RHONJ Speak About Season 5 On TODAY Show!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey are gearing up for the premiere of Season 5 this Sunday, and the ladies stopped by the TODAY show Thursday to discuss what we can expect in the new Season! Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga were not in a good place when Season 4 wrapped, and Teresa explained their relationship is in a much better place now! “We’re in a good place now,” Teresa shared. “When you watch the show you’ll see how we got there. You’ll see our journey.” Melissa added, “It was a long road to get to where we are. When you see us in the premiere, you see us how we left off at the reunion.” Teresa and Melissa reveal they didn’t speak for a year, and Teresa explains spending to Christmas’ without her brother was “sad.”

When asked what caused the feud between the two Gorga women, Melissa says it was “the whole strippergate thing and the set up,” but Teresa lightens the mood by joking it was about the “sprinkle cookies” at Christmas.

Next, Jacqueline Laurita spoke about her son, Nicholas’, autism diagnosis. “Season 4 was all about that whole time my son was regressing and we suspected that’s what it could be. We got the diagnoses after season four stopped airing and since then that’s been our main focus,” Jacqueline shared, although Bravo never aired anything about Nicholas’ autism until the Season 4 Reunion. Jac doesn’t regret living out her struggles in the spotlight, though, telling Hoda, “Because we’ve been on TV, not only is it bringing awareness to autism but people are reaching out to us and our son. Giving us a lot of support and treatment options and tools to use to help him.”

Then, Caroline Manzo gives her insights on the group and how they’ve changed throughout 5 Seasons. “It’s a crazy dynamic because there’s so much history between us all, and the feelings are very deep. It really is a roller coaster that as I sit here right now, I can’t say that we’ll be sitting here in a year from now in the same good place because there’s so much going on between us all, deep stuff.” Caroline says for those that make fun of the show, there’s actually lessons to be learned. “People like to poke fun of our show, but I see it differently. I see that we are a show you can really learn from. Take the good and the bad from it.”

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