RHONY Season 8 Reunion Part 2


Part two of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion aired tonight and the discussion started out with Andy asking Bethenny Frankel about her health issues and how she is doing. Frankel shared that Ramona Singer was really there for her during her health scare and really stepped up as a caregiver for her.

Bethenny also spoke about her marriage to Jason Hoppy and much to the shock of viewers revealed that should would get married again (despite her previous comments) if she had the chance to. A video was shown of Bethenny visiting the apartment she lived at with her ex-husband and this resulted in a very emotional reaction from Frankel.

Andy brought up the tension between Jules and Bethenny throughout the season and the allegations that Jules used violence against Michael after learning about his cheating. Sonja Morgan agreed that she could see Michael being an abusive husband. But when Bethenny tried to bring up an alleged prenup signed by Jules before she joined the show, everyone started screaming at each other.

The term “mean girl” is used to describe Bethenny and Carole’s behavior to Jules this season, especially in regard to her eating disorder. Jules insisted that she stuffed the Calzone with funny ingredients because her coochie hurt, not because she was afraid of eating Italian food. When Carole was accused of being a mean girl, she was really ready for battle.

When Dorinda was in the hot seat for being a meddler, Andy asked Bethenny what her worst moment was of stirring the pot this season. Frankel said it had to be when Dorinda convinced Jules that Carole and Bethenny were out to get her. “She needs a tuna roll, She treats him like an ATM machine, and “She uses bribery to raise her children,” were just a couple of the things Dorinda accused Bethenny of saying. Then, Dorinda shifted her anger towards Carole for making fun of her house in the Berkshires and making a comment about the house being haunted by her late husband.

Next, footage of LuAnn’s love for Tom is shown as she’s telling everyone about her new man, Tom. But the commentary of the ladies is also shown and just what they think about him. Sonja’s interviews are also shown where it is revealed that she was sleeping with Tom a couple months prior. But LuAnn shut Morgan down, calling her delusional.

Andy asks Lu why Tom would say he only went out with Ramona once, when it was more like four to five times. Ramona, Bethenny, Carole, and Sonja all agree, but the Countess seemed bored and unaware of this mattered. Ramona whipped out her iPhone to share a photo of when Tom carved “R.S + T.D.” in a heart on Ramona’s hand.

Sonja also talked about her intimate moments with Tom, which Lu keeps calling inaccurate and delusional. Andy pointed out that maybe she should listen to her friend of eight years instead of a man who’s already cheated on her.

de Lesseps said she was “sad” for Sonja thinking Tom was a real relationship, which Sonja oddly considered an apology.

Ramona continued to whip out more evidence of a news article that read; “Ramona Singer dates business mogul Tom.” But Sonja is the one who left us wondering what will happen next week when she revealed Tom threatened her off camera, to say they only hooked up once, but LuAnn doesn’t believe this.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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