RHOP star Karen Huger’s Husband Ray Owes a lot in Back Taxes

RHOP star Karen Huger likes to call herself the “Grand Dame of Potomac” but as we have seen throughout the last season, her financial situation seems to be a bit rocky.

It certainly appeared as if Karen was hiding something. Turns out, she was and it is for her husband Ray Huger, who she refers to as, “the black Bill Gates.” His company owes millions to the government in back taxes, according to The Washington Post.

Ray’s company is called Paradigm Solutions and it has a $3.06 million lien against them. Ray personally owes the government $1.468 million.

Maybe having tax problems is the way to make it as a Housewife?

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2 Replies to “RHOP star Karen Huger’s Husband Ray Owes a lot in Back Taxes”

  1. Karen Huger is one of the most unpleasant housewives. She is delusional, thinking she is so much better than anyone else. She is spiteful and bitchy trying to put herself above all the other ladies. She has enormous breasts and wears unflattering clothes. All the time she is bragging about how rich she is and how wonderful her elderly husband is, it seems that he, the genius IT magnate, owes money – well well now, perhaps all her arrogance and so-called wealth doesn’t exists as they haven’t paid their taxes. She is pompous, pretentious, self important, bossy and very very nasty!

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