RHONY Recap: Election Night

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City was very traumatic for most of the Housewives, especially Carole Radziwill, who is an avid Hilary Clinton supporter, as we watched the 2016 Presidential Election play out.

“I’m stunned,” Carole reacted. “I don’t get it. I can’t even put words to how I feel now. It’s devastating.”

“This is unthinkable,” she continued. “It’s like I don’t even live in the same country. I came into this night thinking it’s going to be a celebration. Right now, I just can’t believe what is happening … I’m just dumbfounded.”

Carole’s BFF, Bethenny Frankel, had been teasing her that she obsessed too much about the election. Radziwill’s passion for politics never waned. She even spent the days before the election going door-to-door in Pennsylvania, volunteering for Clinton and visiting voters alongside her mother, Helen.

“This election is important for a lot of reasons,” Radziwill explained. “I feel like I’m doing my little part to make sure America will have its first female president — but also the more qualified, experienced and intelligent president. And that’s what’s important.”

Carole was honest about by she was opposed to Trump saying, “I just had a visceral reaction to Donald Trump potentially being the President of the United States. Men like Trump are a dime a dozen in New York. They have a nickel in their pocket, they think they’re hot sh*t, and they take advantage of women. [This is] on a national stage, magnified. He stands for everything I’m against.”

The night of Carole’s election party was intense. “The last few months have been very very stressful,” Radziwill said going into the event. “This election has taken its toll on some friendships. So I’m glad it is finally coming to an end and we can move on to bigger and better things.”

But as the evening went on and the room’s big-screen TVs showed the polls coming in, Radziwill’s optimism faded fast. Soon she and the party’s other guests (including fellow Housewife Dorinda Medley) left — seemingly in a mixed state of disbelief and sadness.

In the days following the election, Radziwill seemed to do her best to move forward — attending events and staying mum on the election. At one point, she declared: “Trump is our president-elect. I’m not happy about it. End of story.”

But Carole found sense of humor by going shopping with Ramona Singer. “The absurdity of meeting Ramona to go buy dresses in one of the more expensive stores on Madison Avenue like, two minutes after the election is why people out of the city could look at us and think we’re out of touch,” she said. “But the irony is not lost on me.”

However, Carole became very emotional when she called her mom to read the speech she was going to read when Hilary won. “This is a historic election not only because we’ve elected the first female president, but we showed the world that Americans will not tolerate division, exclusion, fear-mongering, sexist and racist rhetoric,” she said, holding back tears.

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I truly feel her pain…

I think Carole felt like a lot of the people felt after the election.
Moving on to Ramona’s birthday party, I felt so bad for her date that she had show up. Talk about awkward, she should of rescheduled for another time.

That’s who Ramona is. Rude and entitled. She would never be in my social circle!

Hi barbara,
Ramona is all that plus self-centered, and full of narcissism!
Still watch the fruity little nutcake, she’s crazy!!

Morning Boo, You know I think Ramona is one of the most narcissistic of all the housewives. It’s all about her. And if she acts this bad on camera, can you imagine have completely terrible she must be off? LOL

Barb, I can only imagine…Oh, not good!

With the time difference between the US and the EU we are 6 hours ahead, everyone I knew at home in the States was in bed by the time the formal announcement was made. We were just getting out day started around 7ish when the BBC, France 24 and Russian Times called the election on their English language stations at around 8, and I just let out a wail that scared my husband right out of the shower. I then watched completely dumbstruck while markets everywhere went into free fall. I was so distraught I lived on a diet that… Read more »

Days, she forgot his name when she called him to invite him over to the party, she had to ask him his name while on the phone with him.
I felt embarrassed for him!
Ramona is such a ditz!

Also, so far I like Tinsley, I think she’ll fit in fine with this group.
Oh Ramona, trying to spin what she said to Bethenny, epic Fail. You weren’t concerned parent to parent, you were trying to embarrass B, to get a reaction. This false concern is pathetic.

Dtto Boo.

I liked Carole’s Mom…and I wondered why she never talks about her family…just the Kennedys and Radziwells…and why she has never introduced Adam to her parents. She is an odd one, that one, but I felt her pain…and now here we are 100 days later waiting to find out whether or not a C-section will be considered a “pre-existing” condition or not. I guess that will mean if you have had one, all subsequent cesareans are on you.

I was in shock for a month after. I am either on Facebook or other sites raging daily raging and will continue to do so!

rage away……they both sucked. HRC lost….and the we’re all just fine. Carole is so full of herself. she’s so out of touch it’s hilarious.

And rage I will until sanity is back in the White House and the values that America has always stood for will prevail! Carole is the least on this show full of herself! Lost touch? LOL,

I tried to reply under the place where you said R would never be in your social circle, but the post did the disappearing act, God that is SO ANNOYING. Does that happen to you, if it’s not too late for you to see this? “Nor mine” was my first sentence, but then she has 50 BFF’s so she’s full. Bethenny has friends from high school, she simply doesn’t parade them around as if she owns them. B owns what she owns materially, and her love for her Daughter, her friends and honor and ethics are held in her heart.… Read more »
I have to say my opinion of Ramona, has never changed in all these years of watching the show, but for this. I dislike her even more. Nothing you have written can be disputed, nothing. I know a lot of folks here, have the same feelings for Bethenny. Still don’t get it that. But, like you, I try to be a straight shooter and would rather hear the ugly truth, then some sugar coated version of the truth. From one of the very first shows where Avery was featured, she was scolding her mother about something at their pool in… Read more »

YOU may be just fine. That certainly isn’t true of the entire nation.

And everything was perfect the last eight years? Really? Or ever? We are where we are, in large part to Obama and his policies and how horrible a candidate HRC was. No politician or congress can “fix” everything. In large part because government is often NOT THE ANSWER.

1. I never said everything was perfect.
2. I never said a politician or Congress can fix everything, nor that are they the sole answer to what ails the nation What I said is that YOU may be fine, and that certainly is not true of the entire nation, basta. I don’t do straw man and red herrings, thank you. However, if you’d like to expand on how we are where we are in large to President Obama, please feel free to carry on.

that’s the beauty of the country we live in….. we have a voice. Exercise it folks – now is as good of time as any!!!

So true but for me its still so hurtful. I know I have to move on. It’s just gonna take me longer then most!

Raging daily is a good thing, but just make sure we rage in the right directions: preferably to local and state elected officials via phone, email, Twitter and Town Halls – and against lobbyists who buy them off. Channel that rage into peaceful, strategic RESISTANCE. We’ve taken our moment to rage at the Referees for how they called the plays, now it’s time to get back in the game with STRATEGY.

Believe when I tell you, that my Republican representative knows me by my voice alone. That’s how many times I’ve called. lol

Unfortunately I just could not be as invested as poor Carole was & that’s because I liked neither party.
But she put heart & soul into it & it was sad to watch her total shock. All I can say is let’s keep praying.

Carole is so obnoxious. She feels like she is the only one who can talk politics. I almost fell on the floor laughing when he asked how Pennsylvania (I think??) was doing because her and her mother went door to door there. She made it sound like knocking on those 40 doors would change the election and those people would vote for whoever Carole wanted.

Frank Van Der Heijden

If there´s someone who can talk politics in that group that one is Carole…and probably she´s the one with the highest education level. Now the damage is done and people have to live with the consequences of their votes…thee will be weeping and gnashing of teeth

On another topic…if anyone else is having the annoying problem of the page going to the little video playing, just pause the vid., if you don’t already know. Not to insult anyone at all, it might be something really tech savvy folks already know to do, but it took me a few hours to figure it out. It really pissed me off when I was replying on a page with 60 comments, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to do the disappearing act where it won’t post in that reply box no matter what you do ( I… Read more »
The thing that actually shocked me was when Bethenny went over, and first, Carole not only didn’t know if her kitties are male or female, she named them all baby! Kitties certainly do know and answer to their names, they are a lot smarter than we might give them credit for. Mine know their name, their sibling’s name, who Mama and Daddy are, what “It’s OK” means etc. They know “no” and all kinds of short phrases. But then when it was showing her sitting on her couch with the stuffing coming out in several places, now I gotta say,… Read more »

Thanks for my first real chuckle of the day! But I’m sure his face is much worse then this. LOL

In the latest episode about 1/2 way through Adam and Carole went rock climbing. After she climbed she was sitting on the floor speaking to this absolutely beautiful brunette. I will watch the rest to see if I can get her name. She reminds me of my daughter. Those are the beautiful women I watch the show to see. She had a sense of lovely sweetness about her that I felt from just that one scene. That sweet part is another similarity to my daughter. I hope she becomes a HW and replaces Ramona, who I am so sick of… Read more »