Rich Wakile Denies Kathy Wakile Has Been Demoted On RHONJ


We previously, EXCLUSIVELY, reported that Kathy Wakile was demoted from her full-time role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but her husband, the always vocal, Rich Wakile, is saying don’t believe the rumors about Kathy’s demotion. Rich took to Twitter to answer viewer questions and tell people not to believe the “BS.”

“Don’t believe the BS!” Rich wrote in response to viewers on Twitter asking about Kathy’s demotion. Kathy will return to season 6 of RHONJ as a ‘Friend of the Housewives,’ and as we previously reported, the financial part of her contract was reduced drastically. Kathy, who reportedly wasn’t pleased with her new role, will be joined by her sister, Rosie Pierri, who will now be paid by Bravo to appear on the show.

We are 100% sure that Kathy will return to RHONJ as a “Friend of the Housewives.”

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  1. I’m sorry but Rich is so annoying. I really don’t mind Kathy but I am so glad his air time will be cut down. Can’t stand him. He thinks he’s hot shit and tbh, sooooo not impressed.

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