RHONY: Sonja Morgan Picks Fight With Carole Radziwill!

On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York Sonja Morgan and Carole Radziwill seemed to be getting along great on their girls day out, but in her blog after the episode aired, Sonja called Carole “judgmental” and a “hypocrite.” Maybe this is what cast mate Heather Thomson was referring to when she said the reunion taping would be a “bloodbath.”

So what went wrong? Well, we are still trying to figure that out. In her blog Sonja brings up the fact that in St. Barts Carole wasn’t your typical party girl, but then when she got back to the city she got bombed with Heather. Sonja writes, “The first thing Carole does when she gets back to the city … is state that her plan is to get inebriated. She enacts plan, and stumbles out into the public. Nothing wrong with that except would have been great to share a little bit of that with us in St. Barts.”

Uh oh! Sonja continues saying Carole, “is acting too judgmental for a bohemian hippie that lives downtown dating a rockstar who lives in LA, tours most the year, and is in a relationship where they each sleep with other people.”

The claws are definitely out with the NYC ladies!

Tell Us- Do you think Sonja is being too sensitive, or is Carole a bit of a hypocrite?

Photo Credit: Getty Images