RHOP Premiere Ratings Break Records


The Real Housewives of Potomac premiered last Sunday on Bravo and the ratings are in! The show did very well, even breaking records in certain demographics.

RHOP premiered to 1.2 rating in adults 18-49 and to 2.54 million viewers overall. Thanks partly to airing after the strong RHOA, which aired to a 1.9 rating in 18-49, and 4.04 million viewers, according to Variety. This combination helped make Bravo the number one ad-supported network of the night.

The RHOP premiere is the top-rated of the eight editions of the Real Housewives to have launched over the past 10 years!

Are you surprised? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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when The Walking Dead comes back on Feb.14th the ratings will take a nose dive

Bet the ratings fall this week–I know I won’t be watching these self centered witches.

People are probably desperate for shows of this low quality. These women of Potomac gives the word AWFUL a whole new meaning and looks poorly on Potomac itself. Could not even watch it last night, but may with repeats if bored.

Princess of Strogonoff

I´d rather eat a bowl of scorpions than watching it again….

I enjoyed it, be interesting to see the ratings from last night later on today. Losing 50% of RHOA audience isn’t super great, but it helps it’s the first new franchise in ages

DEFINITELY not watching again! It was terrible! They’re “glam” life was not so glam with the 90s wood and laminate counters. Really let down by this franchise..

To be honest I can’t bring myself to watch this because of the pretentious scenes they’ve shown in commercials but I am curious as to who the target audience is for this show in this region? Are they banking on regular housewife fans following it because it’s on after RHOA?

Absolutely god awful – unwatchable

Watching those women talk about etiquette is like listening to Hyacinth Bucket talk about her “executive style candle-light suppers”


Agreed! You’re funny as you know what

Well yeah thanks to RHOA

So far I’m enjoying it. It certainly isn’t any worse than the other RH franchises featuring table flippers , alcoholics, pistol whipping gun molls who kidnapped people, felons convicted of fraud, money scammers, cancer fakers, the drug addicted, and domestic abusers who literally hang themselves. A bunch of old society bats moaning and groaning about the social mores of their community is probably the least offensive thing I’ve seen on a Bravo Housewives show in a long time.


I’m surprised the reaction to this, it was far less ott than some of the other cities


@Lady, too funny. Love Hycanith By key. Its Bouquet!

Dam#$ , I meant Bucket