RHOP Gizelle Bryant Friendship Update With Charrisse Jackson Jordan

Surprising to some viewers, Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Gizelle Bryant have seemed to put their feud aside this summer and moved on while filming season two of The Real Housewives of Potomac, according to Charrisse, who recently told The Daily Dish that she and Gizelle “do kind of become friends again” this season.

And watching the new season back has been interesting. “When I saw that clip where she’s telling Robyn [Dixon] that I told her I’m cheating on my husband, I don’t even talk to Gizelle, so I’m like, when did that conversation take place? Our conversations are very surface, like how are the kids, and there’s always someone around. We’ve never had a private conversation, so it’s interesting how she has these conversations in her head with me that I wasn’t in attendance [for],” Charrisse explained, adding that she has not been unfaithful to husband Eddie Jordan and never told Gizelle that she had been, either. “So that’s a little disheartening to hear that. I thought we had moved on, but when I watch the show, I see that we haven’t.”

Now, looking back at Gizelle’s apology at the high tea, Charrisse said that she doesn’t buy it one bit. “Did you see the reason why she apologized? Because it was making her look some type of way, not that she really felt authentic about the apology,” Charrisse said. “It was just because people were perceiving her the wrong way, so she apologized.”

Gizelle previously told The Daily Dish that she absolutely meant her apology to Charrisse. “Yes, it was very genuine. I do feel strongly about the fact that Charrisse and I have known each other for six, seven years, and we’ve had a relationship that has been fine,” Gizelle said. “So I do want us to get to a better place. And it’s better for the group if we can hash out these problems and move forward.”

But knowing what she knew when the ladies gathered for a day at the Preakness, Charrisse said that letting Gizelle out of “probation” and attempting to get their friendship back on track seemed like a good idea at the time. “That’s a good question. I should have left her in probation. But I decided to let Gizelle out of probation because, actually, I’m a fun person. I like to have a good time. I don’t like negative energy,” she explained. “It was just causing too much friction between the ladies. Robyn felt like she was in the middle — I don’t know why — but Robyn is in the middle and making a big deal. So I thought it would be easier to just forget about it and move on — at least I thought.”

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9 Replies to “RHOP Gizelle Bryant Friendship Update With Charrisse Jackson Jordan”

  1. these women are so snobbish and pretentious. I like Robyn Dixson and so far Ashley but the rest have their noses so far up in the air I am surprised they aren’t full of bird sh_t.

    1. Most of those women are not so wealthy as they say they are, and if they are, which I really doubt, they are all nouveau riche, probably they grew up in the ghetto and came to money through their husbands. I laugh when the broad whose face look like a fish talks about her husband being the Black Bill Gates, evidently the guy is not in the same league of Gates and she’s no a Black Melinda Gates, neither Bill nor Melinda are on TV gushing about how glamorous and wealthy they are in a B-rated reality show. One thing I find strange is the fact that all but Ashley iron their hair and dye it blond, as though they were desperate to be Caucasian or are ashamed to have curly hair like most of Black people do, all of them have Black facial features so who are they trying to fool ?

    2. Robyn’s a sweet girl, she reminds me of one of my old classmates from Upper School. Very relaxed and even-keeled, which are always nice traits. It’s a darned shame she’s such a doormat for Juan. She’s pretty with a pleasant personality and she deserves better.

      1. Totally agree, Days. Hopefully she will take a good hard look at Juan’s dismissive behavior, and move forward. She and their children deserve better.

  2. Thank you Days, I have no words and the ones I’m thinking would have me banned from this site FOR LIFE.
    If anyone can provide proper rebuttal, it is you.❤️

  3. They try too hard and just are not that interesting to be honest. I would love to see more of the local life in Wash DC and Md areas.

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