RHONY Season 9 Reunion Part 1

Part one of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion was on-fire. The ladies gathered together to discuss the season and focused on Ramona Singer’s behavior, Dorinda Medley’s feud with Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps’ marriage to Tom D’Agostino.

Ramona said she watched the show and was horrified by her behavior this year. She revealed that she felt out-of-control of her life and dealt with it by lashing out on her friends. Singer apologized to Dorinda for tearing down paint at her house in the Berkshires and admitted that it would be hard to be friends with the version of herself she saw on TV.

Ramona was also happy to announce that her daughter Avery graduated from college and is now living with her. Singer also shared that she has a special man in her life now.

In a not so light moment, Bethenny Frankel called out Ramona for treating “staff” like “dogs.” Frankel revealed that Ramona had run into her assistant, who she’s known for four years, the night before filming the reunion and that Ramona was very rude. Bethenny went on to point out how Ramona treated the staff who unpacked her bag while the ladies were on vacation.

After playing a montage of Dorinda’s reactions throughout the year, the ladies laughed at their beloved friend. Well, everyone except for Sonja Morgan, who had a feud with Medley in the beginning of the season. The ladies accused Sonja of giving information about them to the press and called her out for putting on Dorinda’s pajamas in the Berkshires that were a gift from her late husband.

Of course, the reunion wouldn’t be complete without talking about Luann’s unlikely marriage to Tom D’Agostino. A disclaimer before the show stated that the reunion was taped three weeks prior to the former Countess filing for divorce.

Luann explained why she went so over-the-top with her second wedding, saying that she eloped the first time she was married and it was Tom’s first marriage. The topic of Sonja Morgan’s invitation to the wedding was finally explained. Lu revealed that she sent Morgan a save-the-date but not an actual invitation to the wedding. Sonja’s invitation was revoked when she started speaking about the couple negatively in the press.

Andy brought up the comment that Luann’s good friend Barbara made to Carole Radziwill about how Lu would rather go through with the wedding and get divorced than leave Tom before the wedding. Luann was “horrified” by what Barbara said, but Dorinda did add that she is a “nice person.” The ladies explained to Luann that her friends were just concerned about Tom.

Ramona admitted that she knew something about Tom at last year’s reunion. She alleged Tom met a woman from Philadelphia at The Regency and went up to her hotel room with her and claimed that he had an open relationship with Luann. Singer claimed he was in a fight with Luann because she kept giving information about their wedding to the press. Ramona insisted nothing happened, and Luann said she would believe Singer.

Then, Andy asked the ladies if they had heard anything about Tom since he has been married to Lu. “What is this obsession with Tom?” Luann asked. Bethenny admitted they’ve all heard things, but they are over it now because they don’t know the dynamic of the relationship. Bethenny said it felt like to her they had an open relationship.

Luann tried to pass off the rumors about Tom as gossip, but Bethenny stuck it to her revealing that she had heard similar things as Ramona. For example, a woman in L.A. that was mentioned. Tom’s comment about his wedding ring being like a dog with a collar was brought up and Luann admitted he has a strange sense of humor.

Although Luann admits that she is the type of person that wants to know what her husband is up to, Andy asks Lu if she is alarmed that all of the women have heard things about Tom since they’ve been married. “Yes of course it does,” she said about it raising red flags for her. She continued to explain that she is not in an open relationship, nor is she interested in that. “I would definitely leave,” she told Andy when he asked what she would do if she found out Tom was cheating. “You can push me so far, but once you push me over the line…”

Next, Andy asked for Lu’s reaction to Tom talking to his ex Missy at Tinsley Mortimer’s party. “I didn’t see it until last night,” she revealed, adding she hadn’t had time to ask him. “I think it was harmless.” Dorinda told her friend that Tom looked guilty because he took his mic off. Lu admitted that she wasn’t happy about Tom’s suggestive behavior with Missy.

Bethenny pointed out that if she were in Luann’s shoes and saw the things Tom said and did on-camera she would be in a ball crying. “Why do you think I stayed in the hotel last night?” Luann revealed, adding that he is friends with all of the women he’s been accused of cheating with. She also blamed Ramona for bringing Missy around while they were filming.

What did you think of the reunion?

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3 Replies to “RHONY Season 9 Reunion Part 1”

  1. I thought part 1 was pretty tame and I enjoyed it very much. All the ladies took criticism very well and laughed about each other’s foibles. I still think Ramona and Sonja are a couple of wackos but they do make it interesting.

  2. Call me a “Superficial” Rotten egg because…..

    Bethany looked rather dowdy with that red dress. We all know how pencil thin she is, but that dress made her look, dare I say–LARGE?

    Tinsley’s dress, on the other hand was so much fun and playful. LOVED it! However, she needs to get that whiny, nasaly, “smoker-voice” checked.

    1. Guess I should add the rest of the couch–

      Carol–invisible (as usual)

      Dorinda–LOVED THE DRESS, and the attitude–I’m backing it up

      Ramona–her rudeness and lack of manners overshawdows everything, even her too-tight-make her stomach pooch out-Oscar wanna-be dress.

      Lu Ann dress was lovely. Sad that she is going through divorce–but EVERYONE else seemed to see it coming.

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