RHONJ Twitter Feuds Continue: Dina Manzo VS. Jim Marchese


During Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice stated that she appreciated friends like Dina Manzo, who didn’t ask questions about her legal case. As usual, the drama continued on Twitter after Jim Marchese replied to this statement saying, “Does anyone else see the problem with this statement?”

Dina Manzo was quick to respond to Marchese, tweeting, “Jim go grow a penis and get off of twitter, you’re gonna get your wife fired.”

“As always very zen,” Jim responded. “You can say what you want. But no one else. Careful your time is near.”

Marchese added, “Please go and find relationship and stop worrying about my privates.”

“Jim I’m OBSESSED with your privates ;)” Dina joked.

Amber jumped in the conversation, tweeting, “Come on Dina, you got to leave Jim alone. You are reading his statement the wrong way.”

“Just looking out for ya girl,” Dina told Amber. “Don’t want you to lose your job, you earned your spot.”

Jim continued, “Dina you 2 hubbies down worry about the privates in your life and maybe your man won’t…”

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25 Replies to “RHONJ Twitter Feuds Continue: Dina Manzo VS. Jim Marchese”

  1. Jim needs to take it easy. He claims he doesn’t want the fame and he only wanted to be on a limited role, but he’s putting attention on himself. So what if Teresa said she likes friendships where people don’t ask many questions? That statement wasn’t towards just Amber, but the drama between Teresa and Jacqueline. Surprisingly, I don’t mind the Marcheses at all, but I do think Jim needs to shut up sometimes.

    1. Teresa’s family and friends can ask all the questions they want….she can not answer any of their questions. That is why she appreciates Dina not asking questions!

  2. DINA has NO storyline and is BORING as ever so what does she do? Fight with Jim on Twitter! I find it funny how Jim shut her down real quick when he told her that she was down two hubbies and to worry about the privates in her life and maybe her man won’t cheat.. I don’t like Jim but I can’t stand Dina either! Zen my ass!

  3. Housewives crossover time…bring Nene in to tell Jim that he’s acting like a bitch. Because he totally is, ten times more so than Peter ever did.

  4. There is something not right with the way this guy has to get his nose into everything. He is either mentally ill or he has something to gain that is not being shared. In addition, no matter what his agenda is, his comments are always fighting words and make him look like a real jerk. As for his wife, she can be repulsive enough without his help so ya, he is burying her. I can not imagine being stuck in the same group as J and A, in real life how do you think they would do socially ?

  5. Jim has the typical little man syndrome. Makes himself feel important by running his big mouth. This show is called Housewives not househusband.

    1. Too true Aunt Bee. I’m sure he got a taste of the lime light and wanted more. What better way to create drama without actually having to face someone?? Twitter battle! He needs to stop whining and either shut his pie hole or get off of the show. He’s done nothing but try to make it seem like he was tricked into filming the show.

  6. This is kind of funny that there is more drama on twitter than on the show! Actually Dina, you are wrong about Jim, he – NOT YOU- is bringing the drama to RHONJ this season and he is securing his wife’s spot on the show for next season as well. I think maybe Jim may get promoted to “friend of the housewife” status next year? LMAO!!

  7. This season of RHONJ is so lame, in the past 2 seasons–(it was bash & destroy) Teresa, now everyone acts like there has been a death in the family (and we must all be sorrowful) for Teresa—-People, she bilked the mortgage / loan system (both her and Joe), they live large and spend the money they STOLE from others—-they are CRIMINALS, and this is where Jim seems the have the biggest problem, while everyone is so hush/hush, crawling around on tip toes, Jim is calling it for what it is—THE TRUTH………..
    Bravo is editing this season to look like the “poor Teresa & Joe” story???? WTH???

    1. There is a difference between telling the truth once or twice, but this is HIS storyline. It doesn’t give him the right to be a complete asshole to EVERYBODY ELSE. He reminds me of a scorned ex girlfriend who lost her boyfriend because she was so desperate. He’s a loser and I hope he doesn’t come back next season. I’d rather have someone like Joe Guidice who knows he’s not perfect rather than this prick who thinks he’s God’s gift to the world.

      1. Joe is a criminal, he’s proven it time and again. How many people do you know that have had their drivers lic taken away over 40 time. As far as his business ethics are concerned the judge in one of his many cases stated the he has no ethics and is a proven lier. Now with this 41 counts of fraud over a 10 year period you have to wonder how much grifting he did manage to get away with. As far as I’m concerned Jim is just fine plus he’s entertaining.

    2. I so AGREE! People act like she is in mourning, and they must tread carefully. Please, she committed crimes! Why don’t people feel sorry for Apollo if that’s the case, he is going to jail too.

  8. I’m starting to think it was Jim that really wanted to be on the show & not his wife. These two are so odd, and a very odd couple. It seems with all the housewives franchises. The men are having more and more of a role and as much camera time as the women. The men will have there own shows soon. This season is a glorified Jerry Springer soap opera. It’s a shame.

  9. I’m sure I’m on the rare side but I like Dina because she isn’t negative, drama. I like the positive, learning-how-to-improve your life and be happy and grow attitude. I think she can give it when necessary but she isn’t some juvenile, needy for attention drama queen who starts senseless crap.

  10. I don’t find Jim offensive at all. I think Joe & Melissa are much more offensive. What they did to Teresa when they turned the entire cast against her was evil. Just what exactly has Jim & Amber done that people crucify them? Clue me in…

  11. Who is going to listen to a man and I say that lightly that wants a big old plastic dildo up his ass, Amber I got to give it to you girl you must have some kind of persuasion to strap on a big old dick and give it to your husband…there have been moments that i would love to give it to my husband hahaha (not quite like that but more power to you Amber) but if I tried that shit on him he would laugh while I was chasing him around the house with that strapped on me hahaha I am visualizing right now and no it just would not happen!!

  12. Dina Manzo is always right, she’s even right when she’s clearly wrong. All these Housewife feuds can be resolved using the following simple stupid logic. If you apply who’s the bigger star logic you will always know the answer. Dina is by far the bigger star so she has to be right in her little twitter war. Now for argument sake if Dina didn’t see eye to eye with Nene since we all know Nene is a bigger star that makes her right, argument over, no more drama.

  13. Did anyone else read Amber’s blog where she informed us that she “homeschooled” her kids until they turned 6? I have never laughed so hard!! News flash Amber….kids “start” school at six.

  14. Jillo I don’t want to ever get in the way of a good laugh, nothing I crave more than a laugh but I think kids start school at 5years old..well they do in Australia…but i say we have plenty to laugh about with Amber and her shocking home made TV commercials geez I could laugh all day at that lot!!!

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