RHONY Cast Talk Bethenny Frankel’s Return


The new season of the Real Housewives of New York City premieres April 7th on Bravo and the cast is speaking out about the return of veteran Housewife Bethenny Frankel.

“It’s changed because we’re now eight women,” Ramona Singer tells Wetpaint. “Bethenny hasn’t really interacted on a daily basis with myself, LuAnn [de Lesseps] or Sonja, and she definitely didn’t know the other four girls. What’s nice is I think you’ll see a true friendship and relationship evolve amongst us all. So it’ll be interesting to see who gets along with who, who gets into fights with who.”

Heather Thomson also dished that she has a lot in common with the Skinnygirl mogul, but teases whether or not she actually gets along with Frankel.

“It’s hard to say anything without giving away too much, but I can tell you we definitely do have a lot in common,” Heather Thomson says. “Whether that brings us together or pulls us apart, you gotta wait and see. It happens in life sometimes. The people that you think are going to get along the best don’t, and the people that you think aren’t going to get along actually do.”

Heather continues, “It’s really about true relationships. Either the girls are invested in their relationships with the other girls, or they’re not. It’s going to be apparent this year who’s in it for the relationships and who’s in it because they’re in it.”

Kristen Taekman says the cast was just getting warmed up last season and had a lot of fun filming season 7.

“I feel like we were just getting warmed up last year, and this year it’s a great group of girls and we do some fun stuff,” Kristen says.

“There’s a lot of tears and emotion, but real and authentic,” Carole Radziwill says. “But our relationships have all come to a point where we know who we like and who we don’t. Friendships, fights, and makeups. I think you get a little bit of everything. Overall it’s funny, we’re a very funny bunch.”

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  • Jody

    Now that Frankel is back I won’t watch this show. She is one self-centered crass woman.

    • You and me

      So nice to have choices isn’t it. So just don’t watch it then. Problem solved. There are 3 million other tv choices to choose from. Lucky you.

    • Confused5

      i agree totally!

  • Dalimili

    Why is everyone talking about her? I mean is she Jesus or what? Like RHONY would never happen without her and everyone should be glad she returned to the show… I mean seriously, last season sucked, but keep your shit together girls

  • Ihaveissues32405

    First Bravo brought back the conviced felon Teresa and now Frankel… Time to find other more interesting shows to watch.

    • You and me

      Well then don’t watch. duh

      • Dee Sag

        While you’re at it dont comment either cause now you’re like the a-holes who come here to preach sanctimonious about those of us who do watch.

        Well at least I’m commenting on something I’ve watched while they comment on something they think they’re too good to watch. That equals a triple loser!

        • Thank You, Dee. I get that all the time. I say, “I just watched that episode because I own them and can refer to them” and they say I think I know everything because I watch?? I just try to find what comment they are referring to, find that it really didn’t happen and here we go.

  • You and me

    I look forward to it. This is my favorite RHW show. I love the venues, restaurant visits, clothing, events and background scenery

  • Karen

    The way Ramona and LuAnn talked to the media, it seems as if Bethenny is just dropped into scenes here and there, and very sparsely. And from the rumors going round pre- season (that she’s mainly filming to promote herself and her Skinnygirl brand) maybe that will prove to be true. If so that will be a big fat million dollar #fail on Andy’s part. And he will have been SO played by Bethenny! We shall see. Did Bethenny earn her $$$ or did Andy get played? It kinda adds a little juice to the season! LOL.

  • DebBrenn

    I’m hoping for a Bethenny-Ramona smack down that Ramona loses.

    • Dee Sag

      I want a Bethenny vs Kristen (no contest!), Heather & Carol smackdown. Juicy.

  • Viktor

    Bring back Jill Zarin!!!

  • Froggy

    I’m thrilled that she has returned! My DVR is set!

  • Bringing Bethenny Back Gave these Girls a Wake up call meaning NoBody is Safe .Clearly Last season was Not enough Something or Someone perhaps was missing . I don’t believe Bethenny will get into it with all the Girls……Heather and Carole seems to be Down to Earth Girls who would Embrace Bethenny’s presents …Now on another Hand some of the other ladies may feel Salty about Bethenny’s return ….Beth was asked back for One reason and that’s to Show Theses Ladies What a Great Show Looks Like !

  • TOA

    In other words, the women have all bonded over their mutual displeasure at the return of Bethenny. I think Heather, Carole, and Kristen should be looking carefully at the effect Bethenny’s return has on the show, because if dramatically improves things they might get the boot to make way for other formed RHONY’s to return.

    I’d die if Jill returned. Even, if it was just for the finale.

  • I think the dress Kristen had on in this pic is the one she wore in Las Vegas with the different color shoes. Absolutely beautiful dress on her, just classy and young. Love her.