RHOP Season 1 Part One Reunion


The Real Housewives of Potomac sat down for part one of their first reunion on Sunday night and the drama was real. Gizelle, Katie, Ashley, and Robyn tried to pull Karen off her pedestal. Ashley defended her hostessing, her husband and her humping. Robyn made a surprising admission about her feelings for her ex-husband and questions about the sensitive topic of race sparked a major feud.

One of the most memorable fights of the season came from Katie Rost and Ashley Darby saying Gizelle and Robyn were bi-racial, rather than African-American.

This fight is brought up during the reunion, and Robyn is confused why her and Gizelle’s race are such an issue for Rost.

“I’m really surprised they’re so obsessed with skin color and racial identity,” Rost explained to Cohen. “I feel like every single time I do or say anything it’s like, ‘Katie, you’re not being black enough. Or Katie, how black are you feeling today?’ I don’t wake up in the morning and go, ‘Oh it’s a Wednesday, how black am I feeling? Let me get my black meter out and measure how black I am.’ That’s so dumb. I don’t walk around having race on my mind constantly. My family certainly isn’t like that. There’s no one black person that is married to another black person. It’s all mixed up.”

When Andy asked Gizelle and Robyn why it was important for Katie to define herself to them, Gizelle explained, “My father was in the civil rights movement. So when we were little we had the KKK burning signs in our yard on a weekly basis. My father had death threats everyday. What they didn’t show is when we were at the baby naming ceremony for Katie, she made a reference to the black side like it was demeaning.”

“You’re such a liar, Gizelle,” Rost interrupted.

“If you’re half black, a quarter black, two percent black, be proud of that,” Bryant concluded.

Rost continued, “I have no idea what she’s talking about. Why would you come to someone’s house for a religious naming ceremony and go outside and go in on them and challenge them?”

“We didn’t go in, we just asked a simple question,” Gizelle clarified.

When Robyn tried to join the conversation, Katie’s remarks made her so heated that she asked for security.

“Y’all better get security here for real,” Robyn said.

Watch the clip below:

What did you think of the reunion?

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60 Replies to “RHOP Season 1 Part One Reunion”

  1. I don’t watch this twaddle but I have seen bits and pieces and that was too much! Does anyone know the viewing figures for this show? I’m not sure why they have renewed it! What a lot of classless rubbish! Maybe it didn’t work because they started it as a different show, who knows but why do they have such an issue about if they are black half black or pink with purple dots! So ridiculous! My friends are all different colours and nationalities. They are just my friends nothing more! Oh well I’m obviously crabbit again today so I will wait to,see other comments if any to see what others think.

    1. I was hoping I would get to see the reunion while on extended lunch but no luck for me there (sigh!) Re: your question about the issue of race and color amongst the women, I wish I had more time to give you a proper answer, but, essentially, it boils down to a very delicate, very taboo issue in the black American community known as “Colorism” a form of prejudice or discrimination based on social meanings attached to a person’s skin tone, in America the practice has its origins in he systematic hierarchy placed onto slaves during slavery, affecting our community and interpersonal relations with one another all the way til the present. What these women are airing out represent the scars of some very toxic, painful truths about our history not just as black Americans, but as a nation. For a clearer idea of where the issue lies for black women today, I thought this visual aid might help:



      If anyone has any other questions about why this is such an issue, I’ll try to hop back on late afternoon when I’m done with work– I’m still hoping to find a link to watch online just to get highlights from the reunion…xoxo!

      1. Thanks Bon V I guess in some ways it’s has its similarities to Malaysia. I have a Malaysian friend who always refers to herself as Chinese Malaysian as she says, not me, that they are a higher caste than Indian Malaysian. I find it all so sad!

          1. As you know I’m partial to sloppy kisses, they need a week before they can start, blood tests over a few days and a temp chart over a week so it’s next Tuesday! Another week! Ugh!!!!!!xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. Thanks for the videos Bon V. I’m going to watch when I wake up. I always wondered why there is animosity towards light skin girls since it could mean an ancestor was raped by a slave owner. It seems like victim blaming to me. I’m hoping the videos explain it. I personally stopped watching this show after the first or second episode bc I despise judge & jury behavior. I felt it was way too negative in a way that I couldn’t get into.

      3. I think this was an excellent response. There is so much ignorance that just breeds more ignorance. I don’t like that they reference blackness versus whiteness in so much (including Katie who has a very apparent aversion to blackness in my opinion), however, I do understand it.. and it’s not much different from, for example, when a white person asks, or worse reaches, to acquire understanding about a black persons hairstyle. It’s coming from a place of ignorance about another culture. I found myself most irritated with Katie because I don’t think she would respond with the same type of venom if those tables were turned and it were white people inquiring about black culture.

  2. Robyn and Gazelle have a major problem with people thinking they are bi-racial, it’s obvious that somewhere on their family tree a white person does exist. Katie who is Bi-racial they don’t think she acts black enough, its nutty. Robyn and Gizelle are both racist

    1. It’s obvious that white great great great great grandfathers exist in a LOT of out families, but given the circumstances it’s not exactly something to rejoice about when you know anything of the history: it came about from systematic rape of black women, who only had the legal worth of CHATTEL. The girls’ frustrations with Katie lie in their misguided perception that by claiming she is anything other than black removes her or elevates her from the struggles that our black Ancestors faced in a genocidal colonial and post-colonial America- in battles hard won AND hard lost..battles fought so that she has the freedom to be whatever she wants to be.

      1. Hi Bon Vivant, I’m afraid that you’re comments are way too elevated for the comment lynch mob. They’re only interested in comments from people who are in total allegiance with their ignorance.

  3. I don’t need to be schooled, I know all about history, I’m talking about today the here and now and my opinions on Robyn and Gazelle they are racist, its not just white people who are racist today, this is my opinion how these ladies are acting, I don’t need video’s or anything else to base my opinion on these two Racist women

    1. Karen is dumber than a box of rocks. She doesn’t know the difference between Freudian and Faudulent?!? She is such a phony to the core.

      Cherisse is as ugly as a chewed up boot and should just stop thinking she is better than most of the rest of them.

      I agree with Naynay. I, too, believe that Gizelle and Robyn are racists.

    2. I didn’t watch enough to see if anyone was racist. I am not. I am also not a bigot. Creeps and skanks ( not saying any of these women are ) come in every color, shape, size and age.
      What someone says to me, how someone treats me and later their kids, wives, husbands, friends and animals are what I make my decisions on. Is it judgmental, maybe, no way for me to know.

  4. Honestly, Karen and Gizzele just seem pretentious to me, and an ounce of pretentiousness, is worth a pound of manor. lol. In any group dynamic, when a self proclaimed ‘group leader’ is threatened by a new comer, they always try to ice them out. Seems to happen on every show..ESPECIALLY Vicki. I did find it intetresting how Bravo intermixed alliances on the couches this time.

  5. This is a show I cant seem to get into, try as I might. I just saw very little of the reunion this morning, lost interest, changed the channel. My only input is that they are too hung up on prejudice & wrong protocol.

  6. This was an interesting conversation to me…and I was actually offended (I am white) at the way Robyn and Giselle “shamed” Katie for being bi-racial. I can not remember a time before that I have been offended regarding my race. Generally, when discussing or experiencing prejudice, I recognize I am not an expert on other people’s experiences, and try to listen and learn and understand. I watched Oprah’s and Iyanla Vanzant’s special on the OWN channel on colorism a few years ago. The concept is that people of color with lighter skin complexions are treated better and are at an advantage in most societies…even within the black communities and within some black families. But I am not sure how this situation is relevant to that concept…because here we have two women of color shaming and harassing another woman of color for “not being black enough” and for acknowledging that one of her parents is white…and she is bi-racial. This doesn’t seem to be about colorism to me…because Katie’s complexion is actually darker than either Giselle or Robyn’s. I just don’t know how else to read this, except that Robyn and Giselle are trying to make both Katie ashamed of her white parent….and I find that offensive.

    1. I am offended by Katie (I am black) and it is clear to me that she has some issue with that side. Bravo, for whatever reason, chose not to include those moments that would have revealed it clearly but I saw them even when that wasn’t the intention. I do think Robyn and Giselle have issue but I also think Giselle owned that issue when she referenced her experiences as a child of a civil rights leader. Historically, your a** was black if you had one drop of black blood… it’s great that society is evolving but to think that the evolution of a raceless society where history has no implications is the time that we live in NOW, well, that is just another form of ignorance.

      1. I didn’t see anything that indicated Katie was ashamed or uncomfortable with others identifying her as either black or white…not saying it wasn’t there, but I didn’t see it. Robyn and Giselle claimed she said something off camera that indicated she did not identify as black and “thought there was something wrong with being black” . Katie strongly refuted that. But I don’t think it matters either way…because I don’t think it is anyone’s business, and certainly not Giselle’s or Robyn’s, who Katie is most comfortable identifying with..be it white, black, bi-racial or Jewish…which those two also seemed to have a major issue with. Katie shouldn’t have to declare herself as one race or the other…or explain herself to anyone. Giselle stating that Katie needed to quit trying to hang out with white people…”because they don’t like you” was offensive to me. How does Giselle know what I like or don’t like?

        1. apple, I don’t recall saying I thought it was anyone’s business what Katie is but since Katie has appointed herself the race relations “pc” police and made Gizelle and Robyn’s ethnic origins HER business, I’m calling bullsh** Personally, I don’t care what she identifies as but she’s seems full of hypocrisy from my vantage point. She made quite a big statement that white business people seem clueless and disinterested about other ethnicities, yet she turns around spews venom at Robyn and Gizelle for being overly interested. She can’t have it both ways. She wants white people to be more interested in the black community yet she wants black people who, yes, express their interest ignorantly, but none-the-less are curious and ask the self-proclaimed half-white person in their circle questions about white culture to be less interested in white social norms. So how does that work, white people should be interested in black people but it’s not okay in reverse???

          1. It looked to me like Katie was “attacked” and she was just defending herself…and was not comfortable in that roll. I think if someone asks you what you “are”…they shouldn’t correct you or disagree with you when you answer. When Katie said she was bi-racial that should have been the end of it….and it is also very difficult for me to understand how Giselle and Robyn arrived at the conjecture that “all white guys” grab each other’s ass on the dance floor…is Potomac an isolated and remote island where the inhabitants have no access to other races and cultures? Are Michael and Andrew the first white guys these two ever met? No. These two are just nasty…and they are using race (among other things) to make Katie (and Ashley) feel inferior.

            1. And that is where I agree with you, it is ignorant to stereotype all white guys. However, the question was not entirely out of left field… one white guy grabs another white guys a** and they were both seemingly cool and a joking about it. Then the two self-proclaimed bi-racial (assumingly half-white (Ashley?)) say it’s no big deal just a joke. As a black woman, I have never seen black guys play like that. That doesn’t mean they don’t, I just haven’t seen it. So if I ask the two half-white women who are telling me I’m taking it too seriously is that a white thing. Is it an ignorant thing to ask, yes! But is it a valid question, well, that’s what’s up for debate. Personally, I think it is even though it is also ignorant. But if there is nothing wrong with them playing that way, why get so angry about the question??? However, my MAJOR issue with Katie is that if it had been a white person asking an equally ignorant question I think she would have been annoyed but would not have responded as aggressively as she did with Gizelle and Robyn. .

          2. This isn’t just about Robyn and Giselle questioning how Katie identifies herself. This is about those two making derogatory and racist comments repeatedly throughout the season. Every time they were putting someone down for something they did, they would state it must be a white thing…or dancing ridiculously showing how white girls dance From the dictionary – full Definition of racism. a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

  7. Karen is so fake – she tried so hard the whole season to be something. I found her very obnoxious and just trying to be superior.

    1. I loved Karen. I think she tries very hard to be impressive whether there are cameras around or not. I can see how that grates on people’s nerves but I still liked her the most of all the RHOP.

  8. I’m confused by Gizelle’s answer to Andy’s question about why Katie had to define herself to them. She went into a ramble about civil rights and kkk and burning crosses. How does that answer why they want Katie to define herself?
    Gizelle and Robyn IMO do seem to have issue with color and race – may not be racists, but definitely have issues with race

    1. In my opinion everyone has some issue with color or race, can I ask why you’re responding so harshly to their ignorance? I’ve seen equal amounts of ignorance in all of the housewives franchises and it often barely gets a footnote and is quickly forgiven. Teresa & Joe Giudice are the most obvious examples but there is ignorance on all the shows.

        1. Brand, we’re in the minority… it’s okay though, I’m used to lol!!! I’m still gonna comment tho, like it or hate it 🙂

      1. Quickly forgiven??? Do you not read what we all say about most of the housewives??? I refuse to watch NJ I think their a bunch of thieves, I could go on and on, in no way are posters picking on these housewives any more than the others, they have hardly even been talked about compared to ALL the other HW’s……Puhleeeeeze!!

        1. Some of the very same people here ripping Gizelle and Robyn apart have seemingly been very supportive of the Giudices. Not all but some. Additionally, the major issues people have with them is not due to their apparent ignorance when it comes to “others” but it’s mostly due to their illegal exploits.

      2. That’s a bit off! I don’t have any problem with any race! I have Indian, African, Malaysian, Dutch Australian and American friends, they are all just friends not my black friend or my African friend just friends. My daughter has had relationships with at least half a dozen different races and all welcomed into our home, that’s not true one was English with long Green hair multiple facial piercings and never spoke to us! Not even hello! So that was the only one. So not everyone is racist or has problems. One of my best friends at school was bi racial and she was the only girl in the school who wasn’t fully white. She took after her Jamaican dad.
        Your comment really isn’t fair! Xo❤️

        1. Suze, I never said everyone was “racist.” I have had friends of practically every ethnicity I’ve been exposed to and yet I still have had experiences from some of those very friends I would describe as ignorant. I’m sure they could also describe experiences with me that they would say stems from ignorance. Just because I have had a lot of friends for a lot of ethnic backgrounds does not mean I am the whisperer of every ethnic experience. I am black and I am not the whisperer of every black experience so I how can I possibly claim not to be ignorant in some way, shape or form. I am very ignorant to a lot of things but my ignorance is not stemming from a place of intolerance or hate. Just because I’m friends with someone who is Malaysian, that does not make me all-knowing of everything Malaysian and to imply that would simply reveal the depth of my ignorance.

          1. I think you misunderstood where I was coming from. My Malaysian friend is just my friend, I only know what she has told me about Malaysia having never been there myself. I don’t claim to know everything about any of the countries my friends are from all I know is I love my friends for who they are not what nationality or ethnicity they are. You did say in your first comment that in your opinion every one had some issue with colour or race. That’s where I was coming from because I know I haven’t. If I did my relationship with my daughter would never have survived. I hope I have explained myself better this time. Xo

            1. Yes I get you weren’t trying to imply that. I actually just used an example and only realized after my comment that you posted previously about a Malyasian friend. It was a coincidence or perhaps psychic 🙂

              1. I think,we are ok now but I do hope you get my point now! I’m going back to sleep its 5 am and I am tired! Xo

        2. Suze, I’m also very curious as to how you have all these multi-cultural friends yet you seem so touchy on a discussion about race? Do you have genuine, real discussions with these multi-cultural friends about the breadth of their experiences or are these fairly surface level friendships. I’m not judging either way. However, I am going to point out that there is a significant difference.

          1. Yes I do frequently. My Malaysian friend refers to herself as Chinese Malay. As she considers herself higher than an Indian Malaysian. I don’t like that but I don’t know anything about it so keep quiet.I lived in the middle East for six years. I was an accountant, the Indian staff were considered to be lower than the white staff. When I knew I would be leaving to have my second child i pushed and pushed for an Indian girl to get my job. She is better at it than I was! I’m not touchy about it but as I said in my last comment you said everyone has an issue so I had to put that right as I don’t! That’s all

          2. Lastly these are really close friends not acquaintances. As in our kids played together slept together bathed together. Sometimes six at a time!

      3. I don’t find it harsh, just truthful and that is just how I see it. As far as other HW shows doing the same, I address it at that time or stop watching all together. Just shows that “money or status” can’t change one’s ignorance.

  9. The facts are the facts, and the fact is those two are racists and Giselle even admitted she was and made no apology. Whatever happened in her childhood or history does not excuse her racist remarks. But if we’re going to talk about ignorance, that prize has to go to Charise. When someone said something was a moot point she corrected them not once but twice that it’s mute, not moot…Andy just laughed but someone needs to get that girl a dictionary!!!

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