RHONY Ramona Singer’s Sister Asks for Medical Donations

RHONY star Ramona Singer’s sister, Sonya Mazur, set up a GoFundMe page on May 23rd, for help with a dental surgery, costing $6,500.

“I cannot eat properly for I had two bottom back right teeth removed,” the description on her GoFundMe page reads. “My Medicaid insurance will not cover two implants that I need to chew properly. It would be nice to be able to chew my food again. At this point my teeth are shifting and I’m in pain.”

Mazur added, “Any amount would be greatly appreciated to reach my goal and to be able to pay my dentist. Thank you so much for your donations.”

As of this writing there hasn’t been any donations.

In Mazur’s memoir, Cocaine & Champagne, she opened up about their childhood and living with their alcoholic father.

“Lots of times after he got off work, he wouldn’t come home right away… Sometimes he would be gone for months,” she wrote. “My dad was always yelling at [my mom] and calling her mean things. He was so arrogant and condescending to all of us.”

She claimed their father was abusive, as she saw him knock down her mother and pull her by the hair across their kitchen.

“I didn’t know what to do— I was terrified,” Mazur wrote. “I thought my father might kick her, stomp on her head, or even kill her.”

While Singer married successful businessman Mario Singer, who she is now divorced from, Mazur turned to alcohol and cocaine. She even started selling drugs before getting clean.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    Sad life, but really, how legit is this fundraiser and exactly why is it being featured on the HW show? If not on show, I am sure all the HW have family members in need of something.

    • Bon Vivant

      Thankfully this appears just to be a gossip bit that someone dug up to circulate around the rags, I doubt there will be any mention of this on the show, particularly as they already wrapped filming by the time this got out.

  • Cin

    I’m careful with the ”go fund me’ pages. So Ramona became wealthy thru her husband .. didn’t realize that. Ramona pay your sister’s dentist bill and be done with it.

    • 3D\’s Forever

      Ditto. If Ramona is so “self made rich” how could she even allow her own sister need a GoFundMe page? Ramona makes me sick. This last episode was so full of her evil intent toward people. The bedroom Ramona slept in in Dorinda’s beautiful Berkshires home was damaged by Ramona with not so much as a by your leave. When Dorinda mentioned it Ramona didn’t so much as reply. God, she really does believe the world is her servant. No wonder Mario left her. She treated him like a naughty child so much so during the time he was on the show that I was shocked. They were showing some of the jewelry from his business to some potential retailers in an early season, and she treated him like I wouldn’t treat the most despised person. She took the meeting over and put him on the spot, mocked him and said she knew the “right” way in the company OF THE SALES PEOPLE! He was humiliated. Many scenes on the show when they were married, many might have thought “oh, so in love” while I was thinking she was his boss. When they would be discussing decisions concerning Avery, for example, she would say how it was going to be, period. No discussion, just her way.
      Then, this thing at Dorinda’s, saying to Carole that Bethenny said Carole was boring, then in the same breath that she doesn’t lie!!!! Ramona has something missing in her life, and she tries to cover, but it is right there for me anyway. She is desperate. Saying Bethenny had cars, private school, everything given to her, wow, since B was 14 she never lived at “home” again. She was in fact in Boarding School, and then went and lived with her friend, Terry and her family. Who, BTW, she is still friends with. Ramona and her 250 “best friends.” She needs therapy, for real.

      • 3D\’s Forever

        Oh, and for Sonya, Ramona’s sister, get a partial FGSakes.

  • Kayde

    I’m sorry but I can chew just fine and I’m missing my two back teeth one on each side so this is ridiculous

  • Minx

    I had no idea Ramona HAS a Sister?
    They start a Mental Health fund for Ramona..

  • ChristopherM

    Ramona is literally my least favorite of all the NYC housewives, but I have to cut her some slack here as someone who has a manipulative sibling who has never been honest a day in his life. We don’t know their family dynamic. She does. We shouldn’t be throwing stones at her without knowing who her sister really is. For all we know, this is designed to blackmail money out of Ramona for whatever.

  • Daisy

    Oh please , sounds like a scam to me. Just charge it just like the rest of us would if we didn’t have the cash

    • 3D\’s Forever

      Ditto. This is a real GoFundMe. What is hilarious is that Bethenny knows EVERYTHING. But, instead of bashing an ex
      “friend” because of a difficult discussion, she keeps it to herself. B asked at the beginning of the talk at Dorinda’s “what have I done to you?” So, as usual R starts off with this BS that she isn’t that person who goes back……until Bethenny said what she wanted to. Then Ramona starts attacking Bethenny, not the other way around. It looks like from the trailer that Ramona goes to Mexico, I can’t wait.