RHONY Season 8 Finale Recap


The season finale of the Real Housewives of New York City aired Wednesday night and Bethenny finally pulled LuAnn aside to tell her the truth about Tom’s cheating and the proof she had to back it up.

“Tom was caught kissing a girl at their favorite bar, and yes, I’ve done a little detective work on my own to confirm my source’s information,” Frankel said. “Oh, and there’s a picture to prove it, too, so look at this, call that sucker up, let him have it.”

When LuAnn called Tom to ask him about the photo, he told her he was too drunk to remember what happened. It was also revealed that they had had a huge fight and he wasn’t in his right mind when it happened.

But the Countess was angry and hurt that the cheating happened at their favorite social spot in New York, where everyone would have seen him cheat on her.

When she gets back to the city she rents a hotel for a short-lived period, but ultimately decides to forgive Tom. But there’s one person she can’t forgive… and that’s Bethenny.

Now, Dorinda is in the hot seat for setting Lu up with Tom. Now, she’s getting the threat treatment from Tom over how she’s “going to play it” in her social circle. Tom is trying to cover his tracks about his past relationships with Ramona and Sonja. He tries to blackmail Dorinda into doing his dirty work by somehow convincing everyone they know that what they saw wasn’t real and that whatever happened didn’t. But Dorinda didn’t fall for it.

The finale ended with Bethenny’s fiesta to celebrate her Skinnygirl brand and it’s not only Bethenny and LuAnn that had problems. Jules reveals that she will be divorcing her husband Michael after eight years and she has a problem with the way Bethenny has handled her eating disorder since she has met her.

One thing is for sure… this year’s reunion is going to be full of drama!

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  1. I don’t recall Jules mentioning divorcing her cheater husband until the bravo notes at the end. BTW–did you notice she told him she loved him and he didn’t say it back?

    As for Lu–Desperation is a huge tiara she is wearing. Bitchany is just that–PERIOD.

    1. There are actually people online who support Luann’s view that this relationship is the best thing to ever happen to her. Can you imagine? What ever happened to a woman having a healthy sense of self-worth? Anyhoo, I’m living for that tiara comment right about now. The after show panel seems to agree with you:


      Unless Lu was already in talks with Shed Media to produce a wedding spin-off/special (which, beyond whatever money she’s getting for it, there would likely be a lot of sponsors involved providing goods and services for her & she doesn’t to cut off the leverage she has in those relationships), I think she is absolutely insane for going through with this.

  2. Lu is so desperate, its embarrassing to watch and OMG, get rid of that creepy Tom. And the party at the end? All I could stare at was Bethanny and those horrible fake breasts that are so far apart she looks deformed. Why? Get them fixed or take them out. That’s beyond gross. I’m still processing the rest……

  3. I stopped watching because of Bethenny, she is just mean. I still like to read what goes on with the show. Her and Luann were never friends, so to do this, I can only think she was doing this to be mean and embarrass Luann. It also seems that Bravo/Andy has allowed Bethenny to advertise constantly her skinnygirl line.

    1. Hi Vanonna, I agree 100% and like you I stopped watching because of B. I don’t like Luann but Bethenny was just mean and nasty all season! Xo

      1. Hi Suze, yes, if this is reality, then I’d rather have my regular drama. I just don’t find it entertaining at all. Take care!

    2. Generally the show is set up as an advertising platform so that all of the cast can advertise a product or business venture if they so choose, but Bethenny does seem to be the network’s Golden Child, and certainly it must help to have a close personal relationship with your boss.

  4. Luann, how could you be so blind and so desperate? Then to be angry with B who was nothing but the messenger…….sad, so sad. I had a neighbor years ago, when I was married to my first husband, who found out my husband was cheating on me. I was sooooo grateful that she told me what she knew. Saved me really! I just don’t get women who would rather live in a bubble then see reality. Pathetic really.

    1. Bethenny HIRED A PI (confirmed by RHONY staff) with the intent to continue her two-women hit parade on LuAnn. Like her or not, this is called bullying.

      1. If that’s true, it’s just another reason for me to dislike Bethany. How much did the PI cost? She could have donated that money to a women’s abuse shelter, or an eating disorder group in honor of her mother. It would have gone to better use. But to waste money on a PI to get dirt on her “friend’s” fiancé is sick. Luann knew Tom screwed two other cast members (one within weeks of meeting her), so she knew what she was getting. No need to embarass her. Bethany’s interest wasn’t to save her “friend”, it was to humiliate her. All I can say to Bethany is: karma.

          1. I agree Bee. This guy was making out in public at a place where they all have gone, so it was not some out of the way place. It was one the women have frequented, and everyone has seen them there, hence, that is why Luann asked Tom why, at their favorite bar, could he do this. It was a place they go to, and everyone has seen Luann and Tom there. No PI necessary.

          2. I don’t know who (if anyone) hired a PI. It’s a waste of money either way. And I still think Bethany didn’t have Luanne’s best interest at heart.

  5. Was it just me or did Bethenny’s hotel room look too staged with her Skinnygirl products in the scenes when she tells Luann about Tom? Also her wanting a drink to help with her headache and she asks for a “bottle” and the bottle is turned just so that the Skinnygirl logo is front andcenter. Plus her hand shaking and she knew the “cameras” were on her. Her reaction seemed way over the top. Ramona had her wine when she went to visit Dorinda but her promotion of her wine seem more subtle. Just wondering …

  6. I found it quite comical that they had some elaborate plan cooked up with Dorinda being the center piece to lie for them because of that I believe nothing that comes out of the countesses mouth. I also don’t think Lu is loaded with dough she has been unable to keep a place in the city since her divorce. I never seen such desperation I wonder if its to keep her place on the show.

  7. I think the saddest part of this episode was watching Lu going from thanking Bethenny for telling her the truth to somehow turning Tom’s cheating around on Bethenny. If Lu wants to stay with the guy, fine, that is her business. But it was clear to anyone watching with a clear head that Bethenny was trying to do the right thing for someone she really isn’t even close friends with.

    1. Hi Christopher normally I’d agree, but I believe that Bethenny’s only reason was Bethenny. She \was brought back to make drama and that is just what she is doing. I seriously doubt she had Luann’s best interest in mind.

  8. I excited about the Reunion. ( My fav. Part of the HW.!). Overall, it was a good season. Enjoyed Jules a lot! Hoping her divorce from Michael will be as fast as Ramona’ s. Wishing her great health ,& success in her new business.
    Live Dorinda Medler. She was too funny at the party confessing maybe ” I am a shot stirrer, cause I can’t remember what I said.”. Classic.
    Love Ramona. She is in heat, & ready to have some fun. God bless.
    Bethenny, love u, but she irked me alit this season. Glad ur divorce is behind her.
    Carole. Glad her,& lu made up. Hope her, & Adam the best.
    Sonja, love her. Hope she finds her true love.
    Lu, hope she makes it down the aisle, & that it’s true love.

    Like all the ladies. Probably my fav. Franchise.

    Happy Friday’s Eve my ladies.

    1. The season started off rocky for me, because I didn’t take to the two-headed monster that initially was “Carol-Enny” and thought that they behaved awfully to Jules- who, is a bit troubled, but fun-loving without malicious intent to hurts others. Bethenny and Carole remind me of two misbehaving middle schoolers who need to be separated in class, and their Twitter jabs putting down fans who weren’t even rude to them this season have turned me off a LOT. The nastiness is too much for me.

      Ramona, surprisingly, did not irritate me to high hell this year (!), other than when she would try to turn the focus of conflicts back to herself for camera time, LOL- and I think she’s looking really good and having a great “go for it” attitude for someone recently divorced in such a terrible way. A lot of women would shrink into a shell and become bitter. Good for her that she’s having Turtle Time. I hold a soft spot for old meddling, boozy Dorinda (it’s hard for me to quit a woman who loves the late Elaine Stritch and the song “Here’s to the Ladies Who Lunch” ), and her Berkshire’s meltdown (“I COOKED. I DECORATED. MADE IT NICE!!”) contained my favorite line of the season. Sonja, dear wounded bird that she is- with her tiaras & tortoise shell reading glasses – will always be my favorite. Poor thing was born in the wrong decade: she’s a lovable floozy straight out of a 30s comedy, and very entertaining when she’s SOBER. Last but Not least is Lu, whom I think (unless she and Tom have mutually agreed to milk this ride for all it’s worth) is walking into a grave disaster…

      …Cheers, Southern, it’s already cocktail hour here across the pond (wink).

  9. Whaaa. (My baby cry!!. Love dirty martinis!) So jelly. Love your review! Wish Ramona would cut her hair. Miss the 2010 Bob. Made her super chic, & much younger looking. Hate her long locks,definitely ages her.

  10. I was actually embarrassed for LuAnn, who I’m no fan of. You could get alcohol poisoning drinking each time to her saying “he loves me.” She’s known him for a minute and he’s cheated on her. This is what junior high girls convince themselves of in that short a time.

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