RHOP star Robyn Dixon Believes Ashley Darby acts Differently in Front of Camera’s

RHOP star Robyn Dixon recently talked about the difference between RHOP season 1 and 2 while talking with Kate Casey on her podcast, Reality Life With Kate Casey.

Robyn also shared that she believes that fellow cast mate Ashley Darby acts different when the camera’s are on than when the camera’s are off.

Robyn said, “Filming Season 1 was very surface level because they had to just introduce us and where this Potomac place is. Going into Season 2, we have pre-production meetings where they want to know what’s going on. It was very challenging for us to get out of the mode of Season 1 very surface level to Season 2.”

It does leave question as to who is the one that changed their behavior in between season 1 and 2.

“I did see people change. I felt like Karen pulled back a lot in Season 2 because she got so much negative feedback for her personality in Season 1. I could see where it probably affected her a little bit. She wanted to change her role on the show.”

When talking about herself Robyn said, “I personally realized I need to have more of an opinion. That for me was just a change or something I paid more attention to.”

Robyn follows up saying,  “It’s very interesting because I feel like someone like Ashley does things because we’re filming and had we not been filming, she wouldn’t have said or done some of the things that she did.”

Finally after talking about her co-star she had one last thing to say and that is about ex Juan Dixon. “Juan met his father for the first time. He thought his father was dead and he finds out the man that he thought was his father is not. He finds out his father is alive. We’ve just had so much crazy stuff. We missed all that for Season 2, but we will definitely talk about it for Season 3.”

Thank you to RealityTea for the transcript of this interview.

What do you think of what Robyn said?

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  1. Robyn is really the only one of the ladies I like. She doesn’t put on airs like the rest who act so snobbish.

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