Who Is RHONY Amanda Sanders?


We have been introduced to Amanda Sanders this season on The Real Housewives of New York and many of you are probably wondering, who is this woman? Well, we have the details for you. According to a report from Page Six, Bravo producers hired Amanda, who is an image consultant, to boost Aviva’s appeal to viewers.

Aviva and Amanda have been friends for a long time and while some say Amanda’s occupation is a coincidence, the report claims producers wanted to make Aviva a “more likable” character for the audience and her cast mates.

Other insiders say that Amanda is just testing in a known role as a “Friend of The Housewives.”

According to Amanda’s website, she is the co-founder and CEO of NewYorkImageConsultant.com, a New York-based image and wardrobe consulting company that styles men and women, and has had both a private and celebrity clientele for nearly 15 years. Aside from her image consulting company and working with celebrities such as Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Amanda is also a TV personality for Bravo TV. She has appeared on the show ‘Love Broker’ as the stylist and image consultant, and as of March 2014 will be staring on ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’.

A native of NYC, Amanda graduated magna cum laude from the prestigious School of Fine Arts at Boston University with a B.F.A. in costume design. Specializing in creating signature looks for celebrity and other high-profile clientele, Amanda has experienced tremendous success in both television and film, as well as in multiple print forms.

Amanda has styled the biggest names in Hollywood and designed costumes for countless blockbuster movies and hit TV shows. She has done photo shoots and been quoted in publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time Magazine, People and more.

Amanda took the liberty of commenting on this post to reveal that she wasn’t hired as an image consultant for Aviva. Amanda writes, “Just to clarify, I was never brought on to make over Aviva or be her image consultant. I’m from New York and have known Aviva for many years. The show simply added some new faces to keep things interesting :).”

What do you think of Amanda?

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33 Replies to “Who Is RHONY Amanda Sanders?”

  1. You make me feel as though my opinion is important. Not another big ego/ego-maker, please. We all love S. It is so obvious that she is behind A. and book gate. Cudos for the book deal. Whose idea was it for “the leg” in the middle of the floor? Great job!! Laughed til I cried. Like we could forget that A. is disabled! In dictionary now next to the word “disabled” is A’s pix.
    Let her replace Aviva and Sonja’s interns. A little reality is good for the soul.

  2. Just to clarify, I was never brought on to make over Aviva or be her image consultant. I’m from New York and have known Aviva for many years. The show simply added some new faces to keep things interesting 🙂

    1. Classless animal! Who threatens to deck someone? She made rude comments toward Sonja when she was performing. WOW!

      No thanks Bravo. She needs an etiquette class.

      1. Heather, if it comes down to it, can knock some shit down. How stupid of this little woman to threaten to deck Heather in the face. Is she insane? Yes.

    2. Yes, well I am sorry, but you make you and Aviva look bad. As an “image consultant” you should know when to keep your mouth shut in a public fourm.

  3. LOVE her !! Please everyone – remember these housewives might not be able to handle new HOT blood ! Get over it…she tells it like it is – thats the Housewives motto !

    1. Amanda is just trashy, sloppy rude and desperate definitely not hot. Also it’s “REAL” housewives when I see Kristen, Carole, Ramona, Heather, Sonja even with Aviva I see authenticity and “Real”ness. Amanda is nothing but a shit-stirring, hanger-on.

  4. I’ve never heard of this wretch before rhony made the mistake of giving her access to air time. There are teens girls in your audience too. Shame on you.
    Amanda is a hater and puts people down. All while thinking she’s so smart and funny and right. The worst kind of person.

  5. Oh, Amanda. Watching her nervously inject herself into every conflict as if producers are ordering her through an earpiece is awkward and uncomfortable. Sure, she’s a desperate amateur tired of being a nobody and failing to fuck her way into anything worthwhile; it’s obvious she’s hustling. But she’s out of her league. She is the factory defect version of Alison DuBois, if prior to being recalled and tossed in the damaged bin, she was dragged by the tits through a Tijuana alley.

  6. I hope you never create another post about her again, I’m over her already and would be happy to never see her face again. She is desperate and creates artificial drama to become relevant, don’t treat the viewers like they’re idiots – mistake number 1. There are plenty of beautiful fresh and REAL faces on RHONY (KRISTEN IS TO DIE FOR), Aviva is plenty of crazy to keep everyone busy and I for one prefer to watch the more lighthearted stuff between the core members of the group. I don’t think that people with rude, horrible personalities like hers deserve to be promoted. I don’t think anyone should get ahead by pulling others down.

  7. I cannot believe that she is an image consultant because she herself needs one. My question is-
    Who is more vile Aviva or Amanda?

  8. Amanda comes across, HURTING and desperate for attention. She needs get off the show, cuz it makes her look bad and not good!. Go work and get of the show lady, you look bad

  9. I have spent my life being either the mean girl or the girl on the fringes. Furthermore, you get one or the other in this world: bitchy OR stupid. Somehow Demanda (duh?) has managed to pull off all four: she’s snooty, desperate, catty, and a complete moron. Bonus points go to her complete lack of class and extremely impaired insight. I look forward to her “career” crashing and burning as much as her décolletage given that whether or not she is hired to stir the shit or is genuinely obnoxious–any celeb worth their weight would be embarrassed hire someone so gauche. I hope she stays, because she makes me feel better about myself.

  10. Surprisingly, I have met Amanda prior to the show. She is in fact rude, classless, selfish, uncaring and insecure. You all have her acurstely pegged. Not interesting whatsoever.

  11. Banana: the last sentence of your comment…buwahahalolgagl. You are great at imagery! Example: Amanda was compared to a “factory defect” version of Allison DuBoise and before she could make it to the reject bin…”she was dragged by her tits through a Tijuana alley.” Lord have mercy. That should stop the phoney replies (ie.:Amanda or Aviva cleverly pretending pro Amanda replies) Sometimes morons defend themselves by pretending to be someone else. The trouble with stupid people is that they think everyone is as stupid as they are! Keep up the great work, Banana…you’re tops!! (pretty lame, huh?)

  12. Amanda Sanders is absolutely disgusting on the show. She is a drunken whore who shows how truly classless she is. She dresses like a hooker showing off her saggy, droopy, “grandma” looking breasts to try to get noticed by anyone that will notice. What she doesn’t get is that no one cares. The only reason she wears sunglasses all the time is to hide her stoned pupils. And what is with that red & white dress she wore? It belongs on a picnic table to be used as a tablecloth. For someone that makes a living as an image consultant, I couldn’t think of someone that needs to hire an image consultant more than her!! Thankfully, Bravo realized what an absolute loser she is and kicked her off the show.

  13. Get rid of Amanda!!!! EWE!!!!!!! Same with Bethenny the “Princess” and borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring Aviva and her Father. EWE to the MAX! Love the show otherwise!!!! Five Stars to the Producers!!

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