RHONY Luann D’ Agostino Doesn’t Know Why Sonja Morgan is Being Mean Towards Tinsley Mortimer

This season on the Real Housewives of New York we have seen Sonja Morgan take newcomer Tinsley Mortimer under her wing. That not only includes room and board at Sonja’s townhouse but also the pecking order within the show.

That has create quite a bit of trouble between Tinsley and Sonja throughout the season. So, the best person to ask for their opinion in this situation would be Sonja’s former houseguest, Luann D’Agostino, who was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Wednesday evening.

“She’s being a little harsh on Tinsley, I think. She’s being kind of all mother hen-ish, which is so not Sonja. So I’m surprised,” Luann said to Andy Cohen onWednesday night’s show. “I think she feels protective of Tinsley, in a way. And she would never treat me that way. That is for sure not. But I think [Tinsley is] young and finding her way in New York. So Sonja’s a little bit tough on her.”

Former RHONY star Jill Zarin was on the show as well after making her appearance on this season, saying Sonja is “not her” when it comes to the way she treats Tinsley. “It doesn’t make sense,” Jill said on WWHL. “It’s not her personality.”

What do you think of Luann and Jill’s comments?

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5 Replies to “RHONY Luann D’ Agostino Doesn’t Know Why Sonja Morgan is Being Mean Towards Tinsley Mortimer”

  1. Sonja has been trying on her Bossypants Bully costume with Tinsley and it doesn’t even ring true, it falls flat as a pancake. I can see this may possibly be a scenario where she gets to try on her Alpha Girl panties when she’s normally accustomed to being the weakest one in the group, but really, she should stop. What is she trying to prove, and to whom? “Bratty- I-don’t-wanna-share” Sonja is not our girl, she’s not fun to watch or comedy gold when she does this. She makes herself look like the little girl in the sandbox who invites her younger best friend in, only to offer her toys, they yank them from said friend and throw sand in her eye while her bigger, stronger friends play off in the distance.

  2. I believe Luann. Sonja is probably feeling protective toward her younger friend & maybe feels she can be trained like her young aides. Sonja does not have a mean bone.

  3. I personally see Sonja as making herself look very unfavorable & petty with Tinsley. Things like mocking her about making out with “bowling boy” which is something she certainly does herself, from day one. Making obtuse comments to the group like “I’m not with her.” “I wouldn’t want to tag along while she is with my friends.” What? Did she expect Tinsley to come on the show, contract signed, and not do the job she was hired for. It is Tinsley’s job after all to be involved with the HW, and to make herself stand out. Otherwise she would be a one off like Jules. And that entire thing about Conner accepting the box of hats? WTH was that? “Tinsley knows I run my businesses from my house.” What a huge everlasting joke. Sonja is still delusional. What business? A true designer has a show every season, so that’s not it. Is there a toaster oven being manufactured? I think not. If she was running any business at all it would be filmed during her segments. I have always had a little soft spot for Sonja, but she really is acting selfish and mean this season.
    I do think Sonja looks good this year though, I like the way the new darker lips look on her. I think allowing Frenchie to move himself into her house without so much as a by your leave is a huge mistake, and one that she will pay for very soon with a lot of sorrow for a good amount of time to come. He’s after something besides her, like the camera, DUH! I mean, I’m sure Sonja is fun to be with and all that, but not enough so that a guy like Frenchie is in it for that alone. Rocco is a much better man for her, and not after anything but Sonja’s company and maybe her love.

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