RHONY Cast Furious With Bravo! Warned To Bring The Drama In Season 6!

Ramona Singer, Heather Thomson, Carole Radziwill

The Real Housewives of New York have signed their contracts for Season 6 and are ready to begin filming, but RadarOnline is reporting that the women are very upset that Bravo wouldn’t raise their salaries, and they are feeling underpaid and under appreciated.

“Bravo really screwed over the women,” a source close to production told Tom Murro, adding that the ladies are furious over how underpaid they are.

“They are required to shoot for five months out of the year, but that’s just the beginning. They shoot for six days a week, twice a day,” the insider explained. “The ladies have two shoots a day, one for three to four hours in the morning, and then they have to change clothes and hair and makeup and shoot again in the evening for another three to four hours.”

“It is a full time job to be on the show but they’re only paid for a fraction of the things they’re required to do. They’re furious and are telling people they’re underpaid,” the insider continued. “Some of the women are complaining that they’re really in the red after everything they have to spend personally to be on the show. They have to pay for flowers in the house, they have to make sure everything is spotless for filming, the kids have to have nice clothes too.”

“It’s a never ending spending spree just to be on the show and the salaries hardly make it worth their while,” the source added. “No one in New York cares about fame,” the source said. “All they care about it money. Being a Housewife can be humiliating in New York sometimes. People treat them like crap and they can’t get into events because of the stigma of being on a reality show.”

Another insider reveals the women have been warned to bring the drama in Season 6 or else…!

“Ramona, Aviva and Sonja were told that they can’t just bicker over name calling this season,” a source close to production reveals. “The Bravo execs and the production company told the women that they’re going to have to really bring some crazy antics to the show.”

“All of the ladies know the ratings for their show were low and that they have to bring out their wild sides this time,” the source adds. “Everyone expects them to do ridiculous things and something has to be done differently to draw viewers and fans in.”

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6 Replies to “RHONY Cast Furious With Bravo! Warned To Bring The Drama In Season 6!”

    1. Exactly, we want to see how they live their real lives, not this facade they put up for the cameras to portray this perfect, lavish, glamorous life. Maybe Bravo should find people who can actually afford to maintain the lifestyle that they claim to live.

  1. It also sounds like they don’t think the job is good enough for them, but they have the same choices all us have: Quit! Go where your skills get fair wages. The problem is twofold: They are doing a job that’s worth more, and the truth is they are all on there for fame and recognition, or they wouldn’t stay where they are suffering or underpaid.

  2. Their house has to be spotless? Really? Sonja’s house looks like it hasn’t been decorated in decades and her bedroom is a mess. What do all of her interns do btw? I think it’s dumb that Bravo makes them have fresh flowers and dress a certain way. Isn’t the show called Real HWs? Let’s get the show back to the way it was back when OC was in its first season. No stupid HW products.

  3. i have to say i agree with the part about its a fulltime job also that there is alot of money that goes into these shows you have to spend alot to receive alot. and i do believe that they are being underpaid.

  4. It has to cost a fortune to employ hair and makeup people, as well as a stylist. Plus never being able to wear the same outfit twice! I can see their point. Bravo exploits all of them. Who in their right mind would agree to appear on one of these shows!

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