RHONY Sonja Morgan No Longer Has Interns

Since Sonja Morgan has been on RHONY she has always had an intern. Morgan is opening up about why she no longer has interns in a new interview.

“Oh, you know, I really enjoyed my experience with the interns and it was gratifying,” Sonja told Entertainment Tonight. “I needed them, they needed me. But, once I was out of the Chapter 11 reorganization and I had my bank accounts back, and I could — I can’t! It’s a lot of work. It’s exhausting to be side-by-side with a student all day. You have to check their work and critique… They don’t work autonomously. It’s a side-by-side [thing].”

Dorinda Medley also chimed in that being a leader to a bunch of interns really isn’t as easy as it might seem. “It’s much more complicated than you think,” she said. “There’s a lot of legal things.”

So what does Sonja use for help now?

“I have a great assistant now,” Sonja said. “I’m in a different place now, too. I’m not in flight or fight every day. Now, I wanna, you know, collapse and take stock and just relax. I want to breathe now.”

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 Photo Credit: Bravo
Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

Tina is from Chicago, Illinois and loves The Real Housewives. She's even met several of the ladies while traveling. This sweet Italian girl is currently a student, and loves to blog in her spare time.

  • cat62

    I bet it was very interesting being her assistant.

    • Real Sandy

      I would think it was the opposite of interesting, but nutty, yes.
      I think she used interns as maid service that came cheap. She is resourceful for sure. The best part would be living in NYC in that townhouse at that incredible location. That is a reason to take that internship, for the free room.

      • barbara

        Wow, I didn’t know they lived with her, but I agree, free help!

        • Real Sandy

          Well, I cannot say all of them did, but someone else who comments at this site alluded to the interns staying in the guest bedrooms which is why Tinsley was staying in her daughter’s room while she was at boarding school.

    • Frank Van Der Heijden

      You can get to visit her garden…

  • Aunt Bee

    I think poor Sonja needs a dose of reality. She truly lives in LALALAND.

    • MaryBoston

      LOL…yes, she does live in another universe, but she’s really nice and a lot of fun.

      • barbara

        I know but she doesn’t have a mean bone in her. She is total fun!

    • barbara

      I think without the free help she is about to get a dose of reality. LOL

    • Cin

      lol…. you have to wonder if she’s real or just putting in on!!!

  • MaryBoston

    I was wondering that also. Sonja is very kind and truly means well.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Sonja always showing her snatch….

    • Karoline

      I saw that.

  • Michelle

    God bless this absolutely delicious mad ass and delusional woman!

  • Sunshine

    Hahahaha, good one Sandy!!!!

  • Starr

    Sonja makes me laugh, I like her. She is ditzy, but her heart is in the right place, even though everything else isnt.