RHOP Charrisse Jackson Jordan Reveals How She Felt About Husband Eddie’s Appearance

RHOP Charrisse Jackson-Jordan spoke with the Daily Dish about this week’s big episode that featured her daughter Skylar turn 16, during a big birthday party and was the first time her husband Eddie Jackson was on-camera.

From the first season reunion when Charrisse admitted that since she had started filming she hadn’t spoken to her estranged husband Eddie.

But Charrisse did believe that Eddie would show up to their daughters birthday.

“It wasn’t surprising that Eddie was at his daughter’s party. He’s a very supportive father. He’s a great father. He’s always there for his children,” Charrisse told The Daily Dish prior to the episode airing. “We’re co-parenting, and we do the best we can as parents to give our kids the best life and make them as happy as humanly possible. So him being in the room was no surprise.”

Charrisse added when asked about when the last time she saw Eddie, “in a while.”

“We have children, so we have to communicate about things that pop up with the children. We don’t have conversations where we call each other and say, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ It’s strictly about the children,” Charrisse explained. “I’m 51, and I forget timeframes of things. I really don’t know how long it was, but like I said, we’re not in regular conversations with each other. So in terms of going from a place where we used to talk to each other on a regular basis, it had been a very long time.”

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  1. Watching these shows makes me feel how lucky I was to grow up in a blue collar middle class family. I think we had so much more than these poor rich people.

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