Who is RHOP Star Katie Rost’s Boyfriend, Andrew Martin?


Some viewers were intrigued by RHOP star Katie Rost’s relationship with her boyfriend Andrew Martin during the premiere Sunday night.

Katie grew up in Potomac, but she then moved to New York City to launch a successful modeling career. She is a single mother-of-three children and when she is not working, she is usually with her boyfriend Andrew Martin, as we saw on the show.

So who is Andrew? He is an investment broker and advisor at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. in Washington, DC. He previously worked at Morgan Stanley in Bethesda and at Prudential. He’s also a graduate of Western Maryland College.

What was your first impression of Katie and Andrew? Comment below.

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17 Replies to “Who is RHOP Star Katie Rost’s Boyfriend, Andrew Martin?”

    1. Yes, Yes, and Yes! I would put money on it. It’s a shame her mom didn’t see it and introduced the two, but she should be able to see it. I realized it the moment I saw his mannerism and heard him speak. Yikes.

    2. I am absolutely positive that he’s in to men~ he’s not wanting marriage, he knows she has $$$$, he gets his eyebrows waxed??!! Which I know some men do, but he’s not in to her at all~ himself & himself~ lol

  1. My husband was passing through the living room when the scenes of this Andrew guy was on. He didn’t even stop or break stride when he asked me ‘is that dude gay?’
    Regardless of this guys sexual preference, if they’re happy then congrats.

  2. It’s embarrassing that Katie’s reps haven’t looked at this guy’s background in the financial industry. Been sued a few times and also a bust for drugs with intent to sell. Lmao.

  3. I think Katie is not wanting to own her race Black Obama is first black President and his mom is white whats up with that Katie

  4. Run for your life Andrew. Run run run. She’s too pushy…..and why would you want to be strapped with HER 3 kids?????
    She cranked out 3 babies and met you when they were still practically in her womb.
    RUN. RUN. RUN.

  5. Ummm both katie and her man were CLEARLY on either ecstasy or coke at ashleys bday party. Knowing he has a drug offense in the past even makes me more confident. Wish I was on the show I would have called them out in a second!

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