RHONY Season 7 Premiere Party Pictures


Tuesday night the Real Housewives of New York City, minus Bethenny Frankel, celebrated the premiere of season 7 at Ramona Singer’s restaurant, AOA Bar & Grill. Frankel was in Los Angeles doing promotional work, but the other ladies dressed up to celebrate the new season. They posed for photos and spoke to press on the red carpet.

What did you think of the premiere? Check out the photos below and sound off in our comment section!








Photo Credit: Getty/Wire/Daniel Cape


3 Replies to “RHONY Season 7 Premiere Party Pictures”

  1. Okay, there comes a time when you need to dress your age and Ramona’s dress is fine, but those boots…uh no. They only draw attention to the age of the skin of her legs which Is not a good thing. And besides that they look like she is trying too hard to look young. Give them to Avery.
    Sonja.. Poor dear. That almost naked look makes your boobs look saggy. Not. Sexy. And that paired with the awful lighting (not your fault) makes you look kind of tired and old and from the 90’s…
    On a good note, LuAnn looked fabulous- and no statement necklace! I also thought Kristen looked great too, and I liked Carole’s outfit she showed a bit a skin but not too much. Now Dorinda Hmmmm… I think the dress should have been a bit longer. Too short for her age. These ladies are not in thier 20’s or 30’s – except for Kristen. I Was underwhelmed by Heathers dress, I thought it was kind of boring, but at least it wasn’t ridiculous!

  2. Is Ramona getting ready to twirl like a 5 year old? What is it with that pose? She’s ridiculous. And I agree with Karen, about dressing age appropriate. Many (if not most) of the Housewives in all of the franchises don’t seem to realize they aren’t sporting the bodies they may have once had.

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