RHONY Ramona Singer’s Sister Asks for Medical Donations

RHONY star Ramona Singer’s sister, Sonya Mazur, set up a GoFundMe page on May 23rd, for help with a dental surgery, costing $6,500.

“I cannot eat properly for I had two bottom back right teeth removed,” the description on her GoFundMe page reads. “My Medicaid insurance will not cover two implants that I need to chew properly. It would be nice to be able to chew my food again. At this point my teeth are shifting and I’m in pain.”

Mazur added, “Any amount would be greatly appreciated to reach my goal and to be able to pay my dentist. Thank you so much for your donations.”

As of this writing there hasn’t been any donations.

In Mazur’s memoir, Cocaine & Champagne, she opened up about their childhood and living with their alcoholic father.

“Lots of times after he got off work, he wouldn’t come home right away… Sometimes he would be gone for months,” she wrote. “My dad was always yelling at [my mom] and calling her mean things. He was so arrogant and condescending to all of us.”

She claimed their father was abusive, as she saw him knock down her mother and pull her by the hair across their kitchen.

“I didn’t know what to do— I was terrified,” Mazur wrote. “I thought my father might kick her, stomp on her head, or even kill her.”

While Singer married successful businessman Mario Singer, who she is now divorced from, Mazur turned to alcohol and cocaine. She even started selling drugs before getting clean.

Photo Credit: Bravo