Robyn Dixon Caught Saying She’d Beat Ashley Darby at RHOP Reunion

Karen Huger is not pleased that everyone is talking about her financial woes and that was what we learned during part one of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. Karen’s husband Ray’s company owes millions of dollars in taxes and she was furious that her cast mates had been discussing her personal business behind her back all season… but Karen did not deny any of the reports about her finances.

Despite Karen’s financial woes she is serious about keeping the title of the “Grand Dame of Potomac,” even though she moved to Virginia. Karen says she moved to Virginia to take care of her parents, but the other ladies were not buying her story.

We also learned that Gizelle Bryant has a new man named Sherman and they’ve been together for a year. Bryant also shared that she’s friendly with his ex-wife.

Gizelle accused Karen of getting work done on her face, but the only thing Karen would admit to was getting her breasts done.

Ashley Darby explained that her marriage is having serious issues, but that she’s trying her best to work it out. However, she shared that she would not waste 20 years in a failed marriage like some of her co-stars on the stage.

Monique Samuels stood up to Gizelle, who accused her of mooching off of her husband throughout the season. Samuels told Bryant that she would much rather live off the earnings of an NFL player than tithes of a church like Gizelle, whose ex-husband is pastor.

Robyn Dixon explained that she is not pressured into being in a relationship with her ex, Juan Dixon. She also denied accusations of being a mean girl when around her friend, Gizelle Bryant. A mic caught Robyn saying that she would have “beaten Ashley’s ass” if the cameras had not been around at Monique’s party.

Before part one was over, Charrisse Jackson Jordan accused Karen Huger of having a secret boyfriend named “Blue Eyes.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo