Robyn Dixon: Ashley Darby and Michael Like to Have Fun


Robyn Dixon seems to be taking in all of the drama involving the ladies on the Real Housewives of Potomac. In this week’s episode we saw an intense conversation with her and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan about their relationships, along with a match party hosted by Karen Huger. Though Robyn did not attend the couples event as she and her ex are still defining their relationship, she spoke with the Daily Dish about the night’s tension. Tell us about your convo with Charrisse Jackson Jordan and the bomb she dropped. Were you surprised?

Robyn Dixon: Talk about a bomb! I wasn’t quite prepared to hear Charrisse reveal that she is ready to divorce Eddie. I knew that she was struggling with her marriage but in now way thought that she was ready to wave the white flag! Divorce always saddens me, no matter who it is, but I really hate to see my dear friend going through this. It’s not easy at all to come to that decision, so Charrisse must have really been hurting for a long time to get to that point. I am happy though that she felt comfortable enough to make that revelation to me at that time and I hope that Charrisse continues to know that I will always be there for her! Why don’t you call your relationship with Juan a relationship? How would you describe it, if you had to in a few words?

RB: The more I talk about my relationship with Juan, the more I realize that it really is not that easy to explain. I like to say that “we function as a family,” but I know that still does not explain the relationship between just the two of us. Husband, boyfriend, partner, friend, baby daddy…none of those truly fit! I think I want to create another title. How about “person who I’ve known for a really long time and have two beautiful kids with and just can’t let go of?” Yeah, that works! Any thoughts on Gizelle Bryant’s date since you’re so close?

RB: Oh no, if Gizelle’s date is any indication of what the dating world is like, then please, no thank you, do not sign me up! Mr. Herman crossed all types of boundaries and was just flat out awkward. I definitely don’t foresee Gizelle and Herman becoming an item. Sorry, there will be no Herzelle or Gizman super couple on the way! It was quite comical though. What did you think about Michael’s behavior on the boat?

RB: “Wait, stop, no, don’t!” That was my first reaction seeing Michael pulling his pants down on the boat. But looking closer, I quickly realized that Michael had swimming trunks on and wasn’t actually about to go skinny dipping in the Chesapeake Bay. I can see why everyone was initially shocked and appalled but it was clear that Michael may have had one too many drinks and wanted to celebrate! I think Michael’s fun Aussie spirit was a little too much for the ladies and totally taken the wrong way. It’s clear that Ashley Darby and Michael like to have fun and may push the envelope at times (humping at first sight, anyone), but they really mean no harm and just want to have fun. But, darn, I was really hoping to see Michael jump off the boat! Next time Michael, next time.

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  1. Those women have no clue about etiquette…the first rule is not to air in public your divorces, bankruptcies, sex lives or lack thereof

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