RHOP Star Ashley Darby Talks “OZ” Restaurant and why she Thinks Karen Huger Moved

As seen on this past season of the RHOP, Ashley Darby has become the cast member who stirs the pot.

In Ashley’s Bravo Blog she talks about why she went to Karen Huger’s “exotic” anniversary party after almost not even getting an invite.

“I would have had a serious case of fomo (fear of missing out) if everyone else got to see Karen’s new digs and I didn’t. Even still there were dangling question marks just waiting for answers.”

Even with Karen’s comments Ashley certainly seemed just happy to be there, and be able to check out Karen’s empty house.

“I would have been more than happy to share in Karen’s joy of her new home if she were actually honest about the questionable circumstances. When she lashed out and called me an idiot, it was further proved that there’s more to this unexpected move than a few Benjamins.”

As for Ashley’s new restaurant that she has with her husband Michael.

“Oz has really improved! It was quite a challenge opening my (Michael’s resume is quite impressive) first business in front of America. Hiccups, as well as trial and error, are natural progressions with any new business. While we are constantly a work in progress, I am happy to say that we have made great improvements.”

One of the biggest questions that everyone wants to know is why Karen suddenly moved to Great Falls, and Ashley has an answer for that.

“Karen’s house was, as she put it, ‘not my taste,’ but hey I don’t have to live in it. Even with the glitz and glamour of the party, the house is too big and in desperate need of a makeover. The only thing I could think of for Karen moving to this house is her desire to have a better kitchen. I think she was tired of hoping that linoleum flooring will make a comeback.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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