RHONY Season 8 Reunion Part 1


Part one of the Real Housewives of New York reunion aired tonight and it was definitely full of drama.

The reunion started out with Dorinda Medley and her relationship with John Mahdessian. Dorinda shared that she was still seeing John a couple of times a week, and that she didn’t see herself marrying him, but she also didn’t see herself breaking up with him anytime soon. As far as the women being harsh on John, Ramona Singer admitted she didn’t use the right timing when she told her friend that John said he took Viagra and “banged” her for “six hours a night.”

In an interesting turn of events, Andy turned to Bethenny to ask her about some of her comments about John this season, in particular when she asked John if he wanted to go do some lines and talk about it at the bra party. Andy said, “It sounds like you’re referring to coke.” Bethenny quipped, “I am.” Dorinda tried to get Bethenny to come out and say what she was implying, but instead, Frankel said, “I’m not here to ruin people’s lives. I’m not here to f*ck with people.” Suddenly, Sonja Morgan chimed in, “Everybody knows you do drugs!” LuAnn then told Dorinda to just “drop it” because they decided they’re “not going to go there.”

Then, the subject turned to Bethenny being accused of slut-shaming LuAnn. “Yes, indeed, he was a married man, and he cried on my shoulder all night!” LuAnn admitted of the married man she slept with in Turks and Caicos. “The real hypocrite in this room is Bethenny. You’re going out with a married man!”

“But she was going out with him for a while while he was still married and living at home. Everybody knows it!” LuAnn continued. “This has been going on for a long time, so as much as you want to say he’s separated, you’re separated, that is not the case! That’s a lie, and you’re a hypocrite!”

“LuAnn, there’s not a guy in Manhattan that you haven’t slept with!” Bethenny yelled back. LuAnn added that Bethenny’s situation was even worse because Bethenny went to high school with the wife of the guy she’s dating. When Andy asked Frankel if her boyfriend left his wife because of her, she absolutely denied it and told a story about the two of them having a dinner “as friends” at the Polo Club and running into some of his friends from his neighborhood.

Bethenny explained that she didn’t want his wife to get the wrong idea and think anything was going on, so she actually called her to tell her what happened. “You were covering your tracks,” LuAnn snapped. “I wasn’t interested in him!” Bethenny insisted. “It took a while. I liked him as a friend.” Bethenny said when she’d called the wife to explain that nothing had happened and they’d never been intimate, and wife said she “knew nothing would happen.”

LuAnn continued to challenge Bethenny’s story until Frankel snapped, “LuAnn, you’ve never been out with a man you haven’t had sex with, and everyone knows that!”

Andy asked, “How is that not slut-shaming?” Bethenny paused and said, “Maybe it is. I don’t know the exact definition of slut-shaming, but if it is calling out the fact that LuAnn has written books on etiquette and behaves like a complete whore when she’s out, I am guilty.”

At that point, Bethenny pulled out her phone to call her boyfriend’s daughter to prove that she wasn’t lying. The daughter confirmed that she was never seeing her boyfriend while he was still living with his wife.

“Say it again that I was dating a married man while I was in his house!” she shouted at LuAnn.

“You are a liar. You are a horrible person,” de Lesseps responded. “You were born a liar, and you will die a liar!” Bethenny shouted back. Then LuAnn called Bethenny evil.

What did you think of part one?

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