RHONJ Star Siggy Flicker Talks Feud With Margaret Josephs

RHONJ star Siggy Flicker says the new season has a lot of drama “right off the bat.”

Siggy says that she was introduced to newcomer Margaret Josephs before the new season, but things ended up going downhill quickly.

“Right off the bat, right out of the gate, I introduce somebody to the group and welcome this person with open arms,” Siggy explains. “My energy and my chemistry with this person does not work. That has been shown in the trailer.”

In one scene in the trailer you see Siggy saying that she wanted to “take [Margaret] and pull on those pigtails until they come out of her head.”

Even though Siggy had met Margaret once before she didn’t know her well enough before to “carry all this animosity and hatred and snarkiness” toward her.

“I’m disrespected over and over and over and over again throughout the season, and you’re gonna see how I handle every time that I’m disrespected,” Siggy told TooFab.

Siggy did say that Margaret was “a fabulous edition” who stood “on her own two feet” before she was “blindsided.”

“I never heard anything but nice things about her,” Siggy said. “We’ve passed each other in town, liked each other’s Facebook pictures, always supported each other in our ventures we do in this world and where we stand on this planet. I had no idea. I was actually very blindsided. I was extremely hurt and shocked over what transpired over this season.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Jennifer McGee

    I already don’t like this Margaret lady.

    • HRH Jorge

      Didn’t she seem like an unlikable trouble maker? And what’s with the pig tails?

      • timdun

        Pig tails should be banned for anyone over the age of 5.

        • Violetsnlillies

          Exactly, it’s also emphasizing how thin her hair is.

  • HRH Jorge

    Siggy seemed a little more cuckoo-cuckoo than usual. But Margaret was too much of a trouble maker too fast.
    For that just bring back Jacqueline (she already has her own fan base)

    • newyawka

      Ugh, cannot stand Jacqueline “Feel sorry for me bc my son is autistic” Laurita. She milked that to death.

      • HRH Jorge

        Lol – I hadn’t noticed that aspect until you wrote it.
        I totally understand that type of annoyance – I felt like that in response to Teresa’s mother’s passing. I mean there was just too much.

        I felt the beginning tribute was enough – very nice. Then focusing on dad- and cleaning out her room – and FaceTiming crying child – then previewing father’s continued grieving.

  • TrumpsRolls

    I guess I never realized what a stark raving moron Siggy is. Wow. She couldn’t find a parking spot in an empty lot. Margaret looks like an old broke down version of Ellie May Clampett with her gray/yellow pigtails. How dreadful.

  • newyawka

    More like self-proclaimed relationship expert. I’d like to know why she thinks she’s an “expert.”