RHONY Luann D’Agosto Reacts to Drama About Husband Tom

RHONY Luann D’Agostino’s husband has been quite the topic of conversation ever since he first appeared in Luann’s life.

Even though Tom and Luann have already gotten married, despite the constant gossip, she is sending out a message to everyone who doubts their relationship.

Luann also added on Twitter that, “I know what I’m doing,” and, “Love always prevails!” in response to the chatter that took place during the group trip to the Berkshires. She also quipped back to a comment that Bethenny Frankel made about why she thinks Luann and Tom are together.

What do you think of Luann’s responses? Comment below.

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9 Replies to “RHONY Luann D’Agosto Reacts to Drama About Husband Tom”

  1. I think the ladies should stay out of her business due to the fact they really don’t care two hoots about her.

  2. Whole world watching realizes Tom is a cheat and Lu knows but dont care. so rest of cast–LEAVE IT ALONE–none of their business. Lu is getting what she wants out of the relationship.

  3. Giving up on this show becuase it’s boring AF. Maybe I chose the wrong reason to start watching it .
    I think Luann doesn’t really think these women are her friends or care about her so why would she listen to them. I certainly wouldn’t if I were in her situation. It means they are mostly interested in proving Luann wrong and saying ‘we told you so ‘, and not genuinely wanting to be good friends and coming from a place of love . That just MO and I could be wrong

  4. LuAnn should find another way to phrase it other than they have “moved on.” Tom’s problem is not staying where he is but ‘moving on’ and around.

  5. As far as Tom is concerned, Luann wans to be married to Tom and it’s obvious that it’s for the lifestyle and nothing else matters. It’s her business. She’s a big girl.

    Do have to agree with her comments to Bethenny about looking on the positive aspects of her failed marriage though. There are lots of women who have to deal with hellish divorces and have to find some kind of silver lining to get through it. B cannot find it and I’m not sure she will ever get over this failed relationship. It will always carry through to every new one. My sister went through two devastating divorces….the hell was unreal. I couldn’t even begin to tell you the . She is married again for the third time…hopefully lucky?!

  6. Luann clearly doesn’t care about any of the stories surrounding Tom, so at this point no one else should care either.

  7. maybe she cares more about the lifestyle and not being alone more than she does about Tom’s indescretions, however, if she is looking for a faithful partner, then she’s made a huge mistake in continuing with Tom. if he’s already cheating so soon into their relatiinship then i doubt he will change. it will only continue and I hope she’s ready for that.

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