RHOP Season 1 Part One Reunion


The Real Housewives of Potomac sat down for part one of their first reunion on Sunday night and the drama was real. Gizelle, Katie, Ashley, and Robyn tried to pull Karen off her pedestal. Ashley defended her hostessing, her husband and her humping. Robyn made a surprising admission about her feelings for her ex-husband and questions about the sensitive topic of race sparked a major feud.

One of the most memorable fights of the season came from Katie Rost and Ashley Darby saying Gizelle and Robyn were bi-racial, rather than African-American.

This fight is brought up during the reunion, and Robyn is confused why her and Gizelle’s race are such an issue for Rost.

“I’m really surprised they’re so obsessed with skin color and racial identity,” Rost explained to Cohen. “I feel like every single time I do or say anything it’s like, ‘Katie, you’re not being black enough. Or Katie, how black are you feeling today?’ I don’t wake up in the morning and go, ‘Oh it’s a Wednesday, how black am I feeling? Let me get my black meter out and measure how black I am.’ That’s so dumb. I don’t walk around having race on my mind constantly. My family certainly isn’t like that. There’s no one black person that is married to another black person. It’s all mixed up.”

When Andy asked Gizelle and Robyn why it was important for Katie to define herself to them, Gizelle explained, “My father was in the civil rights movement. So when we were little we had the KKK burning signs in our yard on a weekly basis. My father had death threats everyday. What they didn’t show is when we were at the baby naming ceremony for Katie, she made a reference to the black side like it was demeaning.”

“You’re such a liar, Gizelle,” Rost interrupted.

“If you’re half black, a quarter black, two percent black, be proud of that,” Bryant concluded.

Rost continued, “I have no idea what she’s talking about. Why would you come to someone’s house for a religious naming ceremony and go outside and go in on them and challenge them?”

“We didn’t go in, we just asked a simple question,” Gizelle clarified.

When Robyn tried to join the conversation, Katie’s remarks made her so heated that she asked for security.

“Y’all better get security here for real,” Robyn said.

Watch the clip below:

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Photo Credit: Bravo