Did RHONJ Twins Teresa And Nicole Quit The Show?

Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Jim Marchese has been very active on Twitter recently, and in a surprising new tweet discussing the rumor that Rino Aprea slept with his wife’s mother, Marchese reveals that twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea have quit the show because of the storyline concocted by Bravo

“The twins quit because of this, so I guess Bravo is trying to soften the blow in case they want them back,” Jim responded to @FauxRealityE when discussing Victoria Gotti’s credibility regarding the rumor.


As we previously reported, our sources told us that the Aprea and Napolitano families are extremely angry about Gotti’s allegations, and have stated that there was a huge line of respect crossed when their mother was brought into the show’s drama.

But when asked on Twitter if the rumor was true she quit the show, Nicole responded, “No :)”

When another fan asked the same question, Nicole said, “Sounds like another lie 😉 … Luv ya”

Teresa denied the rumors that she quit the show by responding to the question, saying, “Still twinning.”

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24 Replies to “Did RHONJ Twins Teresa And Nicole Quit The Show?”

  1. Jim marchese has a Napoleon complex! He is such a loser, believe it or not I actually think I have more respect, for joe –Teresa’s G’s husband than jim Marchese–even with all the crimes he has committed. Jim marchese is a arrogant little man that acts like a girl. I do not know what he pulled in FLA. In any event I. do not blame the other MEN on RHWONJ for not wanting appear on the reunion with him. Do your job and stop tweeting –you LITTLE girl. Your not worth that much money- looked it up.

    1. YES! YES! YES! he is so low. couldn’t stand him from his first appearance on the show….then when he picked a fight with Joe and then threatened to have him arrested. hes a little rat of a man.

  2. Hey come on girls you are going to have to get tougher than this!! I would have to agree about the story, lines where crossed quite frankly who gives a bugger about you two it is your poor old mum that you should be worried about…You can’t feed into such crap, I for one have forgotten the whole thing, why? because it was just disgusting and i choose to ignore it… toughen the f..ck up girls!!! buy your mum a nice holiday cruise and forget about the whole thing!!

    1. Yup I’m not watching either. I’m not invested at all. After MeGo & the Wakiles ruined it it’s never been the same, but what’s happening now is pathetic.

  3. Sunday’s episode was my last time watching RHNJ. Cohen really knows how to screw up a good thing. I don’t blame them for quitting.

  4. I have to agree with you Kat. I thought that it would be so much better with Caroline gone.
    I used to like Dina. Now she is a snore and I don’t see that changing. She always looks and talks
    like she just woke up.
    But those 3 new ones. FORGET ABOUT IT.

  5. I am disgusted with what V.G said. My feeling is she was more into Rino than she said &this is some sick revenge. To say something so hurtful & to want to destruct a family she had to of felt hurt in some way. Who knows what way. Regardless, it was beyond wrong to say such a thing. These twins have taken 2 hard hits, first Amber, now this. Damn, I hope these ladies are getting paid well for all the crazy they are taking.

  6. Please quit. the sooner the better. So you can put an end to giving the good people of Colts Neck a bad name. My family has been rooted here since the 1920s. We are not like them. They are from NYC.

  7. Who really cares, messymego / wackadoowalkiles RUINED the show along with doncaro and cra-cra jax.. The show is not the same, Teresa G., has been very subdued almost sedated this season, dina is a bore so there is nothing entertaining about this show.
    Teresa G. is the show, and she appears a shell of her former self…
    note to bravo/miss andy, no teresa g. ==== no rhonj…….

  8. Why doesn’t bravo AX the deadweight shows like RHONJ, RHONY, game of crowns, jersey belle and all the other stupid shows they have on their line up and bring MORE LADIES OF LONDON………

  9. I’m so SICK of hearing people complain about how trashy and Unclassy and low level the show is. First off, most people don’t watch realhousewives for class we watch it for DRAMA. So however the drama happens, if it happens and is interesting why are you all getting so freaking upset? These three new girls are bringing great drama to the show. If you quit watching…Guess you miss out! This is no more trashier than that country club fight from season 2. I enjoy the drama and if you don’t- stop watching and stop complaining. Your waisting your time complaining.

        1. I understand Ann haha I kinda felt like Austin was all out there alone wanted to give him a bit of a HOORAY!! bit of morale support!

  10. I agree, No Teresa = No RHNJ…Aside from the “drama” someone mentioned as to Why people would watch a show like this, it is also about the human experience (and a pretty entertaining one because my life is not like this at all!). I could never agree with Teresa and Joe’s choices, but it is really amazing to watch someone’s journey from outrageous child birthday parties to a hard crash of reality – court hearings and facing prison time. I understand why someone would be annoyed by this show. I mean my fiance gets very irritated if he hears Teresa’s voice and leaves the room, but it is obviously a show for entertainment. With that being said, I feel sad for calling it entertainment. Teresa and Joe’s grief has brought me to tears…They have done awful things, but they are still human, caring for 4 girls and trying to put on a happy face. They know what they’ve done and so does the rest of the world.

  11. I think what most people are saying is that like some drama but that there is a limit to the drama and if they wanted full on Jerry Springer type trash, well heck we could just watch Jerry Springer. Secondly I think a lot of people from Jersey are sick and tired of the portrayal of this super lowlife scummy type of woman. There has to be tons of other Jersey women that are bright, beautiful, funny and full of drama without being criminals or trash. One great example is the lady from Jersey Belle.

  12. I hope that the twins did quit or get fired. I can not stand them. If they did quit, it only tells me that maybe V.G. Statement maybe, fact rather than a rumor. It seems like when it is to hot in the kitchen, the twins bail

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