RHONY Season 10 Contracts Sent Out

Even though The Real Housewives of New York season 9 just ended, it looks like Bravo is looking to get season 10 in order with the contracts to the ladies, which were sent “late last week.”

“They have all been invited back including Ramona Singer, a source said. “Ramona had no story line and Bravo had been auditioning new ladies to replace her.”

“It was decided that last season ratings were strong enough and fan reaction was positive, so they didn’t have to fix that wasn’t broken,” the source added. “Other franchises changing the cast has often backfired and fans don’t want to start over in a new TV relationship with a new lady.”

“Several ladies that have now been asked to meet with Bravo over three times are pissed, they feel used,” the source told RadarOnline.

“The ladies have been told that these contracts are non negotiable – no one is getting a pay raise and if they try to play hardball they will be replaced with back up ladies,” the source said.

“Everyone is excepted to resign,” the source concluded. “It is only a one season deal they have all been offered.”

As you may know, most of the RHONY have had some drama happen in their life since they last filmed. Such as Luann de Lesseps getting a divorce from Tom D’Agostino. Bethenny Frankel had skin cancer removed from her face and Tinsley Mortimer has a new boyfriend in Scott Kluth.

Are you excited for RHONY season 10?

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13 Replies to “RHONY Season 10 Contracts Sent Out”

    1. I agree – they are by far the best atm. Whilst NY has improved ATL has gone downhill imo!! Hopefully NeNe coming back might rescue this.

      I also enjoy the international instalments: Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland & Cheshire.

  1. So pleased as I thought the last cast/season was great… I’m glad they didn’t replace Ramona. Love her or hate her she brings the entertainment & I couldn’t imagine RHONY without Luann, Sonia, Bethenny or Ramona (even Dorinda feels like a staple at this point).

    Besides, why would you replace Ramona when you have Carole!?? Talk about not having a storyline!!! For the past 3 seasons all she has done is been Bethenny’s side kick. If anyone is replaceable imo it’s her. Having said that, I don’t mind her coming back either. Although I think having Jill back or another one of the more memorable ex housewives would be the best move next.

    1. I like the bunch the way they are now but I too agree about Carole, she’s neither here nor there for me. But as far as Jill is concerned…….NOOOOOO!!

  2. They did a great job this past season. They always start filming at the start of winter holidays so no surprise that contracts have been sent out; looking forward to next season.

  3. Dorinda has no story, she should concoct a story about cancer….wait, cancer is already in Bethanny´s story, maybe some other disease…Carol has no story, maybe anal sex should be her story, she said she would try it two seasons ago….Ramona can try a lesbian tryst since she cannot get a man….Sonja, what should we do with Sonja ?…any ideas anybody ?

  4. I’ve never cared for Ramona. The thing she did among her grasping ways that made me dislike her outright was in season 3. She took Avery to her first fashion show during the famous NY fashion week. It was to be a special Mother-Daughter outing. She was seated front row next to Crazy Kelly. After the show, Kelly said she only had a moment to speak, as she was invited to a party that the cockroach Perez Hilton’s was hosting. Ramona said she couldn’t believe that Kelly mentioned it W/O inviting her. Kelly said she could come, and Ramona put Avery in a cab home alone and went to the party. So, instead of Avery having an evening to talk about the special time, the clothes and models etc., maybe have dinner out in New York with her Mom, she was sent home in a cab alone. I have disliked her to the Nth degree since. What a mean, selfish thing to do after probably talking up Avery’s first real fashion show during NY fashion week. I have daughters, and to have them want to be with us at that age is a blessing, and her selfish, mean ways showed her true character that night. Since then she as done so many cruel, grasping low class things I can’t even stand the sound of her voice. She always had to have her own way in her marriage, no doubt furthering the road to their divorce.

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