RHONY Star Tinsley Mortimer Single Again, Splits with Scott Kluth

RHONY star Tinsley Mortimer is back on the market after breaking up with “coupon king” Scott Kluth.

“Tinsley thinks Scott is a great guy …  it was too much too soon,” a source told PageSix.

“She started filming ‘Housewives’ after escaping a really bad relationship and then jumped right into a whirlwind romance with Scott. She didn’t have time to heal or fully settle back into life in New York,” the source said.

Scott lives in Chicago and Tinsley has been filming in New York, making for a long distance relationship.

“Long-distance relationships are never easy. They remain friendly and Tinsley hasn’t closed the door to a possible reconciliation in the future. She wishes him the best, but only time will tell if distance shall make the heart grow fonder,” the source added.

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23 Replies to “RHONY Star Tinsley Mortimer Single Again, Splits with Scott Kluth”

  1. She is a sweetheart but I do agree things seemed to move really fast with them. I think she was desperate to find her ‘knight in shining armour’ as opposed to dating, building herself up, and really finding herself before she embarks on anything too serious.

      1. They did… Don’t get me wrong – wish that it had worked out for them because he seemed like a lovely guy and she came across as a great girl last season. Just a bit lost and fragile but I’m hoping being a housewife will build her up!

        1. I like her too , I hope it does build her up. I think that she may be to nice though , I hope they don’t end up ripping her apart

          1. Hi Daisy,
            I really like her too, sad to hear about their break up, they made a cute couple. I think she’s tougher than she looks and hope Sonja finds a new target!

            1. I agree, I think she’s tougher than she looks. She’s sensitive but I also think she has strong moral compass/sense of wrong and right which will stand her in good stead with the girls. After all, did you see her mum last season – you wouldn’t want to mess with her! Hahaha

              1. I really like her, and your right about her moral compass. Well said!
                Like Daisy said, let’s hope Sonja finds a boy-toy who keeps her busy and lays off Tinsley.
                I personally think Sonja is jealous of Tinsley and that’s why she behaves as she does.
                Not a good look at all!

                1. Well tbh, I like Sonja as well lol. However, I definitely do agree that she is 1000 x jealous of Tinsley and the way she treated her last season was really disappointing. She basically acted like a jealous mum and you’re right it was not a good look for her at all. I hadn’t seen this side of Sonja before so I am thinking/hoping it was out of character for her.

                    1. You’re right , she is. She has another side to her that comes out at times . I feel like she’s just very lonely and perhaps may have some self-esteem problems that makes her do some crazy things

                    2. Yes – I think she desperately wants to be loved and might not be over her ex husband or what happened completely?

                  1. I like Sonja too, but last year she bothered me with the Tinsley foolery, to the point I started to dislike her a bit. Hopefully she can redeem herself in my eyes.

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