RHONY Reunion: Heather Talks About LuAnn’s Inability To Receive Constructive Criticism!

Part 1 of The Real Housewives of New York Reunion has aired, and Heather Thomson is taking to her Bravo Blog to clear things up about her relationship with LuAnn de Lesseps. She says she adores LuAnn, but reveals her frustration with The Countess came to a head at the reunion when she realized she was unable to receive constructive criticism.

Heather writes,

“I have to address the situation with LuAnn. As you know from watching every episodes and reading every blog that I have written, I have had nothing but support and love for LuAnn. I adored getting to know both LuAnn and Jacques during filming RHONY and quickly began to cherish the new friendship that we were building. Lu is a lot of fun, she is beautiful inside and out, we spent a good deal of time off-camera with our guys, and Jon and I grew very fond of her and Jacques.

Although the closeness remains, my frustration with LuAnn came to a head on the reunion as I continually encountered her inability to receive constructive criticism or even try to learn from others feedback. If LuAnn doesn’t like something that someone has said about her, then in her mind, it isn’t true. After St. Barths it had been building and on the couch it begins to come out.

I so desperately want LuAnn to be more open and accepting of others’ thoughts and feelings because, ultimately, it will make her an even better person. Nobody’s perfect. We all have a need for attention and admiration from others, but LuAnn’s steady composure is shaken only when her confidence is threatened and she is very confidant, which can leads to a tendency of taking others for granted, and I will not allow her do that to me. We ALL have room to learn and to grow. We need to own our flaws and shortcomings, and work to improve ourselves as human beings through the experience or living and others perspectives and hopefully we can laugh a lot doing it!”

Tell Us- What do you think of Heather’s take on LuAnn?

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