RHOP Robyn Dixon Comments on Ex-Husband Juan Dixon Dating Rumors

RHOP Star Robyn Dixon has been a hot topic amongst the other Housewives as she and her ex-husband Juan Dixon still live together and function as if they are still married.

Any hopes of the couple getting back together took a pretty big hit when Housewife Ashley Darby brought up rumors that she had heard Juan was dating other women.

When Ashley came to me, to tell me this information, I kind of felt like she was coming to me as Robyn’s friend to kind of say, ‘Hey, Gizelle, I want to give you a head’s up about what’s going on with your girl.’ But it wasn’t the time or place for that. You tell me to pull me to the side when Juan’s not there to tell me that, not when he’s there. I just felt very uneasy about that conversation,” Gizelle told The Daily Dish.

Ashley also told The Dish that, she was as confused as anybody else. “Robyn and Juan’s relationship is blurry to all of us, so when that information came to me, I didn’t know what to do with it,” she said. “The only thing I could do was to talk to someone else who knew her well, which would have been Gizelle. And Robyn and Gizelle could do with it what they wanted. I was a messenger, so don’t shoot me.”

When Robyn finally heard the news she certainly wasn’t happy Ashley was talking about it.

Robyn told The Dish that she agreed that “Ashley was being super messy” in this situation. “Why would you come to a party saying that? And she pretends she’s concerned or she cares, like she makes it as if she really has some type of, I don’t know, true compassion for me, which I don’t know why. So I’m like if that’s the case you would have talked to me about it, you would’ve called me. You wouldn’t have come to a party and made this announcement,” Robyn said. “I was very not amused by it.”

At the same time Robyn admits she couldn’t be mad about the information because of what she has always said about her and Juan’s relationship.

“But on the flip side, I really didn’t give it much attention because I would sound like a hypocrite. I mean, we actually live together, we function as a family, but I’ve also expressed that I’m not in a relationship. I haven’t told Juan like, ‘Oh, we’re in a committed relationship.’ That wasn’t even the dynamic of the relationship… Like it’s not like he was cheating on me. So it was just a lot going on in that moment, and I really thought Ashley was just trying to stir up some drama and be messy and disguise it as being concerned and compassionate,” Robyn said. “But I guess it’s easier for her to pick at people who have nothing to lose than someone who’s actually married and in a relationship. So if she wants to pick on me, that’s fine. I have nothing to lose.”

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3 Replies to “RHOP Robyn Dixon Comments on Ex-Husband Juan Dixon Dating Rumors”

  1. I like Robyn a LOT! (Also Monique)
    But Robyn needs to pick a lane and stick with it. Her ‘ex ‘ is moping the floor with her and she’s there dutifully waiting for his next command. Women like her really irk me . Ashley is not the problem , Robyn is upset because someone is holding a mirror to her face and forcing her to look

  2. I don’t get Robyn..
    I understand she wants to keep her family ” together” (who doesn’t)
    She is an attractive, seeminly intelligent woman …
    WTH is she thinking? Well, the point is she isn’t thinking or she is thinking irrationally.
    What kind of fractured fairy tale is she living in, anyway?
    Robyn or Juan are never going on with their individual lives, in a healthy manner if they keep clinging onto their dsyfunctional past.
    He Cheated on her and I am guessing he is getting a little something- something from Miss Robyn (or he Damn well knows he could, anytime he wanted) and gets it on the side.
    They are in major Financial Crisis..
    Girlfriend, needs to cut her losses and get on with her life.
    Especially, while she is still young and her Children are still young..
    Because all the wishing and “Abracadabra’s” will not conquer up a ” Re-Marriage Gene” nor is she going to be granted 3 remarriage wishes?
    Smart Women can be so naive when it comes to men…
    Finished with my Rant!
    My Sister remarried her 1st Husband, Twice..( Total, 3 times)
    Same problems, same complaints and three nasty Divorces to the Same Man.
    No, Children (Thank Gawd!)..

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