Richards Sisters To Come Together For Monty’s Funeral


With the passing of Kim Richards’ ex-husband Monty Brinson, a new report claims all three Richards sisters will be attending the funeral this weekend despite their on-going feud.

“The funeral for Monty is going to be held this weekend, with only immediate friends and family in attendance,” an insider revealed. “Kim has been extremely upset and just can’t believe that her best friend is gone. Kathy and Rick have been taking care of all the arrangements.”

“Kyle is planning on going to the funeral, and it will be the first time in months that all three sisters have been together,” the source revealed to Radar. “The drama between Kyle and Kathy will be set aside for the day, as they focus on celebrating Monty’s life. Supporting Kim during this difficult time is bringing the family together.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Sally☺️

    I hope they do all come together to support Kim and her Daughter, Kim will need it! God rest his soul! He seemed such a lovely man from the small parts we saw of him!

    • Unfortunately no amount of support is ever, ever enough. I send my condolences to Monty’s loved ones. He seemed to be one of the good guys.

  • Judge Judy

    It’s nice that they still want to get together for the big events. But I think many close relatives just need to stay distant from each other. All differences can’t be worked out and solved.

  • Real Sandy

    There was another Monty article about him being upset with Brooke for not staying with him for the Christmas holiday before he died, but it disappeared yesterday. Was that true?
    Well, is anything true for that matter. I know weddings and funerals tend to reunite families for the moment anyway, and we all know about the last wedding in this family. I do hope they can pull together for Kim and for Monty’s children’s sakes, anyway. My deepest condolenscences to the family and friends of Monty Brinson. May he rest in peace.

    • RealSandy

      Oops. Typo. Condolences.

  • Kyle has always been there for her nieces and nephews. That is one thing neither sister can disregard or argue. I think it is the one and only reason she puts up with Kim for a sister. The sister I have who is exactly like Kim couldn’t even put her hostility away for death. Kim should be grateful. But she won’t.

    • Anonymous

      Do you ever get the feeling that Kyle has been like a second mother to Kim’s children, when Kim was unable to manage?

      • Kims children reached out to Kyle to ask her to take pictures down off instagram after she posted something about her kid being bitten by Kims dog. Kyle was getting press off the photo so refused her nieces and nephews requests, that doesn’t seem particularly caring to them, it seems very in line with how she treats the rest of her family, everything comes second to getting her name in a news story.

  • starr

    I hope it brings peace & love for that’s what Monty represented. My sympathy to Monty’s family & friends.