Which RHONY Stars Are On The Chopping Block For Next Season?


Things could be changing for the Real Housewives of New York City, according to a new report, we could see new faces next season on the show.

“They are going to start casting for replacement housewives soon,” an insider reveals.

As we previously reported, Jules Wainstein will not be returning for another season. “They aren’t renewing her contract,” noted the insider.

But that’s not all, the source adds that Dorinda Medley, who has gone head-to-head with Bethenny Frankel and has been accused of dabbling in cocaine could not return. The source tells RadarOnline that Medley’s contract “is up in the air, but they are leaning towards not renewing her contract.”

So why not renew Dorinda’s contract? Because “she is friends with Jules and they’re allies and she is leaving, so that’s a problem.”

The source reveals another problem for producers is LuAnn de Lesseps’ hesitation to film her wedding to Tom D’Agostino.

“If that becomes a bigger issue it’s going to jeopardize her role,” said the insider. “The wedding is a big part of her storyline and not filming it for the show would make her irrelevant going forward.”

As for the rest of the cast? “Everyone is likely safe,” the source noted.

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50 Replies to “Which RHONY Stars Are On The Chopping Block For Next Season?”

  1. Luann is hesitating on filming the wedding?? Lol…now I know this source is full of sh#^t, but I enjoyed the laugh. The only way that would be possible is if she were holding off for a spin off and doesn’t want it just aired on the show,when she’d have to share the spotlight.

    1. I started typing exactly what you wrote Freedom girl and then saw your reply so no need to. I’ll just say my sentiments exactly on LouAnn. 😉 As for Dorinda, I may feel she’s a poop stirrer but she’s very interesting to me all the same and I would sincerely miss trying to read her lips. I’m going to miss Jules as well. She was so unique and I like that about a cast member, politically correct or otherwise.

      1. I agree with you Miss M. I enjoyed both Dorinda and Jules. As far as Luann goes, I just want her and her pompous self righteous attitude gone. She probably does want a wedding spinoff for total spotlight control. Plus if she gets the spinoff she won’t have to worry about being left at the altar alone. I think Tom us looking forward to that paycheck.

      1. That’s funny Bill Brown because I can see that happening, but secretly of course. If she were called out on it and there was documentation, she would still say…”No I didn’t”. haha

  2. I would like to see Bethenny and her interns; Ramona and Carole, replaced. At this point I really don’t care because this season was dominated by Bethenny’s mean girl antics and I won’t be watching next season if she returns.

      1. Me either. It was a total cluster**** the seasons she was doing her spin-off. I have all of those, I really liked them. It gave me more of an inside look at their marriage. Luann saying Bethenny went after Jules, 1st. She did say some stuff the first episodes, but IMO, after they spoke at Tipsy Parson’s, Bethenny was forgiven by Jules, so everything before that is gone, clean slate after. But big Dorinda decided she was the one to decide it wasn’t over. Telling others how THEY felt. Saying Sonja was humiliated, even when Sonja herself said she was not. Telling Carole she had no interest in having a relationship with anyone but Bethenny, how arrogant to assume you know what someone else is interested in. Carole went to the boat party, to the sand bar, to lunch with Dorinda and Jules, lot’s of stuff. Dorinda generalizes way too much. Then Luann on that same train again, saying Bethenny made Sonja cry!! After the horrible, demeaning way SHE treated her, and the derisive things SHE said about her “long time friend.” All because of Tom, her whore BF, or no, excuse me, her manwhore fiancee! Bethenny did go after Luann, tho, which is the only interaction Luann has the right to speak to. She wasn’t even there for the other discussions. Bethenny’s detractors see only the negative, IMO. She is no more irritable or angry about stuff than any other HW, and she has hundreds of times more true responsibility than the rest put together. The livelihoods of her hundreds of employees rest on her shoulders alone.
        And the only true sentence above is that Jules contract isn’t renewed, the rest is insider garbage. Luann definitely wants her own Wedding Spin off Series. She wouldn’t have made it her only thing all freaking season of not. I’m getting MARRIED, ( insert screeching voice ) 25 times an episode, yikes.

  3. Oh wowee, Luann doesn’t want to film her wedding???? After all the BS she put on this season, I would think that her wedding would be a walk in the park. All of a sudden she is now wanting to keep the damn thing private………..really? OMG, what a load of crap this is. As for Jules & Dorinda not returning……I am having mixed emotions about this. No, I don’t want Jules back, but Dorinda the pot stirrer, that could leave a big void in the show. Big deal, so she is friends with Jules…what has that got to do with the price of tea in China? Not sure, but it should be interesting. So, we go forward with Sonja, Ramona, Bethenny & Carole…eh, not too sure how interesting that will be. BUT, it will only take one quick look at the new season to determine if it will be a hit or a dud!!!!! LOL

  4. Dorinda isnt going anywhere. Andy just did a story that named Dorinda as one of the saving graces of the franchise. Dorinda is staying put as long as she wants.

  5. I don’t think some of LuAnn’s guests would want to be a part of her televised wedding. My guess is the wedding reception will be at The Breakers in Palm Beach. If so I can’t imagine the hotel would allow a camera grew to disrupt their guests holiday vacations. As far as weeding out the cast; Sonja and Ramona aren’t going anywhere. I hope Dorinda is back for another season and I’d like to see Jules return as well. I think she found her niche toward the show’s final episodes. Bethenny is a given but Carole didn’t add much to the mix this year. LuAnn if she does get married should concentrate on that and move out of the public eye. Besides what would Tom bring to the table?

  6. Bring them all back, including Jules…and let’s see how well “Miss I Know it All” holds up without BravoAndy’s preferential treatment. Let’s put Beth’s real life on blast and talk about when her affair with the married man with 5 children really began, or her porn movie, or her wild and spoiled childhood and why she was sent to boarding school. Let’s talk about her eating disorders…and the relationship she didn’t have with her father, while she lived with him in LA, after dropping or flunking out of college in NY and trying to start her acting career. Let’s talk about how much Skinnycrap actually sold for… and let’s talk about all the men…lots of them…and all very rich… and finally, let’s talk about THEM …Jason Hoppy and his parents… and how she married him for the spin-offs and has been trying to keep his daughter away from him and her grandparents.
    Let’s start telling the truth about Bethenny, instead of lies about everyone else.

  7. 🙂 Hi apple it’s so nice to see you. I can’t remember if it was you or another who mentioned B doing a porn movie a while back – so I started searching and up popped a frame of pics of her. I was not only gobsmacked but I think more so cause I didn’t know she was an aspiring actress. No judgies on what she’s done but I just didn’t know she was looking for work in the entertainment business. What you learn on these blogs!

  8. Hiya Ms. M….very nice to see you, too.
    I agree. I don’t care about the porn…it is more about the “story” (lies) she sells….
    …poor little homeless, motherless child, abandoned by her “wolf” parents, single woman in the big city, trying to make it on her own hustling her “brand”, helping other women with her delicious healthy products that will make them skinny and beautiful…and it’s all about as “real” as her products are “natural”.
    Beth is the liar. The real Bethenny is the mean one …the scary screechy one….the foaming at the mouth one… the setting up a young girl to talk about her father’s sex life on International TV one…the one in the Berkshires calling another woman a plastic f*ck doll, or in Miami laughing about another woman being cheated on…that’s the “Keeping it Real” Bethenny”…but now, finally, people are catching on and no longer drinking whatever she’s selling.
    Karma is calling, Beth….and it’s for you.

    1. Hi apple, I’ve read both of your posts and I’m not sure what to think. I’m not contradicting what you’re saying because the only thing I know about Bethenny other than what I’ve seen on RHONY (which I watch occasionally) is about her Skinny Girl line of cocktails. I’ve never heard anything about the boarding schools or the porn or anything else in the post that you wrote. Then again I don’t follow social media much. I guess I’m wondering, is this common knowledge? Not second guessing you, just curious. It was certainly an interesting read!

      The one thing I will say is that Bethenny seemed genuinely upset about getting the texts about Luann and Tom while in Miami. I don’t recall seeing her laughing about it.

        1. Bethenny wasn’t happy about it at all, she never laughed about Luann. If she had been pleased, she is the one HW who wouldn’t have tried to cover it up. And, actually all of this “new info” has always been out there. And, guess what, anyone who does research into the true story can find the true story. Saying lets talk about when the affair really started….. we already did. The daughter, along with all of the siblings, have dinners and outings with Bethenny and their Dad. I would no more have had dinner with the woman my dad banged while my Mom was married to him, who he then married, than the devil herself. I would have said she WAS banging my dad if either one had had the nerve, in trying to save reputations, by calling me and asking the question. I would have said “yes, when my Mom was Married to my Dad, & we were barely making it, he was taking her to nice hotels and expensive restaurants, & he was most certainly banging her. ( I had eaten in a restaurant ONCE in my life before my Mom divorced him. ) No woman or girl lies for the new GF against their own Mom. So, since Bethenny is followed around with scoped cameras, the way she was accused of getting the pics of Tom, funny too being he was at the front of a popular Manhattan bar in front of hundreds of people, find me ONE PICTURE, one picture or ANY PIECE OF EVIDENCE, showing that she was with him while he was still under the roof of his Wife and Family! And, saying “let’s find out about the boarding school” Yes, please do. I already know, but I would be interested to see what else could possibly be said about a young girl being sent away by her insane mother so the mom could go into the psyche facility. Oh, yeah, all of it was Bethenny’s fault at 14, acting out and all. Let’s find out more about the porn too, OK? Every partner she has already knows. Her ethical business practices outweighs her young life. It always surprises me when posts are made about how indecent it is to talk about the kids, unless it’s Bethenny of course, when SHE was young, I guess that’s not out of bounds. Oh, well excuse the hell out of me, she WAS all of 19 BTW, so not off limits when she finally got away I guess. From the numbers about her business that are public, her businesses are doing really well also, so that’s out. Let’s do find out what Jim Beam paid for Skinnygirl, I am actually a little curious about that. Also, just because I want to include this, she is such a brilliant businesswoman & negotiator, she maintained creative control of SG. She still owns 100% of the brand itself. She employs hundreds of people. Oh, wait, let’s find out about that too while we’re at it. She has friends from high school who have not turned against her. And, most importantly, she is used to having nasty things written about her. She is used to life being nasty since her first memory. She now has finally said she feels at peace, & I, for one, am so very happy for her. I met many girls like her when I did charity work at a Children’s center.
          I can not WAIT to see and hear any further “news” about her. She will take it like she took living it. Just saying the words, “let’s find out……” don’t make whatever the following words are, true.

          1. According to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission quarterly report form, Fortune Brands, Inc. actually acquired the Skinnygirl business for no more than $8.1 million, a drastic difference from the $120 million Bethenny reported on Bethenny Ever After.

            1. the 8.1 million was for the goodwill value attributed to the brand. the most interesting part of these recent posts about Bethenny, to me anyway, are her success as a businesswoman. I was surprised about the other information as I don’t remember it being discussed on RHONY. (but as I’ve said, I only watch it occasionally). I read an article in Forbes that goes into detail about the skinnygirl brand and how much they (Forbes) values it at and, according to them, “the original numbers of approximately $120M hold up”. this was from an article back in 2011. the link if you’re interested is


              1. let me restate that: the most interesting (and impressive) of Bethenny’s attributes are her savvy and success as a businesswoman. It saddens me that her life as a young girl was so compromised. The fact that she overcame it and thrived is damned impressive.

              2. The contingencies are just that…possibilities. The article was written in 2011, the year the brand sold, and at the peak of Frankel’s popularity. The only number listed in the document is $8.1 million…the rest is speculation…and Bethenny’s net worth is currently 25 million dollars.

              3. Oh, thanks, Janelle. I read that just now. Whether it was 8 million or 80 million, she is wealthy. She created a business by herself, ( Oh wait, let us not forget how Jason helped her with that bottling problem she had after she worked for 18 years, though, it would be thoughtless to forget his huge input there, that he made millions of dollars for doing!! And, the free living for 4 years, $12,000.00 a month in spousal support, such a proud man…..in an apartment that likely has a 25,000.00 a month mortgage, if it’s not double or triple that amount ) She does give credit to her upbringing for making her who she is.
                The part about Bethenny saying in TH how the little “I know it all” is honest. I bet all of the girls feel like that about Luann, being she is such a pompous bitch. Bethenny simply has the guts to say it.
                One thing I find very interesting is the polarity she creates. It seems people either love her or despise her. Very few are jut so-so about her. 🙂

                1. Oh, the thing that gets me the most, is that ALL of it WAS TOM’S FAULT. First, going after 3 housewives. Not Bethenny’s for knowing, along with the hundreds of others who knew, who SAW HIM. TOM doing the wrong thing is what made the entire weekend bad. TOM PHUCKED UP. The girls laughing at the dinner was one of those laugh or cry situations. How would anyone here have done it? I would really like to know what Apple would have done, for example. How would any of Bethenny’s detractors have handled that. It is a reality, public show. Bethenny keeping her dating life private, as Ramona does, is separate totally than this, for one thing. No matter what, those photos were going to be published, since it wasn’t a private eye using a special camera…any i-phone camera would do with him sitting in a popular, public place. Luann decided to publicize her engagement. She called Sonja a liar. The dinner with the artist, that started because TOM LIED. Not because of any of the girls lied. It is so, so sexist to put ANY OF THE BLAME on anyone besides the manwhore, Tom.

                2. I just counted, that’s $152,000.00 for each month JUST IN SPOUSAL SUPPORT. It added up to that each year, just spousal support, so since 4 months of work, and 4 YEARS of support, during the divorce, who knows how much he gets now for his 2 years of marriage. And that doesn’t include the mortgage on the apartment he wouldn’t leave, plus ALL of his attorneys bills, and even if he had been the woman, he wouldn’t have gotten that like everyone keeps saying. That number was showing the sexist court system. He made out. For a bunch of detractors saying he got the bad side of the deal, what????? He got a beautiful daughter and a lifetime of wealth for 2 years of marriage, no matter how awful people think it was. And since he never quit his job, apparently it wasn’t enough money, or why would he have accepted the gouging of her bank account? Again, though, we can not forget his 4 month journey into helping her with that bottling problem. Hmmmm, she could have hired a specialist for 100th of the money. So, poor baby was paid very well for his “abusive” treatment. What a joke. Yeah, Mommy’s waiting for you honey.

            2. Jason is the one who actually hinted about the numbers on Bethenny Ever After. I just watched it. I know there were articles in Forbes Magazine, I think it was. I had just been injured when that came out, so I would have to Google it to see what was said.

              1. I would have told Luann…and only Luann…off camera…and as soon as possible…and then I would have never said another word about it. I definitely would not have used something like that to increase ratings or my own importance…no matter how I felt about Lu…or anyone else in those circumstances.

          2. As always 3D’s, love reading your posts. You share so much of yourself in them and it’s an admirable quality. As far as Bethenny and her past, it sounds sad to me, and I don’t think I’d want to research and dig up any “dirt” on her. I was interested in finding out more about her skinny girl brand since there seems to be some question regarding how much she really made on the deal. No one, not Bethenny or Jim Beam will give a concrete number, but based on what I’ve read in Forbes and how the earnings are structured, it sounds like a lot. I posted the link to the article in apple’s post if you’re interested.

            Hope all is well with you. 🙂

            1. Thanks, Janelle. I will read that now, because I do want to see, out of pure curiosity. What I do see, on the show and in any article I do read, is that she is very successful. All businesses numbers change with who is looking at them. Before and after taxes, before and after insurance, employees paychecks etc. She has a lot of employees, period. I can’t think of very many women who have done what she has. Her employees maybe, maybe not, sign a confidentiality contract, probably. Most big companies require that, for good reason. She certainly isn’t spoken about with derision buy most other true business people, and many, many very rich, very powerful people, are. So, if someone said everyone would be afraid to talk, that’s simply BS.
              Anyway, things are good here, thanks for asking. It’s cooling down, as it does in the Desert. I also hope all is well and peaceful for you, Janelle. I have found so many lovely ladies here, who truly care about each other, and now you and I are 2 more. ❤️

      1. Oh…It’s true. Bethenny played Laura Drake in the porn movie called Hollywood Hills 90028 in 1994. She herself says she was in the clubs, drinking and drugging, at the age of 15….and was sent to Pine Crest, an expensive private boarding school around that time…by the same parents she trashes consistently in the media. As for laughing about Tom cheating on Lu…she said… on the show …and I quote…”A tiny I know it all asshole part of me thinks… I know it all…and there’s a part of me that’s gloating inside. ” and at the dinner with the artist no one knows… Lu talks about Tom telling her that he really misses her since she left…and Bethenny cracks up…falling all over the table, and then Sonja, Ramona, and Carole all join in laughing at their “inside” joke.

        1. Actually, they laughed when Luann held up one of those little swords they put lemons on drinks with and said she would kill any bitch who spoke about Tom with it, someone said they would all have to go into witness protection, and they all laughed, including Luann. Bethenny did admit she had that little gloating, know it all part of her that is awful, her words, unlike what anyone else would say. She tells the truth about herself, even when it’s not nice.

    2. Exactly.. I don’t care what she has done in the past.. However she puts everyone on the chopping block for their past and present issues. And what about Ramona? Why is her divorce off the table for others to talk about

  9. As powerful as Bethenny is portrayed to be, even she could not make this public making out session, into a private thing. No matter what she did, it was public. No matter how she told Luann, it was public. Maybe Dorinda thinks telling Luann differently would make it different, not.
    I’ve been asked a few times why I believe Bethenny, about being faithful in her marriages, about her upbringing, here is my answer. I believe her.

  10. Whoever is staying or going, Luann, girl, it’s time to quit wearing those slinky white dresses that show every little “curve.” My Daughters can still wear those, but then you are a couple decades older. Time to start wearing clothes with thicker materials. It always surprises me that it seems there are no full length mirrors anywhere. Geeze, with all the money and accommodations available to them, they should able to see what they look like from the back. Sonja’s dress was plenty sexy, and it hugged her body, but she knows what fabric to choose. Take a lesson.

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