RHONY Season 8 Finale Recap


The season finale of the Real Housewives of New York City aired Wednesday night and Bethenny finally pulled LuAnn aside to tell her the truth about Tom’s cheating and the proof she had to back it up.

“Tom was caught kissing a girl at their favorite bar, and yes, I’ve done a little detective work on my own to confirm my source’s information,” Frankel said. “Oh, and there’s a picture to prove it, too, so look at this, call that sucker up, let him have it.”

When LuAnn called Tom to ask him about the photo, he told her he was too drunk to remember what happened. It was also revealed that they had had a huge fight and he wasn’t in his right mind when it happened.

But the Countess was angry and hurt that the cheating happened at their favorite social spot in New York, where everyone would have seen him cheat on her.

When she gets back to the city she rents a hotel for a short-lived period, but ultimately decides to forgive Tom. But there’s one person she can’t forgive… and that’s Bethenny.

Now, Dorinda is in the hot seat for setting Lu up with Tom. Now, she’s getting the threat treatment from Tom over how she’s “going to play it” in her social circle. Tom is trying to cover his tracks about his past relationships with Ramona and Sonja. He tries to blackmail Dorinda into doing his dirty work by somehow convincing everyone they know that what they saw wasn’t real and that whatever happened didn’t. But Dorinda didn’t fall for it.

The finale ended with Bethenny’s fiesta to celebrate her Skinnygirl brand and it’s not only Bethenny and LuAnn that had problems. Jules reveals that she will be divorcing her husband Michael after eight years and she has a problem with the way Bethenny has handled her eating disorder since she has met her.

One thing is for sure… this year’s reunion is going to be full of drama!

Photo Credit: Bravo.