RHOV Season 2! New Housewives Announced!


FINALLY we know which women have replaced Reiko Mackenzie and Christina Keisel for Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver! Ronnie Negus, Jody Claman, and Mary Zilba will be returning, along with new Housewives; Robin Reichman, Ioulia Reynolds, and Amanda Hansen. For those of you that aren’t familiar with RHOV, Season 1 of the show was a HUGE hit in Canada, and personally, I LOVE it! I wish we could watch it in the USA! What we can view here in the states you can find on YouTube!

Robin Reichman is a single mother of two who “calls it like it is,” and is living the high life thanks to a recent divorce settlement. Her kids each have a nanny, while her horse, Giggy, sports a Prada saddle!

Ioulia Reynolds is a 26 year-old Russian, “with a fiery temper and a quirky sense of humour.” She is married to a wealthy venture capitalist who is 40 something, but also balances her duties as a Housewife with her career as an art dealer as well as playing stepmom to her husband’s four children.

Amanda Hansen has three children and is a recovering alcoholic whose ex-husband left her with money. Now, she enjoys a life of sobriety and healthy living, but is also a self-proclaimed sex addict. She also maintains a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Kyle.

I can’t wait for the new Season! RHOV returns to Slice on February 5th!

Photo Credit: Slice


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