Robyn Dixon Explains Why She Wanted to Press the Mute Button on Katie Rost


Robyn Dixon is taking to her blog to discuss the explosive part one of the RHOP reunion. Dixon says she would like to press the “mute” button on Katie Rost and explains why she called for security, because she wanted to put a muzzle on Katie’s mouth when the topic of race was brought up.

“Calling someone “the help” and questioning why a person would bring “the help” to a party is stuck up, elitist, and condescending. Karen’s comments implied that people in service positions are inferior and not worthy of attending the same party as her. I have news for Karen, she is not any better or more deserving than any other person simply because she’s married to the “black Bill Gates.” Karen and I didn’t have much interaction during the season, so that moment on the couch was a great opportunity to let her know that she’s no better than anyone else.

Throughout my 37 years of life, I have spent my fair share of time at nightclubs, bars, lounges, private parties, etc. Not once had I ever been humped by a woman I had just met 15 minutes earlier. Ashley’s behavior was very unusual and an extreme invasion of personal space. If she thinks that is appropriate behavior and a great way to make a first impression, she has a lot to learn! Oh, I’d like to press the mute button on Katie please.

Juan and I have a bond that is so strong and filled with genuine love. However, during our marriage, we both did not do our best to put our union and each other first. The more time we spent in an unhappy marriage, the more we grew apart. Unfortunately the best solution for us was to take a drastic measure, and maybe a hasty one, by getting divorced. But I honestly believe that losing each other and pressing the reset button on our relationship was the best thing to happen for us to truly appreciate one another.

I just learned that the only thing worse than trying to have a sensible conversation with a bratty child is trying to have a sensible conversation with an extremely bratty adult. I have never in my life been so frustrated when trying to have a conversation with another adult. I wanted to address Katie’s comments directly and in a mature manner but instead of allowing me to talk, she continuously cut me off, mocked me, and resorted to name calling (“dumb and dumber”). I don’t even allow my children to use the word “dumb,” so to hear another mother call someone dumb was extremely disappointing and indicative of a very low maturity level. I called for security because, I hate to say it, I got extremely frustrated and completely out of character and felt myself wanting to get up out of my seat to walk across the room and muzzle Katie’s mouth. “Security, stop me please!!!””

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8 Replies to “Robyn Dixon Explains Why She Wanted to Press the Mute Button on Katie Rost”

    1. I really really want to like Robyn but I just don’t think she’s that bright. There is a lot about her that just doesn’t jive for me. From that marriage to her financial situation. So a very close friend stole 100’s of thousands of dollars from them then committed suicide BUT bball players make way, way more than 100’s of thousands of dollars. Like mult-million dollar contracts is what we’re talking per season, so where did the rest of the money go? Just be honest and say the full story not just the bits that make you sound good. They had to be irresponsibly spending as well.

  1. I’m not a fan of her marital situation either, it sends a weird message to her kids, but I like Robyn too. Hopefully, Katie will grow up soon and become a mature adult. Ashley too.

  2. This is a show where it’s obvious none of the women are friends. Gizelle seems to stand up for Robyn, but that’s about the only loyalty I witnessed. I guess the battle lines will be drawn in the next season.

    Andy proclaimed their season a success. I guess that means they’ll be back next year.

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