RHONY Carole Radziwill Wishes She Had Talked More About the Election

RHONY Carole Radziwill recently spoke to the Daily Dish and talked about how she wishes she would have spoke about the election more than she did while filming this season of the show.

“Honestly, looking back now, I probably didn’t talk about it enough,” Carole explained. “I should’ve gone harder on social media. I should’ve been out there more talking about what was going on.”

Carole then talked about not being able to properly talk with the rest of the RHONY cast about it while filming.

“I don’t think I navigate talking about politics very well, to be honest. I certainly didn’t on the show with this particular group of friends because there are different levels of interest. I’m very interested in politics. I always have been. At ABC News, I covered lots of politics. I interviewed lots of politicians and spent a lot of time in Washington, D.C. So it’s just something that I’ve always been interested in. I’m not a political expert. I’m not Rachel Maddow. It’s a hobby and an interest and a passion,” Carole said. “And there are always different levels, and in this group there are definitely different levels. A lot of people aren’t interested in politics at all, and if you’re not interested at all, it’s hard to have a conversation because I felt a lot of times I was being a little pedantic, although I didn’t mean to be.”

One of the people Carole could be talking about is Bethenny Frankel who admitted that it wasn’t good for her to be talking and thinking about the election that much.

“There was a point right before the election where I was going really hard on social media, and I was part of the Get Out the Vote campaign. I was probably that friend who was super annoying who would show up at your house for lunch and dinner at your house and say, ‘Oh my God, have you read this article? Have you seen what happened today? Did you hear what he said in Florida?'” Carole explained. “I will cop to the fact that that could probably be annoying. And certainly, Bethenny got the brunt of that because we spent so much time together. I don’t know. She says I was obsessed. I just say I was interested.”

Carole was still very determined to keep talking about politics regardless of weather the rest of the cast wanted too. “I was just being myself. I am who I am on the show and off the show, and off the show, that’s what I was talking about. That’s what the whole country was talking about,” she said. “So I just couldn’t show up and have lunch with my friends and not talk about it. I’m sure everyone would’ve rather talked about Luann [D’Agostino]’s wedding or my boyfriend or who Ramona was dating. Maybe everyone would’ve been happier. But I wasn’t interested in that.”

Carole’s concern was that talking a lot about the election while filming would be irrelevant by the time the show aired.

“We’re still talking about the same issues, and serious, serious issues going on in Washington and need to be talked about,” she said. “And so, here I am talking about it still.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo