girls would have way too much to drink and act like fools. I guess you could say there was one good thing about being humped by Ashley – she made me feel like a kid again! Awkward introduction and all, I haven’t written the horny poodle off completely.

Curiosity, piqued! Katie’s Jewish naming ceremony for her girls was quite a new and interesting experience for me. I had been to many Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s as a child, so I was familiar with the Jewish culture, but I had never met a black, Jewish family! I guess I can admit to being ignorant by thinking that being black and Jewish are mutually exclusive. The ceremony was truly beautiful and filled with love. It was so great to see people of different races fellowshipping together and supporting Katie and her family. It was also very refreshing to hear Katie’s viewpoint on her girls’ racial identity. Although my experience growing up was pretty much defined by what box my family checked, Katie’s experience was completely opposite. I have respect for Katie’s perspective on race and truly appreciate that she lives her life completely free and without concern about racial identities.”

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  1. I’ve decided not to watch this show anymore. I’m not sure why it’s okay for racist comments to be made by bi-racial women in Potomac. This whole business of etiquette and good manners etc is only about airs and personal opinions and what applies to other people. There is no one I can like and I like to like at least one person.

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