RHONY Season 9 Reunion Part 2

During part two of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion, the ladies opened up about the Presidential election and a whole lot more.

Carole, Dorinda and Bethenny Frankel told Andy Cohen they voted for Hillary, although Frankel wasn’t thrilled about doing it. “I didn’t like this election, I didn’t like my choices, I didn’t think it was an ideal situation, but there you have it,” she explained.

“As far as voting, I’m not going there, I’m pleading the fifth, it’s just such a hot topic,” Ramona Singer said after saying she knows Trump from visiting Mar-a-Lago.

Sonja Morgan also chose not to reveal who she voted for, after explaining she knew Donald and Ivana Trump, has had lunches with Ivana and her children.

LuAnn de Lesseps said she had met both candidates at different events through the years, but also remained quiet about who she voted for.

Tinsley Mortimer explained that she didn’t vote because she was still a Florida resident at the time of the election.

Next, Luann accused Sonja of hiring an actor to play her boyfriend, referring to “Frenchie.”

“Didn’t you hear he’s an actor?” she asked, “He seems very natureal on the show, doesn’t he?” Carole Radziwill said she had also heard “he was cast as Sonja’s boyfriend” before Morgan denied the rumors.

Speaking of Carole, she explained that she and Adam “needed to take a moment” apart, which led to him moving out. However, they recently went on a trip to Spain together and she hasn’t been seeing other people. When asked if he sees anyone else, Radziwill said, “I don’t ask him. I would want to know but I can’t say that it would bother me.”

Lastly, Bethenny opened up about her volatile divorce from Jason Hoppy and his arrest for stalking her. “It’s been a very negative, inexplicable situation that is now hopefully getting better,” she explained. “I don’t know what to say.” She shared that their daughter Brynn is “isolated” from the drama and she purposefully tried to keep the details away from her co-stars. “I couldn’t understand it,” she cried. “How could I explain this to everybody? It is torture. So that’s why I didn’t explain it.”

The ladies will be back next week as part three of the reunion concludes the season. What did you think of the episode?

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4 Replies to “RHONY Season 9 Reunion Part 2”

  1. I enjoyed this entire season. I am glad Bethenny and Dorinda finally told Ramona that doing something requires intent. She is always saying “It was never my intention to hurt….” Bethenny, Luann, Dorinda, Sonja, blah blah blah. It is always her intention to hurt. I think she is a total witch. I believe she enjoys hurting others. I couldn’t care less if she looks young. Her insides are rotten. Like Bethenny so eloquently said “you tried to GOTCHA” She is selfish, mean, holier than thou, & treats anyone she views as beneath her, which is a LOT of people, like neighbors of Sonja’s, Bethenny’s assistant and other staff who she actually had the gall to say she didn’t remember, proving her total lack of interest in anyone or anything but HERSELF. Then her own Daughter’s friends, she doesn’t recall who they are either because she is so totally self involved. That one time in the bar when she asked who one of Avery’s friends was, when the young lady had been Avery’s friend for many years and had stayed with them at the house in the Hampton’s. Then she just brushes it off, “oh well.” How absolutely demeaning to others she is. She constantly rewords what others are saying, shades of Heather come to mind, as if until she says it isn’t correct or something.
    With Sonja, I do wonder about Frenchie. Sonja is in such delusion about her own life. It’s sad that she speaks lies about herself so much that she herself believes it. Like it had been 10 months since she had a drink. Let’s see….what IS a drink? A glass of sparkling wine with Rocco? A cocktail with Vodka wit Tinsley? If she could simply be honest and say I haven’t been getting as drunk as I used to. Because no one believes her anyway. It stands to reason she is lying about many other parts of her life as well. For example that she runs her “businesses” out of her house??? What businesses? She was so mockingly rude and cruel to Tinsley. I think it is because Tinsley didn’t kiss Sonja’s feet, and try to mimic Sonja’s way of living. The date Tinsley had with Scott lasting 5 days was “friend dropping?” Sonja would have done the same thing, for sure. Her and Ramona going immediately upstairs before even meeting the staff and taking the best master suite at the Villa in Mexico. Now that wasn’t surprising. I was so, so happy that no one allowed them to stay where they wanted. Again, Bethenny hitting the nail on the head that Ramona is a 60 year old woman who always gets what she wants, no matter who else is involved, who it might hurt or inconvenience. I am always pleased but surprised that Avery is such a classy, wise young woman.
    I love Tinsley’s reunion dress! I like her. I like how she is honest about how she feels about stuff. I don’t understand, though, why she didn’t simply pay Sonja for staying there. That would have put an end to a lot of the crap. Sonja wouldn’t then have been able to constantly say that she was living with her for free. Let’s get real. Bravo set that up, even though they had supposedly been friends for 15 years. Either way, if I was a trust fund baby, I would have shut Sonja up with a couple grand a month.
    Speaking of money…does anyone else notice that Bethenny is the ONLY New York HW that works? She probably could appoint an executive to run her company, but she doesn’t. Many believe it is greed. I do not believe it has anything to do with greed. Bethenny always worked, when she was broke and now that she isn’t. She likes working. It interests her and keeps her mind imaginative and busy. She is not one who enjoys sitting around or lunching and shopping to fill her life. I admire her a lot. I have never purchased a product of hers, or even seen them in a store. But then, I shop at Whole Foods, Raleys & Amazon. I have a well stocked liquor cabinet, because we rarely drink it. I cook with Vermouth, the new white wine for cooking. And I mix my own cocktail if I have one. I never eat low fat or sugar free products. My husband does, but gets those from the Raleys bakery and certain no sugar ice cream for treats. One of those no sugar brand ice cream sandwiches and bars are really darn good. I also make him sugar free Jello pudding a lot. Anyway, I digress.
    I also like how the reunion is going. It isn’t nasty like it was last year. I don’t think Carole is boring, though I used to. I see why she would be an interesting friend. She is speaking out for herself more now. I think Bethenny and her are good for each other as friends. Neither is jealous as a friend, and they both seem truly interested in one another. They are honest and don’t seem to hold who they are against the other. That is not that easy to find in a girlfriend. With Sonja as the opposing personality, TELLING others who their friends are. How presumptuous. To assume she knows better than the other who THEY know and like better. Again, delusional. She has said that outright to Tinsley and Luann. That she is a better friend to them, & they to her than say the people Tins knew before moving away, and with Luann’s relationship with Dorinda & Ramona. WTH does she think she is?
    I have always liked Dorinda. She does get nasty when she drinks, and when speaking about things she doesn’t recall. People who drink to black out believe that since THEY don’t remember saying and/or doing something rude or mean, that it is forgotten, or should be forgotten by the one who does remember. I know from where I speak on this topic. Fortunately for the ones who don’t drink to that degree, it is right there on film. Other than that she is funny and kind, IMO. She has a pretty good take on life & relationships to my way of thinking. I’m so very glad she hasn’t and maybe won’t marry John. He wants control of her very badly. She controls that relationship IMO, just how this particular couple should be. So, there is my take on the season and the reunion. I am looking forward to the 3rd part. I hope BH starts soon too. I only watch the 3, NY, BH and NJ. I don’t watch any part of or even read the blog about the others anymore. Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

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