RHONY Season 9 Begins Filming; Dorinda Medley Dishes On Last Season


The Real Housewives of New York City have started filming season nine. LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer have confirmed their return to the show and Dorinda Medley is dishing her thoughts about last season.

Medley revealed that she feels like they focus too much on her boyfriend John and not enough on her entire life. “I feel bad a little bit that they didn’t focus more on the fact that I’m very family oriented: my daughter lives with me ah my life is back you know – it got too focused on John, it just got focused on this dark side, it’s not really me. I wake up every morning at 7 o’clock, I walk my dog, I do my thing, and I make my breakfast for my daughter. I’m all about family, I really am.”

She thinks the show should be deeper. “When I’m not on the show I go right back to my old life. You know, I’m a Mother, I’m very close to my parents, I’m part of this thing called beautyforfreedom.org, which is a organization that does a lot for uh human trafficking, I’m big involved in that,” she said during an appearance on the Tomorrow Show. “I find it very important to give back. You know I don’t want to be a housewife that’s sort of supporting hair extensions and wine. I just don’t, I don’t need to do that.”

Does Dorinda have any regrets from season eight? “No, I don’t. Because, here’s the thing, I know everyone called me Dorinda the Meddler. I like to be around people. People like to talk to me. I’ve kind of like always been the mediator in life. I think it’s being a third child. You end up being the mediator. I think that I almost became like a mothering person. I never did anything with a bad intent.” She also says that editing doesn’t bother her because it often came out pretty funny and people are entertained by it. “It’s reality TV. I said it, I own it. If I go on there and start scripting myself, then you’re not going to know me!”

Medley also shared her thoughts on her rift with Sonja Morgan. “I don’t have any bad feelings for Sonja. I don’t even know why this night in the Berkshires became such a big thing. It was less than 24 hours. I think I made a good decision. I apologized to her at the reunion, I invited her up to my house this summer, she came up with Ramona.”

Dorinda also confirmed that she will be a bridesmaid in Luann’s wedding to Tom, and that the couple is very happy. “Let her be excited,” she said. “It’s going to be a very fun wedding, all of our friends will be there. Remember, we’ve all known each other for so long and that’s what makes the Housewives so great: we all have history.”

Dorinda admits that she didn’t ant to go back to RHONY for another season. “Last season was toxic for me, in fact, I came off the last season, like, I don’t want to go on again. It took me a whole summer – I had to go back to the Berkshires. I had to spend time with my parents.” She says after her first season, she couldn’t wait to go back, but after last season, “It was really difficult, it got very dark last season. You didn’t leave there feeling good about it. People trying to ruin people’s lives, ruin people’s marriages. The thing that happened in Miami was very difficult for me.”

But Medley confirmed she already filmed her first few scenes for season nine! Are you happy she’s back for another season?

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  • One Rotten Egg

    So is Dorinda willing to show her drug use side?

  • I can’t help it, I just like Dorinda 😀 I believe her when she said that when she meddles, it’s never with bad intent. What the heck, as she mentioned, it’s reality tv so you have to bring the drama. I can’t recall her ever revealing a dark secret that would hurt someone’s family, like some of the other franchises have done. It’s usually just shit stirring that get the ladies fighting, and that is job security on Bravo. lol. I really hope she lays off the drugs if that is what is making her so high strung when she is drunk, ranting and slurring.

    • I made things nice

      I agree with you 100% freedomgirl.
      I am not liking the picture of her those in this blog this does not look like her at all or maybe it does after a night of martinis and drugs lol jkjk

  • Aunt Bee

    I enjoy Dorinda. I am glad she is back..

    • One Rotten Egg

      I like Dorinda too..except not drunk off her butt or sky high

  • starr

    Glad Dorinda will be back. She’s nice.

  • Deborah Brenner

    I like Lorinda and am glad she’ll be back. I just have to laugh when she thinks her full life of walking the dog and making breakfast for an adult daughter will show us anything more than what a cake walk her life is.

  • Madame Frou-Frou

    She should try crack this season…

  • Krista

    Dorinda is a hot mess and is often, if not always, hypocritical but she makes for get television so I’ll look forward to more of her slurred declarations & threats.

    Just because she inherited wealth does not give her the right to demean the other ladies’ business pursuits because the last time I looked, Ramona did not have a sugar daddy or an inheritance to fall back on. Guess she & Ramona are not on good terms based on her catty remark.