RHONJ Twitter Feuds Continue: Dina Manzo VS. Jim Marchese


During Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice stated that she appreciated friends like Dina Manzo, who didn’t ask questions about her legal case. As usual, the drama continued on Twitter after Jim Marchese replied to this statement saying, “Does anyone else see the problem with this statement?”

Dina Manzo was quick to respond to Marchese, tweeting, “Jim go grow a penis and get off of twitter, you’re gonna get your wife fired.”

“As always very zen,” Jim responded. “You can say what you want. But no one else. Careful your time is near.”

Marchese added, “Please go and find relationship and stop worrying about my privates.”

“Jim I’m OBSESSED with your privates ;)” Dina joked.

Amber jumped in the conversation, tweeting, “Come on Dina, you got to leave Jim alone. You are reading his statement the wrong way.”

“Just looking out for ya girl,” Dina told Amber. “Don’t want you to lose your job, you earned your spot.”

Jim continued, “Dina you 2 hubbies down worry about the privates in your life and maybe your man won’t…”

Photo Credit: Bravo