RHONY Season 8 Begins Filming, Three Cast Members Demand More Money


Season 8 of The Real Housewives of New York City is beginning to film, but according to a new report, three of its stars are holding out for more money! Page Six is reporting that LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan and ­Ramona Singer are still negotiating their new contracts and they want to be making closer to $1 million… like Bethenny Frankel.

However, a source tells the site that holding out for more money “could work against them.” If they don’t sign their contracts Frankel has “a long list of friends” from which she could suggest replacements to the network.

The insider notes that while Bethenny scored a $1 million payday to return to RHONY, “the other women aren’t even close” to making that.

“LuAnn, Sonja and Ramona have banded together [in holding out for more],” another source said. “They have not come to terms. The negotiations are always down to the last minute, but now the show’s started filming” with Bethenny, Dorinda Medley and Carole Radziwill. “The others are not filming because they have not signed their contracts.”

What would you like to see happen with the cast of RHONY? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Wow. Damn good money for living life.

    • Sally

      Did this not happen once before with Luann? The season before last and she ended up part time? I don’t think any of them are worth a million but if they can get it good for them!

      • Sally

        Changed my mind since six this morning, get rid of them they aren’t worth it!

  • Rach

    I say let them go…

  • Bon Vivant

    Meh. we’ll see. That said, I’ll at least look forward to the filming combo of Bethenny, Dorinda, & Carole. I think it’s a good mix of Uptown & Downtown New York personalities and lifestyles, with the common thread between them being that they all have a fresh, contemporary energy about them. Re: the million dollar paychecks; that’s going to be quite the fight. The network will generally only grant that to one person as the central cast member to a particular franchise, and it’s based heavily on their branding potential and what they can bring to the show. If every cast member, their moms, kids, & dogs start getting paid a million bucks per season, then these women end up making more per episode than REAL starter SAG actors or actresses in primetime television. This would defeat the entire purpose of filming reality tv in the first place, that it’s cheaper to produce than scripted shows, which are all unionized with strict industry guidelines.

    I’m of the opinion that reality tv has already reached it’s zenith in terms of popularity, creativity, and holding public interest. Eventually, something’s gotta give as it will slowly start to make it’s decline, and I don’t think it will be networks handing out $1 Million dollar paychecks to everyone that asks for it. I think the girls will get raises for sure – because after all, this is a negotiation- but a million each? I don’t see it.

  • I’m not a Bravo executive but I say “kick them to the curb”:) Fresh faces with new stories will take a lot less money to film. As a viewer I’d LOVE to see less Ramona. See Bravo…its mutually beneficial to drop them and pay someone less money:) hint-hint…

    • Aunt Bee

      I totally agree. These three “ladies” have already lived their reality on TV – let’s give some new blood a chance.

    • apple

      I agree, Freedom…let them go. And where is Kristen? I like Kristen. I think she has something to say, but I can’t ever hear her over drunk Ramona and Sonya. It would be interesting to watch her deal with the Ashley Madison situation…even if Josh won’t be filmed, like last year.

  • One Rotten Egg

    These women certainly are not “Friends” worthy. The cast can do without them and replace. These women are desperate and will eventually settle or be out.

    • Aunt Bee

      I honestly hope they are out. I don’t care at all for LuAnn and the story about cocaine I could believe about Sonja and I am just plain tired of Ramona’s antics over and over again for years. Bring the last two back as “friend”.

      • Sally

        Totally agree Aunt Bee!

  • sidewinderVX

    Man Luann hit the mother load banding with these two, I presume she was on the least pay having been demoted the season before.

    Bravo are totally gonna pay, they couldn’t afford another big cast shakeup on RHONY. Don’t know why everyone always says shakeups are a good thing, they always lead to a bad season after a shakeup.

    Does this mean Kristen is out?

    • Bon Vivant

      They’ll get raises, but all three women will NOT get one million. To begin with, while they’re all rich as sin, they are just a liiiiiittle bit too thirsty for the money. Doris the Hedge Fund widow, Princess Radziwill, and Mini-Martha Stewart, not so much. One of the three stragglers may come close to a mil, but it will definitely be BEHIND RHoNY’s million dollar girl, Bethenny Frankel. They just don’t have the brand recognition that Bethenny and her ubiquitous Skinny Girl empire hold in mainstream America. By the way, did anyone here read the write-up the New Yorker recently did on Bethenny’s business acumen? It’s good stuff that breaks down the consumer psychology behind her corporate strategy:


      Anyhoo…whether the girls get the raises they want or not, I can’t fault them for at least trying: it’s in a New Yorker’s DNA to hustle for money. I just don’t think they’ll get one million for obvious reasons.

      • Thank You, Bon Vivant. That was an interesting article, very long. And none of it started with, “a source said” or “someone close to her, said”. Wonderful thing, success. I have always been a fan, from the beginning. Have all of her Bethenny Getting Married, and Ever After shows.

  • CassyJ

    The shows are declining in viewership yet they want more money?! How many of us can do a bad job at work have declining numbers, poor preformance, yet ask for a raise???

    • Bon Vivant

      Precisely. Safe to say when putting the cost of production alongside declining numbers and/or ad revenue, three new salaries at one million dollars each for an under- performing franchise most certainly were not presented nor will be counter-offered or approved, LOL.

  • Cin

    I say let the ladies go although I do like to see crazy Sonja. I would like to see Sonja, Bethanny and Dorinda stay and replace the others.

  • Coochie-Coochie

    Cocaine is more expensive these days…the moolah for the VCR must come from somewhere

    • apple



    Wow, it pays quite well to sell your soul these days doesn’t it?? Get rid of all of them and get new women. These ones are old and tired.

    • Sally

      Gigicat, I made a decision not to comment on any page with Liarface on it. I have just read your comment re alligator and it cracked me up! Thanks xo
      Yes chuck the three of them out! Not even friend of!

  • Judge Judy

    I don’t see what’s so great about Bethenny that she should get paid more than the rest of them. She’s okay but I certainly wouldn’t quit watching the show if she wasn’t there.

    • When they did the shake up of NY, that season didn’t have the chemistry it needed, for me. I have always liked B, and watched her rise to the success she is now. I believe her abusive childhood made her more abrasive than others, and is something she has to be careful of, like the 1st few episodes when she came back, she was awful I waited, tho, because I just like her.

  • Judge Judy

    I wish they’d let LuAnn go. She gets on my last nerve.

  • naynay

    The season that LuAnn was part time was the only season I liked her, I thought she was such an ass last season, I don’t see her getting a big raise. I will say I loved this pass season, I thought it was entertaining, except for the whole girl code thing which was so stupid and contradictory #countass

  • rhlover502

    Get rid of them, bring some new blood! If Bethany is now producing, it would be great if we never see that crazy Kelley again either.

  • starr

    Oh my dear Louise, the 3 ditzy worst wants more money? Be satisfied or go, is my opinion.

  • River

    I really don’t care who disagrees with me. My opinion? Let Bethany and those three go. Replacing three with Bethany’s friends???? Are you kidding me? Is Bethany now a BRAVO partner?

  • lori

    Send them out the door

  • Just shut it down!

  • Mm in OC

    Sorry, but bethany doesnt deserve the 1m. Last years numbers didnt improve so why pay it again. Also, this isnt a million per episode. It’s for a whole season. Plus they need to pay for all their clothes, makeup, etc. I think if bethany makes a million then the rest of the cast should also make around the same amount. Ps im too lazy to look up the real spelling of bf’s name. Dont hate.

  • VaNonna

    None of them are worth it. Start over and begin with Bethenny.

  • Jake

    I wish they would get rid of the three just to show how it’s done. Seriously. They’re paid to do fight and go on vacation, seriously you think you need 1 million to do that? They’re not worth it lol

  • SICK to Watch


    • Aunt Bee