RHONY: Aviva Talks Ramona & Sonja, “I Become Unhinged!”…

Ever since the fifth Season of The Real Housewives of New York premiered, new housewife Aviva Drescher has remained pretty neutral between the ladies. In the previews for tonight’s episode, however, it looks like she loses her temper with Ramonja (Ramona & Sonja). Aviva talked to Celebuzz on what caused her to become so angry.

“It felt a lot like Mean Girls to me,” she explains. “I got sucked in by the mean girls, and then I discover that they’re not such nice people.”

Drescher explains that all the times she held her tongue finally came to a head saying, “Monday is, I think, sort of the crescendo of my storyline,” she admits. “We need a whole hour to discuss Monday’s episode. I really become unhinged. All that biting of my tongue when I was in the pool, or when I was going in the Jacuzzi, or when Ramona was in my kitchen, sort of comes out.”

“I was very hurt, and very angry with Ramona and Sonja and, unfortunately, I called them a name in the heat of the moment that I regret,” she explains. “Here I am teaching my children every day not to name call and then there it goes, it slips out. And I feel badly about that.” (We assume she means the “white trash” comment.)

“With that said,” she continues, “these women didn’t behave like friends or even acquaintances as far as I was concerned. I think that they were very, very mean and selfish and it was very disappointing to me. I pick and choose my battles and this was not a battle that was going to go and be stuffed under the carpet.”

As for the ladies talking about how they didn’t want Aviva’s husband, Reid there she says, “I would not have gone if I had known that the ladies felt even a little bit uncomfortable about having Reid in the background,” Aviva says. “Never in a million years would I ever want to make anyone fell uncomfortable.”

Aviva says she “went on this trip because the ladies had been pushing me and pushing me and pushing me for weeks,” she regrets “taking the time to go away with them…. Only to get there and be abused.”

What do you think of Aviva’s take on the trip?

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  • Cathy

    I would find Aviva a very tiring person to listen to even for a short period of time. Her moaning about all of her anxiety issues on a constant basis come across as her being just a bit too “overly involved” with herself”. Who cares!