RHONY Season 8 Reunion Part 2


Part two of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion aired tonight and the discussion started out with Andy asking Bethenny Frankel about her health issues and how she is doing. Frankel shared that Ramona Singer was really there for her during her health scare and really stepped up as a caregiver for her.

Bethenny also spoke about her marriage to Jason Hoppy and much to the shock of viewers revealed that should would get married again (despite her previous comments) if she had the chance to. A video was shown of Bethenny visiting the apartment she lived at with her ex-husband and this resulted in a very emotional reaction from Frankel.

Andy brought up the tension between Jules and Bethenny throughout the season and the allegations that Jules used violence against Michael after learning about his cheating. Sonja Morgan agreed that she could see Michael being an abusive husband. But when Bethenny tried to bring up an alleged prenup signed by Jules before she joined the show, everyone started screaming at each other.

The term “mean girl” is used to describe Bethenny and Carole’s behavior to Jules this season, especially in regard to her eating disorder. Jules insisted that she stuffed the Calzone with funny ingredients because her coochie hurt, not because she was afraid of eating Italian food. When Carole was accused of being a mean girl, she was really ready for battle.

When Dorinda was in the hot seat for being a meddler, Andy asked Bethenny what her worst moment was of stirring the pot this season. Frankel said it had to be when Dorinda convinced Jules that Carole and Bethenny were out to get her. “She needs a tuna roll, She treats him like an ATM machine, and “She uses bribery to raise her children,” were just a couple of the things Dorinda accused Bethenny of saying. Then, Dorinda shifted her anger towards Carole for making fun of her house in the Berkshires and making a comment about the house being haunted by her late husband.

Next, footage of LuAnn’s love for Tom is shown as she’s telling everyone about her new man, Tom. But the commentary of the ladies is also shown and just what they think about him. Sonja’s interviews are also shown where it is revealed that she was sleeping with Tom a couple months prior. But LuAnn shut Morgan down, calling her delusional.

Andy asks Lu why Tom would say he only went out with Ramona once, when it was more like four to five times. Ramona, Bethenny, Carole, and Sonja all agree, but the Countess seemed bored and unaware of this mattered. Ramona whipped out her iPhone to share a photo of when Tom carved “R.S + T.D.” in a heart on Ramona’s hand.

Sonja also talked about her intimate moments with Tom, which Lu keeps calling inaccurate and delusional. Andy pointed out that maybe she should listen to her friend of eight years instead of a man who’s already cheated on her.

de Lesseps said she was “sad” for Sonja thinking Tom was a real relationship, which Sonja oddly considered an apology.

Ramona continued to whip out more evidence of a news article that read; “Ramona Singer dates business mogul Tom.” But Sonja is the one who left us wondering what will happen next week when she revealed Tom threatened her off camera, to say they only hooked up once, but LuAnn doesn’t believe this.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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Sonja slept with Tom 5 times in 10 years. I wouldn’t consider that friends with benefits. I would call it nearly nothing. So why is she so emotional about it? I think the ladies need to leave Lu Ann alone. Let her make her own decisions and live her own life. I don’t believe they have Lu Ann’s best interests in mind. Bethenny needs to shut her pie hole. She thinks she knows it all. She thinks she can say whatever she wants no matter who it hurts. I am glad to see some of the ladies standing up for… Read more »
I agree with all you’ve said KF 100%. I was shocked when Sonja said she only slept with Tom 5 times in 10 years. The way she was carrying on and being comforted by Ramona it sounded like they were so close. She was crying because Tom never asked her to get married. It was just an ego thing. They were two people using each other for sex very very rarely. That’s what she calls a relationship? Bethanny is a butcher. Her new boyfriend is enabling her to be a sick human being by telling her that the way she… Read more »

THANK YOU! She IS a butcher!! Perfect analogy!

Betheny is a mean girl bully who thinks the whole show revolves around her. The first couple of seasons of this show was fun, showcasing more of the women’s careers and home life. Now it’s become more nasty with grown women arguing over stupid stuff. Not a classy show anymore!!!

That is the exact reason I no longer watch the OC or Atlanta. Because I have a choice. I do enjoy occasionally reading the blogs of those HW here, if those I always read have commented, so I can ask questions etc., but I don’t watch the shows at all.

Bethany totally trashing Jules home, parenting, illness etc and then saying we were talking privately like girlfriends talk then turns around and tells LuAnn to own your stuff..OMG!! I couldn’t imagine how she could stay married to anyone.. she is a complete nut.. poor Jason.

In this trailer Luann never allowed another person to finish an answer, or speak to ANYTHING that in any way concerned her. She stopped every single person from finishing a sentence. Heather was like that in that she felt she needed to sum up everyone else’s thoughts and explanations. It is obnoxious, to say the least. As if she is the ONLY one who can eloquently summarize a thought or the meaning behind it. I see why it is so annoying for Carole especially. I won’t see the whole thing till tomorrow, because I don’t watch it on TV. I… Read more »

I can’t wait to see Carole be “annoyed” at being called a mean girl. She WAS s mean girl & as I’ve said s thousand times: it’s OK to look at yourself & your actions, admit you can do better, and then attempt to change. But acting as though 85% of viewers are wrong in what they perceive is beyond offensive. And stupid.

Oh my god!!!! I’m watching now & according to Carole her & Bitchenny are NOT mean girls bc nothing they said was “behind Jules back.” I just laughed out loud in pure disgust. F?&K YOU CAROLE!

And B needs to fire her therapist stat.

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks they are xoxoxoxox

Oh my gosh Suze. You’re definitely are not the only one. It’s appalling. I’m a lot of things but mean girl isn’t one of them & I have no tolerance. ESP from adult women who should know better.

Totally agree xoxoxoxoxxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


OMG. Why does Bitchany have to have a label for everyone and every action? She’s so damaged as a human. It’s excruciating watching her. She’s got so much anger, nothing is okay for her to leave alone. She judges because she is insecure and lonely. Carole looks so stupid in that Dracula’s wife outfit I just can’t with her. Jules got fired, so I wish her well. Sonja is a mess with nothing in her life. 5 times in 10 years and he’s her lover? Pathetic. Ramona with her papers is crazy. Who cares already? Dorinda doesn’t bother me actually.… Read more »

spot on.. Bethenny is gross.. She even looks strange.. maybe too much surgery or injections.. Carol is a horseface.. Luann is delusional, as is Sonja.. Feel bad for Jules as well- wish that they didn’t clip her.. Ramona is a total nutjob, always has been, always will be.. Dorinda is ok, but I wish that she had more of a backbone with these witches.. She says one thing when not around them, then caves in constantly

Ramona and Sonya have to go and if I never see Bethany again on tv it would be great…. Bring Jules back and some new girls.

God, just when you think that Bethenny can’t be more vile, she is.. She is a disgusting person.. the fact that she stated that her and her fiancé, or whatever he is, laugh about someone else’s unhappiness, is just so disgusting. Her fiancé will have his ah-ha moment.. Poor Jason.. PS- what the hell was that ugly 1800’s costume that Carol was wearing? The fact that Carol can be so mean, just shows what a nasty person she is as well.. they deserve one another

Perfectly said! Bethany is evil and Carole is a clone. They so act like old biddies going through menopause. And yes, Carole’s dress and hair made her look 100 years old. Be careful, your boyfriend is 30!

I cannot stomach Bethenny or Carole. Terrible human beings.

Bethany & Carol are such MEAN GIRLS !!!

Stop judging & hating, Bethenny & Carol !
It makes you look OLD & Bitter crones—

Bravo, please FIRE Bethenny & Carol ASAP !

Team Jules all the way !!!!!

How observant of Bitchany to criticize Jules’ actions as a Jew, when she herself pulls out the “I can say it cause I’m Jewish” card. And what kind of Jew is Bitchany?

She’s about as Jewish as a doorknob.

You know I really do like Bethenny at her deepest core b/c I feel she truly means well at the end of the day. She just doesn’t want to be conned, maligned, or her integrity insulted. And from what I can see she feels she has been in her life so she reacts intensely in the way she know best; being brutally snarky and irreverent mostly. I just don’t see her as a malificent. HOWever lol. She just isn’t doing herself any favors by her continuous slings and arrows over things that really aren’t her concern. Namely Luann and her… Read more »
I am so glad you said that, Miss M. I’ve tried to structure a sentence that spoke those truths, but couldn’t. So, thank you for that. I get very tired of the infantile nic-names made for all of the women on all of the franchises. Whether it be Brandy, Lisa V., Bethenny, Kyle, Dorinda or anyone. I am offended when I read it, or hear the HW saying it, including Bethenny, I do not excuse in others what I don’t allow to continue in my own character. I offended my own self when I said something similar last year about… Read more »

Very well said Miss M. Bethanny is a very complicated lady who has had a very strange dis functional upbringing who is trying to work things out. I agree with all that you have said.

I felt so sad for Jules when she was speaking; I wanted to reach through my tv screen and give her hug.

It must be a terrible thing to feel like the food she eats is poison in her body. What a horrible illness. Like for all of them though, I don’t believe it excuses the paranoia brought on by her use of Adderall and other anti-depressants and A.D.D. meds. She attacks also, before she has any facts. It seems to me she believes herself to be pardoned from those accusations because she was and is, ill. Bethenny was ill during the season also, but she is mocked for her illness, her emotional times, while Jules is hugged. I was disappointed that… Read more »

I thought Jules was much more interesting than Carole this season but Bethanny would never allow Bravo to fire her.

Wow, Bethenny will be pleased that people think she has so much power. She doesn’t, but perception is reality, afterall.

Bethenny is now a producer for RHONY, from a site called TV Deets, Twitter, etc. also she is executive producer for a new show called “Food Porn” on FYI network so she is into all of that now, the “power” associated with being a producer, which she wrote about in Skinnydipping. When she was first on in seasons one and two of RHONYC she seemed so down to earth but wow since her return it is scary.

Sorry Bethenny, you’re still a mean girl, nasty, and a hypocrite. Your “truth” is not THE truth. It’s your opinion, tainted with bitterness, hostility, and insecurity. You are dating a married man, because he is not divorced. Ask his wife now how she feels about it. You snuck in and stole him. That’s fine, but then you can’t slut shame everyone else. You’ve slept with every man you dated, while separated from Jason, so what’s the difference? Because the number might be lower? I was your biggest fan in the past but you disgust me now. You’re full of yourself.

Lieann is so mad at Bath because she was the messenger with Tom and his lady friend picture but at the end Ramona asked her if she would want anyone to tell her if there was more cheating. Lieann said tearfully “you better tell me”. So countless what do you really want?????