RHONY Carole Radziwill’s Open Letter to Donald Trump

For the first time ever, Bravo has included the presidential election in a season of The Real Housewives and RHONY’s Carole Radziwill is not afraid to share her opinions about politics, especially because she worked at ABC News and seems to know what she’s talking about.

Carole makes it very well known on the show that she is for Hilary Clinton and in her blog this week, she’s doing something very different. She’s writing and open letter to the President of the United States.

Dear Mr. Trump,

I know you love Fox & Friends but is there a chance you switch the channel on Wednesday nights and watch RHONY? We just started our ninth season. Ratings are huuuge. Like your inauguration huuge. Your bank account huuuge. Your tiny hands huuuge. Over seventeen million people watched our premiere episode! We’re HUUUUGE!

Did you see us talking about you? You’re this season’s Johnny Depp pirate. Which isn’t quite like a leg on the floor at Le Cirque, but it’s not bad, my friend. You are still a star on reality TV!

My friends are starting to avoid me and calling me a know-it-all elitist, because I’m into politics. Election years interest me. It’s not a stretch. I made my career in the news business, and politics is kind of…newsy. They also know I ran for president of the board in my building and won. Did you see that episode? It was a beautiful thing! You would have loved it, it was a landslide. The biggest win ever in the history of our building. I won the popular vote, I won the unpopular vote. I’m the smartest woman in Manhattan, I’m huge. I’m bigly!!!

(Ironically, I’m in charge of leaks and wiring now, too. We have similar challenges. I feel you, babe.)

I am interested in news, though. It’s my thing. I’m a little passionate about politics. I love it, although until you, it had been a bit boring. Simply put, I spend more time engaged than the average Jane, or, even your average Ramona. Like I said, it’s my thing.

I watch real news and Fox news both. I read Politico, The Washington Post and the WSJ. C-Span plays on the television in my living room all day. Little excites me more than public hearings on tax reforms.

If I were a musician, no one would argue with me about tonal and atonal progressions. They wouldn’t haughtily claim superior fingerings on arpeggios, dismiss my musical background and walk away.

But I’m not a musician, or a plumber, or an accountant. I’m a journalist, so my expertise is – information. Oh, I know, I’m not currently working in news right now, so it doesn’t count. But a retired doctor is still deferred to when there’s a rash in the room. Why is it so hard for my friends to acknowledge I may know more than they do about politics? Why would they know about FOIA requests anyway? That is kind of, sort of, what started the infamous email scandal in the first place. I’m quick to admit the many topics they know more about than I do, like parenting, blood alcohol content, all 245 kama sutra positions.

That reminds me, my friend Sonja Morgan told me she was an advisor to your campaign. There are pictures of the two of you together and she said you entertained her and her girlfriends at a well, raucous, dinner at Raoul’s. In my hood! She held a Tea Party last week, but when I brought up the election people waved their hands and scurried away. Our country was founded on fighting over spilt tea! Why hold a Tea Party if you aren’t going to talk politics?

So anyway, we’re arguing about you. Everyone is. Are your ears burning? I don’t think I’ll be invited to a gossipy lunch again, because I can’t stop correcting the alternative facts you throw up like Reese Witherspoon at dinner on Big Little Lies (ep. 6.) So good!

You know, like the one about Secretary Clinton being a criminal because she used her husband’s email server to do work at home? Ha ha. Lock her up! Lock her up! That got you some cheers, so you kept saying it. It’s catchy. I get it, you wanted to win. And winning, at any expense, is the game, right?

My friends didn’t want to hear about Comey’s findings or that he may have violated the law in revealing them. Or when you openly encouraged a hostile superpower to hack into a private computer, which is kind of skirting the law. You love skirts! And they don’t like when I mention the three fraud cases or the NY AG’sinvestigation of your charity. That’s all dumb. I mean, what about the colors at Sonja’s Tea Party? And lack of hats? It’s an outrage! Those are both real issues, ones where we should all take a stand.

I’m taking a stand on the cut-off age for hickeys. I love a hickey. “You’re Never Too Old to Suck” could be your next campaign slogan. Like it? I trademarked it already.

Anyway. It’s not important. The thing that is clear is that I’m an elitist. Being an elitist I can invite, disinvite , and invite again, anyone I want to. I’m having an elitist party, with my fellow elitists, Dems and Republicans alike, on your big night. It’s my party, and I’ll be informed if I want to.

Oh, one more thing: If being an elitist is doing my civic duty as an informed citizen, understanding the difference between conspiracy theories and legitimate news (and a legitimate candidate vs a con), speaking out against racism, misogyny, lies and hate, and voting against a guy (nothing personal) who doesn’t seem to want the job, and in my opinion is far too unfit, unqualified and inexperienced to lead this country, then I am guilty as charged. Elitist. Lock Me Up!!

Oh, but if you do lock me up, do you think you could find a way to smuggle me some Sabrett hot dogs? I’m a New Yorker, after all. Thanks.

Yours Hugely,


Photo Credit: Bravo

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Newsie? MAYBE a decade or more ago. ABC? Really? THAT makes her an authority! A Letter ridiculous from an ‘informed’ woman of her age. Respect the office, if not the Man. Can’t even tolerate hearing anyone else’s views. There forever went any minor ‘like’ I may have had for the boring Carole. No story line here. Can’t even be creative enough to give her cats their own names. Maybe get a job.

Respect the man?????. Oh please what is there to respect from a man who lies BIGLY and HUGELY steals an election with the help of our enemies. As far as government and politics are concerned, he is dumber than Dirt..

Sam said respect the office, not the man. I love you Aunt Bee, but politics should be about policy, not emotional accusations based on hatred and not of facts. Not even the most partisan Democrat in the know will say that Russia hacked the votes and changed them. So he didn’t “steal” the election. As for “favors” did you ever see the tape of Obama speaking with the Russian representative sent by Putin? He was caught on a hot mike, just prior to his last election, telling the man to let Putin know that he “could do a lot more… Read more »

I always respected the office until 1/20/17. Now I find nothing to respect in that office.

Not naming her cats and saying they don’t care drove me crazy! All my cats I’ve owned over the years learn their names and nicknames and come when called! I hope she reads this.

Don’t bet on it, her massive ego would not allow it! After all some don’t think ‘right’ (no pun intended) like she does.

I agree, each kitty has it’s own personality and deserves an original name.

What Carole fails to understand is this. Being “informed” does not make one RIGHT. She seems to express with much arrogance that her experience and knowledge makes her opinions Superior to all others and CORRECT! She loudly implies any deviation from her opinion is based in ignorance. Typical liberal arrogance! I feel sorry for her.

I don’t agree at all that liberalism is a form of arrogance, but I totally agree that Carole believes informed means being in agreement with her. That is dictatorship, not democracy.

Well put Sandy, 3D’s, Starr and One Rotten Egg! Wasted my time reading it and responding. For someone who considers herself a Journalist and Author, I’ve often seen 5-year-olds pen a better letter. I concluded she was angry that her criminal, lying, stealing. money-grubbing, murderous (personally killed 4 in Benghazi she ignored then said “What does it MATTER?!”) candidate lost, and was drugged or on too much alcohol. And I’m not Trump’s number 1 fan, but sure beats the alternative.

Seems like Carol is more Misinformed than informed, if she keeps believing all the fake news.
P.S–I wouldnt trust an opinion coming from a professed recreational drug user. (as she herself mentioned in one episode). Maybe she wrote this ridiculous post while on them.

Trump inspired me to switch to the other side

I love Carole, but this served no purpose whatever. It was silly & unneccesary to say the least. Trump may not waste his time reading it, I did & did waste my time.

Rain 🙂 I like Carole and I think this was a joke too lol. I’m an independent and I voted for him and I’m kicking myself for it and even ashamed of it . You’re the best Rain 🙂

Actually I don’t consider myself to be on any side. I normally vote for who I think will do the best job. I normally find myself in the middle. But trump no way

Always babe

Well, for a writer, she loves those fragments?! I thought a lot of it was funny. I think she was really angry when she penned it. I can understand some of it for sure. I knew who DT was before he ran for office, and from just living in the Atlantic City, NJ area when he used to own three casinos and the marina where our boat was docked. The hubby and I used to work in the hospital there, and the hubby also had to deal with him on a professional level several times, so my family has met… Read more »

Hey, Sandy! How is all over the NJ way? I hope you and yours are all well and happy this Spring.
I wish there would have been at least a choice this election year. But, such is life. I also watch for the beautiful people, clothing, parties, food, vacations ( if they could manage to get along JUST ONCE! ) homes, all the things that are an escape from reality. It is so ironic that it is called “Reality TV” when it is so far from mine. ❤️

No not at all. I may be from Texas but country music isn’t even allowed in my house

Yes, I saw him on 60 minutes! I always liked the man, Bloomberg. If only he would have run, but he didn’t, sadly.
Yes, I think Carole had an agenda, and the editing was there too, but based on what we were seeing, she was in shock when the Donald won. It was really unreal. I think a lot of us were in shock.
Have a great weekend yourself, Rain! XOXOXO (on my laptop) Love ya!

Rain 🙂 just be yourself I won’t misconstrue anything lol. I’ve read your posts many times and know how you are and I enjoy that 🙂 .

You know me babe. I’m a rock chick…..always. My old man does listen to some country and other stuff also. I normally go to the other room and turn up the Disturbed when that’s going on

I forgot to thank you! Thanks, Rain. Yes, it happened. He was never the nicest guy. Even when he ran the marina, he would close the bathrooms/showers at the marina to those who paid for docks there, so he could let his friends use them at his private parties. The dock fees were really high too. It was a state marina that he took over and renamed Trump Marina. Our dock was 40 feet…and you could not even park your car in the parking lot when he had his private parties. (Heck, even Oprah used to bring her yacht to… Read more »

I love that song but then again disturbed is one of my all time favorites. My hubby listens to disco. I probably like some of the songs just can’t think of any right now. I was probably the only 5 year old listing to kiss and black Sabbath way back in the day lol

After a while, I don’t even bother dolling up…only for special occasions. I am sure that having gay friends keeps you looking your best, so that is great!
Enjoy your brunch!
Love you..
I had a pretty quite anniversary. We had a nice lunch at a romantic restaurant and just stayed in for the night. Hubby is relaxing before surgery on Monday and getting over a 2 hour jet lag?! He sleeps a lot!
Thanks, sweetie! Love you! Have an awesome weekend! xoxoxo

Please tell your husband Godspeed for his surgery Monday, Sandy. Only the best of luck honey. Love you, M

This is supposed to be a reality show and this was Carole’s reality at the time ( remember please when this was filmed) and I for one agree with everything she wrote. I did vote for Hillary – not because I wanted to – but as a vote against him. He is a big, dangerous spoiled brat who is heading straight for what I was afraid of – nuclear war. God help us and the children of tomorrow – if there is a tomorrow.

Yes, I can tell when it was filmed, and I can tell how upset she was in that rant of an open letter to DT. I know what you are saying. I don’t like the man, however, I am not watching the show for the reality of politics, myself. I know we do have things like illness, death and other atrocities that are reality, and maybe I want them to edit out the stuff that is maybe too controversial, but that is me, and maybe I am asking too much. If it gets too hard to watch, I quit watching.… Read more »


I LOVED Simon & Garfunkel! Their music was like you said “chills” Right to the heart. Elvis’s voice gave m that feeling too. “Are you Lonely Tonight” for example. So, so much more than great music from then. I think I told everyone my Daughter’s Father-in-Law was the drummer for “Paul Revere and The Raiders.” He knew so many of the greats. When we go for dinner, I always look at the old photos they have up!

This made me laugh, good job Carole, now make me laugh on the show! Lol

I wish Carole was entertaining. I will take even slightly amusing, but I find her to be a typical head in the sand elitist.

I’m informed…. It wasn’t necessary to read her post….

I so agree about Carole’s opinion being “informed.” In other words, being informed means agreeing with her. You either wanted Hillory for President or you weren’t informed. I guess she forgot that is what democracy means. I do wonder if her “Election Party” will be aired for more than a few minutes. I always thought she was a pretentious bore, way before her friendship with Bethenny. She was cast because of her Princess title, from what was said on the 100th anniversary episode. I keep meaning to Google what country she is the Princess of. At the risk of sounding… Read more »

Hahahahaha. That was funny.

I think if “both sides” would listen and give credit where it is due, for good ideas, for realistic outlooks, for dividing opinion from science and knowing the difference, for the good of the American people, this would be a much better place to live.


I do like Carol as a person from what I’ve seen and what I’ve read and also her book. Carol is kind. Carol is a gentle woman and she means well and she doesn’t love to ruffle feathers. And Carol is entitled to her opinions like we all are. However, if Carol is so informed as she says she is, if she really is up on her knowledge of both of the candidates who ran for president then I have to believe that half her head is definitely buried in the sand. She can’t call out one without the other… Read more »

Freedom of speech and an individuals right to vote however they choose. That’s American.

lol – no, yours was thoughtful, based on FACTS, and sooo much better!

Carols’s wit and her ability to write are just so hysterical. Those of you who think that any of this is about the housewives look again. That is sarcasm, and she does it the best. DT is a Moron with a capital M. Just so I don’t forget, San she has a job… she has 3 best selling novels which were ALL on the best seller list for months. Just because she doesn’t get up and go to an office everyday does not mean she doesn’t work. She leaves her career separate from her outside life i.e. the show and… Read more »