RHONY Season 8 Reunion Photos


The Real Housewives of New York City filmed the reunion last week and the cast has shared photos of the taping on their social media accounts.

Ramona Singer captioned the photo above, “Reunion filming … just take a look at andy! #rhony #bravo”

Based on the photos below, you can see how the season ends with who is getting a long with whom.

Ready to rumble! #RHONY #reunion @dorindamedley Xo

A photo posted by Countess Luann de Lesseps (@countessluann) on

More from the reunion #rhony #bravo

A photo posted by Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) on

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9 Replies to “RHONY Season 8 Reunion Photos”

  1. Oh good it’s coming to an end! Less stories! I loved last year but have been bored to tears this year so gave up quite quickly!

    1. Did you think so Suze? I thought there was a lot going on to keep my interest, but at the same time, there was a lot of the annoying, same old, same old fights. The Carole/Luann thing was very contrived and Ramona didn’t do a darn thing different this year than she always does..flip flopper that she is. The funny part was that she keeps trying to insinuate that she is now the role of peace maker and mediator, meanwhile texting crap to everyone and stirring the pot every chance that she gets. Cuckoo bird 😀

    2. So true Suze, so boring this season. Never watched a full episode. A little here & there somehow filled in all the spaces for me.

  2. How come Bethanny on the radio broadcast said that Jules wasn’t going to be there. She said that Jules had called in sick. What another lie from the B?

  3. I like Jules and Sonja and Dorinda. I miss Heather and Kristen. I believe the dynamics changed when Bethanny was brought back to the show. Ramona will do anything to be in Bethanny’s favor, Bethanny and Carole have become the mean team. And I think Andy is too tight with Bethanny. The whole balance is off.

  4. Sucky season so far. Bitchany was really that with how she tore a new one on LuAnn when she herself is fu@king married man when she was still technically married….just calling kettle pot (or whatever saying is)

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