RHONY Season 8 Reunion Part 1


Part one of the Real Housewives of New York reunion aired tonight and it was definitely full of drama.

The reunion started out with Dorinda Medley and her relationship with John Mahdessian. Dorinda shared that she was still seeing John a couple of times a week, and that she didn’t see herself marrying him, but she also didn’t see herself breaking up with him anytime soon. As far as the women being harsh on John, Ramona Singer admitted she didn’t use the right timing when she told her friend that John said he took Viagra and “banged” her for “six hours a night.”

In an interesting turn of events, Andy turned to Bethenny to ask her about some of her comments about John this season, in particular when she asked John if he wanted to go do some lines and talk about it at the bra party. Andy said, “It sounds like you’re referring to coke.” Bethenny quipped, “I am.” Dorinda tried to get Bethenny to come out and say what she was implying, but instead, Frankel said, “I’m not here to ruin people’s lives. I’m not here to f*ck with people.” Suddenly, Sonja Morgan chimed in, “Everybody knows you do drugs!” LuAnn then told Dorinda to just “drop it” because they decided they’re “not going to go there.”

Then, the subject turned to Bethenny being accused of slut-shaming LuAnn. “Yes, indeed, he was a married man, and he cried on my shoulder all night!” LuAnn admitted of the married man she slept with in Turks and Caicos. “The real hypocrite in this room is Bethenny. You’re going out with a married man!”

“But she was going out with him for a while while he was still married and living at home. Everybody knows it!” LuAnn continued. “This has been going on for a long time, so as much as you want to say he’s separated, you’re separated, that is not the case! That’s a lie, and you’re a hypocrite!”

“LuAnn, there’s not a guy in Manhattan that you haven’t slept with!” Bethenny yelled back. LuAnn added that Bethenny’s situation was even worse because Bethenny went to high school with the wife of the guy she’s dating. When Andy asked Frankel if her boyfriend left his wife because of her, she absolutely denied it and told a story about the two of them having a dinner “as friends” at the Polo Club and running into some of his friends from his neighborhood.

Bethenny explained that she didn’t want his wife to get the wrong idea and think anything was going on, so she actually called her to tell her what happened. “You were covering your tracks,” LuAnn snapped. “I wasn’t interested in him!” Bethenny insisted. “It took a while. I liked him as a friend.” Bethenny said when she’d called the wife to explain that nothing had happened and they’d never been intimate, and wife said she “knew nothing would happen.”

LuAnn continued to challenge Bethenny’s story until Frankel snapped, “LuAnn, you’ve never been out with a man you haven’t had sex with, and everyone knows that!”

Andy asked, “How is that not slut-shaming?” Bethenny paused and said, “Maybe it is. I don’t know the exact definition of slut-shaming, but if it is calling out the fact that LuAnn has written books on etiquette and behaves like a complete whore when she’s out, I am guilty.”

At that point, Bethenny pulled out her phone to call her boyfriend’s daughter to prove that she wasn’t lying. The daughter confirmed that she was never seeing her boyfriend while he was still living with his wife.

“Say it again that I was dating a married man while I was in his house!” she shouted at LuAnn.

“You are a liar. You are a horrible person,” de Lesseps responded. “You were born a liar, and you will die a liar!” Bethenny shouted back. Then LuAnn called Bethenny evil.

What did you think of part one?

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78 Replies to “RHONY Season 8 Reunion Part 1”

  1. Bethenny is not a nice person…. period…..
    Carole … liked her first season but I’m over her silliness
    Dorinda – love her…. she’s fun!
    Ramona – I like her attitude now
    Sonja with a J….. bird brain…
    LuAnne — feel bad for her … women calling other women a whore… shame on B
    Jules – keep her.. more to come with her next season (I think)

    1. Totally agree with you on all of the women.. Especially Bethenny! She is so vile. She seems like the one hyped up on Cocaine all of the time.. I hope that her fiancé or boyfriend watches the show to see how nuts she is..

  2. Loved nearly everyone’s outfits, but Ramona was too subdued, and Carole’s Alexander McQueen is horrible for sitting. It’s a piece that only works when the person wearing it is in movement. Beyond that, this reunion is is MESSY with a capital “M” …and I am here for it.

      1. I don’t watch this show. I thought all the outfits were just meh. The RHOBH ladies remain the best dressed. Carole’s McQueen can only possibly work on someone like Cate Blanchett. I would’ve liked that look better if she removed the sleeve, pulled her hair up and got rid of the accessories ( necklace and earrings) and a stronger lip stick

        1. I don’t think any of the NY women ( I can’t call them ladies) wear really nice clothes. There is an old NY on in UK at the moment, Ramona and Luann don’t look to have changed their styles at all, still wearing satin, Sonja is still wearing her old clothes which I much prefer to keep buying the same old same old. Dorinda hasn’t been around that long to say, same as Jules. Bethenny I have never liked her clothes same as Carol. Xoxox

          1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌ Suze, I needed to put that here just because. 😉

        2. Rain, I know what you mean. Carole’s jewelry was over the top. With a dress like that, it’s the simpler the better when it comes to jewelry and any accessorizing. What she wore did not work with that dress at all. The focus should have been on Carole and not the overabundance of fabric she was wearing. Less is more really…with accessories.
          I like your idea about her hair too. She tried to dress a bit formal in a hippy sort of way sorta kinda, but it did not work. She had a bit of a gypsy vibe there. It was almost as if she picked up a dress at a thrift shop and just overaccessorized there on her way out to the reunion, even though the dress works if in a different setting, and as Bon Vivant said (not a quote), it is not so pretty for a sitting position only. It is not made for that.

        3. Oh, when it came to the colors they wore, I was thinking it was like Jules and Ramona didn’t get the memo, and Carole just misinterpreted it a wee bit. 😮

        4. I thought Dorinda looked fabulous with a capitol F. I think Dorinda, in a contest of who is the best looking of this group, wins hands down. I think she is very beautiful. She has class, even when she has had too many, which I know is often, she doesn’t go below the belt. Which ( IMO ) means she doesn’t have it in her to do so.
          My Grandmother, Nana, used to say “Drunk [men] speak sober thoughts.”
          I have been around enough people, including my first husband, my brother, one of my sister’s, & quite a few other family members and acquaintances…..who drank too much. My first husband was charming, funny, strong and loyal when he was sober. I loved him a lot, my children were all conceived in LOVE. When he was drunk, he was mule-headed, sloppy, lazy and disloyal. I left him when my youngest Daughter was one. I have now been married for 31 years…together and exclusive with my husband since 1981, he has had maybe 2 full drinks & a few sips of 3 drinks in those years. He will make a toast, if asked with champagne, like at our Daughter’s Weddings. I chose well and carefully the second and last time around.
          Anyway, I digress, ( So unusual for me 🙂 🙂 🙂 )
          I thought Luann looked meh. But Sonja, IMO, gets the second best dressed, I thought she looked incredibly beautiful, I LOVED her dress. Jules also looked stunning, but sad. Bethenny usually dresses down, business like, and she looked OK, a bit thin from her illness, and the fact that she runs her huge company, IOW, she works hard, her and Ramona being really the only 2 that “work.” Bethenny is not thin from an eating disorder. No one with an eating disorder can do what she does. No one who takes drugs often can do what she does either, period. I have known a LOT of drug users, abusers, addicts and drunks in my 62 years. NONE of them could ever do what she does for more than a few weeks. Ramona also looked OK. Carol looked OK, a bit overdone and out of place for where she was, but Carole has her own deal and she does not have a care for what others think, she knows who she is. She said herself during her first reunion that she has an inside voice. I do not agree that she is, well, the rude way she is spoken about in her friendship with Bethenny. There is a chemistry that works for both of them, just like in any relationship, that is between them and no one’s business, like a marriage is no one’s business until they make it everyone’s.
          On a side note, a “Canary diamond”…. shouldn’t it have a glimmer of a Sunflower yellow? Then, IMO, it would be beautiful. I don’t know much about diamonds. I only know what I think is pretty and/or, beautiful. Luann and her ring are neither, IMO. Like everything Luann does, it is for show. She precariously & desperately wavers on the precipice of the social register & of having class, and she simply does not. She tried to marry it, she tried to make it seem like sitting and taking everything anyone throws at her is a form of it…..I don’t know. But Bethenny does know. Bethenny has seen her for who she is for 10 years now. Her ONLY problem with Luann is the lying and hypocrisy. Many think that it is hypocritical for Bethenny to keep her personal life personal. There is a HUGE difference between showing and telling everyone all about your romance, all the “I’m getting MARRIED, (with that squeak in her voice)”, shoving her urine colored diamond, if it even is a diamond, maybe she better get it appraised…under everyone’s nose, especially Sonja’s, who she claims to love and embrace on one hand, and on the other hand, calls her a liar and a drunk, accusing everyone of being all up in her business after the video WAS SENT to Bethenny and all of NY saw him as soon as they walked into the Regency; and from the get-go, Bethenny keeping her romance as private as is possible in the public arena she lives in. When Luann accused all of the other ladies of going along with Bethenny’s truthful recounting of her relationship with Dennis because they are afraid of having their hand chopped or bitten off, I laughed. SHE is the one who is in that position. She consistently backs Bethenny, and I think she is sincere in that, but she only has the guts to say anything different when she sits on the couch. SHE is the one who is afraid of a woman who can out work her, can out think her, and who can out smart her in every way. Luann is the one who is so jealous she is eaten up inside because Bethenny clawed her way out of that horrifying upbringing with style and class, and with MONEY, MONEY is the core of what just eats her up with jealousy and envy. Bethenny absolutely does and says things that are shocking & mean. But, I have to say, it fits. It is not a lie what she says about Luann. And LUANN KNOWS IT.
          I don’t really care whether Dorinda does drugs recreationally. But John??? Absolutely he uses. I can practically SMELL the speed and coke on him. I am pleased Bethenny dropped it, even with the instigation, & shut up. That dinner with Dorinda and John after Carole had the psychic at her place, wow. He could not stop himself from talking over her. I must say, I have respect for Dorinda. She keeps her relationship with John the way SHE WANTS IT. She is the boss of that twosome. SHE decides when, where and for how long she is with John, and more power to her I say.
          As for Ramona, I think divorce was the best thing that could have happened to her. I do wish she would hold her stomach in though. It isn’t just when she isn’t wearing spanks. I caught myself actually listening to her speak this season & surprised myself.
          Jules is in a raw position right now, but she plays the nice girl up a little too much when it really doesn’t seem to me to be who she is. Her pig of a husband taking selfies when Jules, Dorinda and John were sitting at the table waiting was, well, just in very, very poor taste. He got home and showered in order to wash the girl he was banging right before off of him. Very sad for Jules to find out so publicly, being so new to this kind of publicity.
          I am rather looking forward to hearing what Sonja was speaking of when she told Andy she has a lot of dirt on the ladies, and that she finds herself becoming resentful. At least Sonja is honest about her love of men. She is delusional, and that is a fact, but I don’t believe she is a mean person.
          Carole is a quiet person. When it shows Luann telling her to be quiet and shut up on the couch, that shows exactly who Luann is. She went on & on all season how she wanted to repair her friendship with Carole. Luann was 100% in the wrong where it concerned Adam. He was not dating her niece at the time. She acted like he was Victoria’s husband FGSakes. What made her so boiling pissed off about that entire thing was that Carole got Adam’s attention, romantically, and kept it. That is another thing that eats her guts to ribbons. The young one’s she bangs are one night stands, when everyone is too drunk or hi to give a crap about who they are doing. The fact that Bethenny WAS NOT seeing Dennis when he was living at home with his wife has now been proven. I have respect for his daughter for telling the world. Even then Luann wanted to say that the DAUGHTER was siding with someone doing her Dad when her MOM was in the picture. What a blasting insult to the Daughter, just proves not only that Bethenny is telling the truth, it PROVED that Luann will hold on to a lie even if it strangles her, and it matters not to her who she hurts along the way. Looking forward to next week.
          Rain, I am having lunch with BOTH of my Daughters tomorrow‼️ At the same time. Yay! How are you my sweet friend? Really, really good I hope. ❤️❤️❌⭕️☔️✾

          1. No time for me to read it all now. I started to, but it is later than I thought. I have to start din din. Just one thing, 3 D’s. I got married in 1984 and I am married 32 years. You are married longer than me, I think, unless you made a typo. Just something I noticed. I have to try to read it all later. Have a nice day. 😉

            1. 3Ds, I am so glad I read all that because I wouldn’t have found your message to me at the end 🙂 xoxoxo. I don’t watch this show and judging from the feedback from different people, it seems the characters are just as polarizing as RHOBH. I remember trying to watch it a few years ago but I couldn’t last more than 10 min. LOL.
              you ladies have all clocked in some good marriage time xoxoxo. that’s awesome. While I was a bit wild in my younger years (slut of the year 2 years running lol) , I have been happily married and committed to my husband (aka my 5th child). If you ever met us, you would never think we had anything in common or would be together , yet here we are. To me personally, the biggest expression of love to my husband is that I would never, never, ever wanted kids with any other man.

              I am very well 3Ds thank you. I am back to work part time, and slowly ramping up my hours. I leave at lunch and come home so it’s a good schedule for now. I am getting used to my cane and I was telling Suze that it has made my life a bit easier. We had a gathering last weekend, my daughter and her fiancé, the twins and their girlfriends. It was fun and I actually managed to bake a pie. But this being a family event, you know something had to happen, but that’s a story for another day. lets just say one of the boys is now single. I’m sad because he’s hurting but being a mom, I obviously think he can do better. yup, I went there.
              have fun this weekend with your daughters and have lots of laughs and hugs xoxoxoxo

              1. OOhh, sounds fun. I didn’t know the twins were old enough for girlfriends! Family events are always the best, and/or friends too. It warms my heart to hear you are working. One thing I have wished I could do for a while now is go back to work part time too. I am so proud to hear you have done it, wow! Your Son will find out that he deserves better when the initial sadness wears off. It is a good thing, IMO, for boys and girls to date for quite a while before being truly serious. It seems to teach them what true love is, and it helps them grow up and simply grow. I am happy you get to be part of it. I was with 2 of my kids, and it made us much closer, and I learned the adult boundaries much earlier than the relationships and dating lives of those I wasn’t near enough to be part of. Thanks for answering, I wonder and sometimes worry about those I love here. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. Thank you for your lovely response 3Ds ❤️❤️❤️ I think we message each other but may not always get those messages becuause we don’t have alerts. I worry about the ones I love here too and it’s sad to think that someday they may stop posting and never hear from them again
                  Yes my twin boys are in college and they both go to Stanford. Close enough to keep their mom happy but far enough to give them a little space and freedom 🙂 they wanted to get accepted somewhere together and luckily they did, they’re very attached to each other. They’ve had several girlfriends since high school but of course college relationships seem more ‘serious’. Maybe they’ll work it out , who knows with these young people , I keep out of it unless I’m specifically asked ……
                  Yes I genuinely love my work and even when I’m out , I try to respond to emails etc. and I’m always glad when I can hobble back lol. I hope to keep chugging on till whatever happens. But there’s also the financial factor, my husband and I sacrificed a lot to send our kids to college and have them graduate debt free and so far we have accomplished that. That dream vacation keeps getting pushed further but it’s all worth it to us . Also my medical insurance is great and it covers us so the longer I can work, the better on so many fronts
                  Take care and be well my soul sister ❤️❤️❤️

                  1. Stanford! Wow! You have two brilliant sons. Do they want to become doctors? Just wondered. That is one exceptional school. You are one awesome proud mama. ❤️❤️❤️

                    1. Engineering, just like their brother. Oh yes very proud. I’d sell a kidney to make sure they finish 🙂 they’re smart kids and they get great grades . My daughter was the artsy one being the only girl, it made her feel unique and special ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    2. No kidney selling, please! I am sure your boys are amazingly brilliant and will be amazing engineers. My eldest is a mechanical engineer who specializes in design in NYC at any international design firm. He does it all from the engineering to the design (of just about anything) and has worked his way up the ladder. I am not trying to brag, just proud. He has always been creative and inventive, as well as a math whiz. It is the engineering mind. You know it with your boys, and you must be so very proud, and I know it already!
                      Your boys have awesome futures ahead of them, and you don’t have to worry one bit. ❤️❌⭕️❤️

                    3. Yoir daughter is gifted too. I did not mean to leave her out…just that we have engineer sons in common, though my other son is an accountant and excels in numbers too and names. Jobs are better for accountants.
                      I know you are artsy too. It shows, and you could be an engineer too!
                      It is nice that your daughter feels special. She is! I have boys. I wanted a girl, but most of all healthy children. 😉
                      Oh, I have a feeling you have a very nice cane too. When my one son used a cane not too long ago (broken ankle) he ordered a unique cane with beautiful wood and a nice handle. There are all kinds, but whatever works for you is best. 😉 Love ya Rain! xo

                    4. That came out wrong! Jobs are better for engineers than accountants from what I can tell and is what I thought I wrote! My mind is mush again!

                      Have a nice evening, Rain. 😉

                    5. Oh you’re so sweet Sandy! How amazing about your son!!!!!! Yes we are both proud moms and I am ok bragging about my kids lol, that’s allowed , right? So feel free to brag about your kids. We are proud that’s all , and I’d be proud of them no matter what/ I also see how HARD they work as I’m sure your kids have worked hard too. They haven’t taken anything for granted and that’s important in life and to me. I didn’t want to raise entitled brats. As far as people saying that they want better for their children than they’ve had, I feel we have accomplished that ❤️❤️❤️Have a great night too Sandy

              2. Oh, Rain, I do know what you mean about do better. I won’t elaborate but I am thankful the relationship ended for my son over a year ago, but I do hope he finds that special someone who appreciates him and loves him for who he is and likewise, someone he loves and does not settle for either. I hope the same for your son, too. ❤️❤️❤️

              1. Dinner all done, eaten, cleaned up.
                I just read the rest. We are not agreeing about some of it of course. 😉 I like Carole as Carole, but not when she is the mean girl persona, since it doesn’t look good on her IMO. She is like that more so when she is with Bethenny. It is not all the time. Bethenny can be Cruella DeVille at times, and other times, I like her. She can be really funny in a not too nasty way when she wants. I admire them both foor their inteligence. Bethenny is amazing with all that she has accomplished as well as Carole.
                I don’t normally critique the outfits, but I agree that Sonja looked so beautiful and Dorinda looked pretty too. Dorinda has gorgeous clothes and a great figure as well. I was not in love with Jules’ dress, though it looked nice. I thought Bethenny looked a bit ill. Her face just looks too thin. Of course, Carole’s dress, as unique as she is, just seemed like too much dress and hid her beauty IMO.

                1. Yes, Bethenny was quite ill for this reunion. It was not very long before her major surgery, and she kept working. Last time I was ill I lost 40 pounds, and I have never had an eating disorder. She pushes herself and admits her faults, I am a fan of the survival skill it took to handle herself in the world she works in and is still such a devoted Mom and friend. So glad dinner was good, it is the time to catch up and be with family. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I beg you, luann is fake, and i am happy bethanny will destroy her. I dont get why you all think Luann is so patience-worth!

  4. B has gone off the rails. Does she think that it’s ok to talk to L , D, J like she does with no consequences? She really should be embarrassed and needs help. It’s actually uncomfortable to watch her attempt to destroy people’s reputations and relationships. On the topic of relationships, the phone call was terrible, looked like a set up and sounded like one too. And does she want her ‘marriage’ torn apart? I mean 4+ year divorce on a 2 year sham marriage. She’s the poster child for meanest girl, regardless of how you feel about the other girls.

    1. Whose relationship did she try to destroy? Tom’s and Luann’s? A good relationship can not be destroyed by a rumor, unless there is something wrong with one or both people in it, certainly not by one person like Bethenny. Both of them have a REP in NY that was there before Bethenny and will last longer than this show. But, who else? Tom was on a stool right as people walk in the front of the bar at the effing REGENCY, where all of Manhattan “society” frequents. We, the viewers, simply wouldn’t have gotten such a nice look at it had Bethenny kept that to herself, which is what the show IS, BTW. Luann is mad at the messenger because simple as this, Bethenny outsmarts, outclasses and outworks Luann in every possible classification there is.

        1. Bethenny had never met Tom while they were all in Miami anyway, whether she has by now or not I don’t know. Her and Luann go back 8 years and every word B speaks about Lu is true. She has said not one word to Jules or Michael, or ABOUT THEM, since the brunch, which she apologized for and to which her sincere apology was accepted. There has not been ONE WORD written or spoken about Jules or her pig husband from Bethenny. Jules blurts out about her eating disorder, then apparently tells Bethenny a bunch of secrets about her marriage, which remain SECRETS. Just not caring for a person, whether an actual friend or a lady on the show is no reason to lie about them. It is awfully easy to prove otherwise anyway.

  5. I think LuMann is phony ands lies about everything and anything, I also think by the looks on everybody’s faces when the word drugs came up Dorinda obviously does drugs nobody stuck up for her and told her to drop it so I do think Dorinda isn’t honest about who she really is although I do enjoy watching her when she’s drunk the slurring the arms flying around. More to come…….

    1. well if I was doing recreational drugs – I wouldn’t want it broadcast on tv…. some of the stuff the showcase is crap and way toooo personal for tv… I know it’s reality but there are lines not to be crossed.

  6. So the drug use issue came forth–why wasn’t more discussed instead of implication, and followed by, “do we really want to go there” just to threaten?

    Why did Andy allow Bitchany to get off the sofa several times when he was so adament about the ATL bunch not getting up?

    Lastly, Lu is a liar, Bitchany is just that, and Dorinda is a drunk fool just like Sonja. The chic on the end with the long black hair who sits quietly gained weight, looks better, and needs to go away.

  7. That was certainly some reunion, and there is more to come. I am not surprised if B does coke, and now hearing that D most likely does as well…Well, luckily Luann put a stop to that talk. Clearly Dorinda was upset about her daughter finding out about her mother’s alleged drug use.
    Maybe she stays with John because he is her…..I won’t go there…just a thought. Sonja did say that Dorinda does do drugs.

    Bethenny was stirring up lots of trouble last night. She heard (from whomever she hears gossip) that Jules went on the show to get divorced Jules may have wanted something more to do and liked the thought of being on TV, especially since her hubby was often absent, but I don’t think she knew all that was going on…but maybe had an inkling something was not right. She did say that her husband was the one who filed for the divorce and not her.

    I look forward to the next part of the reunion.

    1. I believe along with her “nice girl” act, Jules also plays “naive girl” a little too much. Any man that comes home consistently late and showers, when he didn’t used to, or the shower is making them late for a planned event with people he wants to see, is washing off more than the work day’s dirt.

  8. Bitchanny needs psychiatric help. She has always been (since her Martha Stewart apprentice days) a loud-mouthed, angry, pushy, needy, sharp-tongued attention whore. She hasn’t changed ONE bit, except now she has $ which means she thinks it’s HER right to sit back and judge everyone with her loud-mouthed, angry, pushy, needy, sharp-tongued attention whore EXPECTATIONS of the world. She is such an ugly hearted, broken little girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all did drugs. We know Carole loves to get stoned, so does Andy for that matter but I don’t think it’s illegal anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised is a few of them did coke, but why bring this up? And who brought this up anyway, I already forgot. Probably Bitchanny, the poor victim of life. She was out of control last night and Andy just let her so there is something going on between those two and NOT in a sexual way either. He’s protecting her for some reason… LuAnn is so creepy with this whole engagement thing and Tom thing. Dorinda was her usual self. Carole looked absolutely ridiculous, like she should be laid out in some coffin in Dark Shadows somewhere. Jules didn’t have much to say. I think she’s way too fragile for this group of girls. Ramona seemed okay, same daffy self. Sonja is going to open Pandora’s box on all of them. It’s just my feeling.

  9. LMAO, this reunion is too funny—they are all like dirty politicians calling out each other’s (dirty laundry)—NONE are clean, they all embarrass NY & HW’s. They drink way too much, add drugs to the mix and sex with anyone who has a pulse—Pathetic….

    bethanny is just too darn angry and mean–very narcissist.
    carole subdued in that hideous dress, but a back stabber.
    dorito drugged out slusher.
    ramona–I just can’t with that loser, uggg.
    sonya–waste of air time, should be cooking something in her toaster oven.
    jules–waay, waay, adds nothing to the show.
    luann—rode hard put up wet, had lots of international opportunities but still a loose woman who pretends not to be.

    1. So…you enjoy watching so you can blast them all, every single one of them? Because if that’s it, I hope you have fun doing that. But, I am curious, do you watch the show itself? And, just do that all season? If yes, why? Personally I would consider it a waste of emotion, so I have curious feelings about posters and hope you actually answer, because it is not a snotty way I am asking, just genuinely not understanding. I very much dislike the OC now and Atlanta, so I don’t watch because I would have only shitty things to say about every single one of them. It would make ME feel negative, and like Dorinda, I have had enough negativity to last the rest of my life. 🙂

    2. I kind of like all of them to be honest. I’m not a huge fan of LieAnn and I do think she is a bit of a whore, liar, snake …

      Bethenny: witty, funny, needs to work on impulse control
      Carole: honest and chill, I’m skeptical she is really dating Adam
      Dorida: full of surprises, sometimes I think she is too nice and she will defend herself like a champ; sometimes she is a sh!t stirrer and others she seems to be trying to help; I haven’t figured her out but I like her and live for the slurred toasts and doing a party “nice” so you can all leave. heh
      Ramona: the original. Great Mom. Over the top. Not very self aware.
      Sonja: wouldn’t hurt anyone and I am so glad she quit drinking. I think she is the most naturally pretty of all of them.
      Jules: I don’t know. Painfully thin in that scene with her being a bull. <—-I feel like a dork for typing that.
      LieAnn: liar, phony, inauthentic I give her credit for trying to fix the situation at Dorina's home but IMO that was too over the top and LieAnn was too generous.

      I haven't been her for a long time. I enjoyed reading the comments. I especially liked seeing that many of you know each other and are friendly. I've starting posting at a different blog and oh, snap, they aren't kind if you disagree with their point of view. I didn't see any of that here. Kudos.

  10. I absolutely find the actions of these “ladies” (and I am using the term loosely here), to be beyond tasteless and classless. If this is the best New York City has to offer, then out of the 8.6M people, you surely can find women with more things to keep us entertained than these women. OK, so they have money………as Luann’s song says, “Money can’t buy you class”. True statement and it is more profound than she thought it is. All that being said, the insinuations bandied about last night were low class and below-the-belt pot shots. Since they don’t see one another for “X” amount of time between the last show and reunion, how do they know what the other ones are up to? Luann’s insinuation to Bethenny about doing drugs is totally laughable. Why in the hell would she do something so incredibly stupid and run the risk of losing her child? Bad taste ladies, really bad. Ramona is up to her meaningless apologies again. She talks out of both sides of her mouth and she sways back & forth amongst the ladies whichever way she feels like swinging at that particular moment. Dorinda tries to be neutral, but she does more damage than she thinks she does. As for her staying with John, it is the same for her as it is for Luann and Tom. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing ladies. I’m not sure this was even worth the viewe’s time Andy. Hopefully, next time will be more calm and less explosive. Maybe I will just tape these and look at them when I am not in the mood to read or am totally bored out of my mind!!!!!

  11. Thank you sweetie ❤️❤️❤️ I feel the dress wore her and she didn’t wear the dress. With such a high neXk you just have to pull your hair up. There was just TOO MUCH going on 🙂 the color also just washed her out. Yes it’s a gypsy vibe and it could’ve looked less frumpy if it was styled better . I bet Cynthia Bailey could rock that dress

    1. I honestly think there are very few who could rock that dress. It is too much. It almost belongs in a different age, really, like in a movie about the past…a long time ago.
      It must be a fun to dress up in that dress and twirl and twirl, but it does not work for me. Maybe it would be okay as the bridesmaids’ dresses in a wedding that takes place on the remade set of the Addams Family?

          1. no , not in that dress. she’s too voluptuous for that dress I think 🙂 the word twirl just always reminds me of her crazy lol

            1. I knew that! I was thinking she would fit the theme of that dress maybe, meaning she can wear it to the wedding at The Addams Family home? 😉

          2. Now that has really done it! I will try and think of Ken or Ewan McGregor that might help me sleep eventually! Xoxoxoxox

              1. Thanks sweetie and I didn’t! Shame! Haven’t slept at all, I’m always like this the night before! Pathetic really xoxoxoxoxox

                1. Oh, Suze, I am so sorry. I hope you are able to get some sleep later today. Take care.

                    1. Three weeks is a nice break. I am always happy to see you, Suze! XOXO

                      TV news on….showing all the people at the beach and then the approaching storm ( now a tropical storm and dowgraded from hurricane) on a holiday weekend. Oh well, the summer was a hot one and the beach areas did a booming business. Coastal flooding may happen with this and the seas are too rough to swim in even now.
                      It is still hot, though this morning was a little cool and refreshing and great dog walking weather. 😉 XO

                2. I just now saw this. Oh, Suzy, nothing you do is pathetic. What is pathetic is governments that have not seen fit to make sure a cure for it has been found. So so many wonderful, beautiful people suffer. And none of them are pathetic. I will never believe that of you. You are beautiful, gutsy girl. You have more courage than anyone I have ever known. I am honored to be called a friend of someone so deep and lovely.

  12. I love that Bethenny is back! Bethenny always calls it like it is and is truthful. Bethenny is very good at reading people and articulating what is going on and calling it like it is. Not only was it cleary said that Dorinda and John use cocaine but ALL of the ladies agreed. IF Dorinda was innocent of using cocaine she would have defended herself and John and if necessary gotten very heated about it. Instead, Dorinda just whinned that she does not use drugs and that she goes home every night to her daughter. When Sonja exclaimed that everyone knows that Dorinda and John do drugs; Dorinda was very passive! Bethenny sees things and calls it like it is!

  13. Thank you Anonymous for saying what you said about Dorinda. She has enough gumption to be able to stick up for herself and you are right, she would have defended herself. Bethenny says in her tagline “If you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle me”. No one can say they didn’t know that she says it like it is. And, she generally can back up what she says with facts! Everyone already knew she was like this except for maybe Jules. And, Jules attacking Bethenny for something she “thought” B had said was incredibly silly & sad. She kept throwing her eyes towards Dorinda and it was truly laughable. I think Jules should just back off until she gets to know these people before trying to go head-to-head with them. Especially with Bethenny. It will be interesting to see who returns next season. I can personally do without Luann & Tom. She will probably be extremely disgusting if she comes back on the show as “Mrs.” However, I might prefer that to “The Countess”. She has milked that one for far longer than she should have. And, I truly hope that “The Count” doesn’t watch this show. Poor guy, he would see that she has dragged that title through the mud & back!!

    1. Dorinda probably does drugs. Bethenny knows how to conduct herself in a court of law recently, so makes sense that she wouldn’t say something untrue or couldn’t be proven in some fashion . Dorinda is a pot stirrer , her Boyfriend is a buffoon for sure. They are all too old to be using cocaine btw, their hearts might flicker off for goodness sakes ! Lu likes sex…..too bad we have to shame Women for that btw…although she is a hypocrite, just own it Lu..! Scary housewife Carole is caught up in a time warp , where she thinks her intellect is superior to normal folks, get a grip or a new stylist, although she can rock her casual funky denim pretty good. Ramona is getting better…nuff said on her. Jules…poor thing, grab some balls preferably extract them from your soon to be Ex…lol…lastly Sonja….she is the ONLY one who has a shred of humanity and owns her shit from the get go, she knows herself and has no apologies. You Go Girl !!! She is the pretty one and other ladies are jealous and mean spirited. As far as her excessive drinking goes, I’ve seen Ramona so lit up that she dances like shes in Woodstock, arms flaying all over the place…pretty fun to watch, but clearly she’s pissed drunk, (I’m Canadian, so we say pissed when we’re talking about people being drunk ) ………can’t wait for the 2nd part of the reunion !!

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